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coowings Report | 05/13/2021 5:19 am
Yooo how have you been?
Today Report | 10/05/2020 8:36 pm
coowings Report | 03/24/2020 7:34 am
LMAO bruh he should know things don't work like that. What's wrong with his own?? Sheesh.

IKR. I clearly wrote "it takes two to tango" yet the amigo still doesn't look like he got it. A wall is kinda better in that I know it won't respond. Nor will it initiate a "hello" which will predictably die after a "not much" ??? Gahh let's not talk about him. What's up with that guy you're talking to?

HAHAHAHAHAHA thank goodness I love hobbits, and have thought of myself as one, what with my appetite. You're pretty tall huh...just right for reaching things stored on top of the shelf emotion_dowant

Hmmm I got'cha. I'm a dead fish when it comes to talking about myself to people I haven't warmed up to BUT a pro in getting others to open up and talk about themselves endlessly.

Not so much as hope, as him having almost everything I wanted, only to be deterred when I finally exert some...dominance? emotion_awesome
Like, he talks a lot, opens up a lot, we share our thoughts, principles and all that jazz, and when I become just a bit more...passionate/firm in sharing my thoughts he was kinda taken aback?? It's almost as if he find women (me) having actual thoughts/principles that cannot be swayed even by him (the guy I like), such a foreign concept. Yeah, dude, I enjoy your company and I like you a lot, but I am not about to chuck what makes me; ME - out of the window.

No harm can be done, no? Just asking to be your friend, right?

Trust them, but also trust that you can bring those walls down a tad bit, or if not, trust that you can actually open up a small clearing in front of that wall, and beyond that - allow a small road towards others, which will wind up towards your high, thick, strong walls. In practical terms, this means being approachable.

That's a rather amusing image hahaha rofl
coowings Report | 03/24/2020 6:06 am
Eh not really, I just thought he was interesting at the time. Beats me, whatever he said never did saw the light of day so *shrugs*

I asked him once if he was shy, and he said yeah. It isn't a fault, per se, being shy is not a weakness - BUT not doing anything, is. I can't be the one carrying conversation all the time?? I have things I wanna do too, besides being creative and actually getting you to talk. Kinda weird how he expects me to carry a convo or somesuch. I would think if you reached out to someone, you have something you wanna tell or talk about?? Like I said, I got no time playing games. Wanna talk? Talk. Worried about something? Share some.

Ah I see. Get out there, you. I am 148~152 cm. Iunno the exact but nothing above 154 for sure hahahaha. You must be taller than I am? ;D

LMAO wut. I guess it's hard to tell, seeing that I am very...wordy and open and expressive on here rofl
Fellow innie! Introverted introvert?

...well you're right about that. Boy did it sting bad tho emo

I mean if I find a guy interesting and fun to talk to and that I enjoy his company, I tell him straight up. No mind games, no grey areas. They will know where they stand.

I actually think of it as a litmus test - if I can be vulnerable with someone, and he can be vulnerable with me, that means we can connect. Not saying we'll be partners or something right away, but it means there is a sense of comfort and a certain level of safety in each other's company.

You're a bright one, aren't you? But you right, I *do* compensate what I lack in size with my bite emotion_awesome
coowings Report | 03/21/2020 10:58 am
Same here! I love you, but I also gotta roast you, hahahaha

Completely understandable. It was a mix of wanting to test my conversational prowess + pure persistence, plus I actually did find him interesting back then. Came across a rather shy guy so I thought it's a completely natural thing to do; to carry conversation...until it isn't. I keep feeling he isn't that into me, so yeah, in due time I stopped. By then I already know I CAN be engaging and a lot of fun at conversations in the realm of dating, sooo yeah. He did say he was gonna show me his A-game...months ago...but I don't recall ever witnessing it lol

I dunno, eventually, maybe. I'll tell him I don't think it's gonna work out tho, not being the best match and stuff. Like, how do I stay friends if you don't wanna tell me things??? What is this game you're playing?

I adore them. Hopefully you'll find someone like that at work, and you get to be good friends with them. I'm just...short. I've gotten more meat on me now, but still generally on the smol side cuz am short. They tell me that a lot especially when I'm being overtly obnoxious. Yet they're still there.

Not at aaaall. I'm an introvert, just I lean more towards extroversion on the introvert spectrum and I have been told multiple times, in many different occasions that my confidence is...insane. I wanted to be able to step into both worlds, see? Being an extroverted introvert allows me to wield the key to access both dimensions. I'd say it's a lot of challenging my own limits, and wanting to grow as a person in many areas. If you don't grow, you're actually moving backwards just from staying stagnant and I don't want that. Also I am not afraid of embarrassing myself where it counts, because hey, we all start somewhere! What about you? You an innie?

He coulda get more creative...but nah

OOOH I KNOW THAT PAIN. Felt that with Guy B, but probably not of the lasting type. Ours caught fire quickly, but it'll burn just as quick without any strong fundamentals in viewing the big picture in the long-term. It hurts.

I'll tell you one thing, with each year I gained, I am more confident and content cuz like, I've gone through plenty now, and yet here I am- still standing. I feel like I have less to lose now so if I like a guy nowadays, I make it known to him xDD just don't be a creep and go all stalker-s**t. Do unto others as you would do unto you.

Yeah, the process is fun and interesting. It only really counts if people are willing to be vulnerable though.

It kinda broke my heart tbh, to sense that. I am very vocal and strongly opinionated, maybe the contrast between that and my small stature is too vexing LOL rofl but yeah, I could tell the dynamic changed the moment I put my foot down firmly on the ground. Nothing I can do with that. It's good I discovered it early on, as you pointed out. It taught me plenty though so it's still a win-win. 3nodding
coowings Report | 03/20/2020 8:35 am
Explains how I rarely feel bored, hahaha. Thank you, Kuro <3 or he might just be big time distracted. WHICH STILL SUCKS WHAT ARE YOU, A GOLD FISH?

Yeah, and I call him out on it. Make him go "ouch" a bit AHAHAHAHA cuz I'm merciless like that

It sure does, doesn't it? Hence why I enjoyed his company a lot. That suckssss. Also that kinda sounds like Guy A. Doesn't look like he's into memes nor puns. It's a tough life we're living, Kuro. I've somehow turned his dry a** texting become interesting by asking lotsa questions, but after like 1.5 months of that I'm about half done. Still, I'm persistent to a fault sometimes (and I wanted to put my freaking conversationalist skillz to the test as well), so I carried the conversation for another 1.5 months. One day I woke up and it just clicked: I AM DONE. The finality of that sudden realization kinda scares me a bit, but yeah, I was truly done. Nowadays he initiates 100% of the time, but it usually quiets down by the 5th~8th text message because of? Lack of personality/boring shiz.

Are you baby? HAHAHA I like those jokes. This particular friend of mine at work probably shares the same humor nerves as I do and we ALWAYS click and those sorta jokes really work rofl
Mhmm I was smol and angry yearssss back. Now I'm just neutral bordering dangerously on emotionless. I go 360 degrees around/with my friends tho to the point they gotta ask me to shut the f up lol

Yeah, we're all wildly different individuals. I gotta process stuff if I wanna level up, so I do. Some processes take a LOT longer, but always worth it in the end. Tbh the only reason I get to make friends is because I'm employed so no matter what I gotta show up to work, so if I *do* find peeps I find interesting I straight up befriend them. BLESSED TO HAVE WACKY FRIENDS TBH who also happen to be deep people so it's like killing 2 birds with 1 stone

S'okay, that was me painting a part of my thought process to you. BRUH PLS CAN YOU DON'T emotion_8c

As much as that sucks it's a good thing he was upfront about it though. That's the way to go, really. Faking anything is absolutely exhausting do not recommend wahmbulance

Psh, there's no such things as above or out of one's league. Strike while the iron is hot! if you do know, for a fact, that it is hot, or it can get there. I used to believe that thing about out-of-my-league business too, but not anymore.

Kuro baby, there is absolutely no need to write down your journey thus far. You're on track yooo the journey is just different. I mean, I haven't even cuddled, much less held hands with any guys. These guys be spouting marriage purely from conversing with me via text and from having a few dinners together. Not saying they're shallow or anything, I just don't do physical contact of any kind while getting to know guys.

As for me, I just would really much like to be acknowledged as a wholesome whole-a** person, before anything else, the next time we swipe right. Men go, "I like intelligent women, and you're really smart and I really like you" but get turned off when I put my foot down, like, DOWN fo'reals. It's almost like they're surprised I actually have my own voice of reason and something called agency. That kinda happened with Guy B + some other things so we cut things off.

Hang in there, Kuro buddy. We got this. emotion_brofist
coowings Report | 03/20/2020 7:07 am
My brain tend to gather information from a variety of sources and link them together and translates them into weird a** conjectures/images/situations lol Nah, it's not that, for sure. You've got plenty to say and you're interesting. I always enjoy conversing with people who have input to contribute. I don't know him, so maybe he IS just unbelievably dumb hahahaha

More suitable intellectually. He's incredibly intelligent, interesting, and motivated - but he's also unbelievably stupid when it comes to making actual life decisions. He said it, I said it, we both agreed on it.

It's nothing overt or over the top, I just let him know I enjoy his company and that it's fun talking with him, and somehow we always made sure to thank the other for their time when we do end up talking (we don't text every day) yet the connection was lit. ...y'know talking about this made me realize I *have* indeed, grown, by leaps and bounds. Mhm, I understand that feeling completely. I don't tell them everything, but if there's something I come across that I want him to see (I know his brain will get it, per se), I'll just send one text to him (the thing itself, no context whatsoever) and leave it there as I go about my business. If he responds, he responds and I know I can do the same thing again in future. Eventually it builds up into a mini repertoire of inside jokes/story we share.

Pretty sure I can play the big sister friend?? I always find friends younger than I am but I have no qualms with that. I actually like watching you youngins grow, it's beautiful emotion_kirakira Sometimes I joke around with my friends saying "mom's proud of you" because I can turn "the mom-friend" when it fits. Ah, gotcha. Take it one step at a time, Kuro. You got this. It's because my face by default is...emotionless? Not joking here, my closest friends have effectively told me "I'm surprised you actually have a heart" or something along those lines. It's just hard to tell - is she angry? Hungry? Wanting to slap someone? You'd never know lol

I was like that too, and believing that knowledge is power, I read up a whole lot, and observe others a lot. Evidently being friends with the more openly sociable, amicable types of people (aka extroverts) allowed me to identify and pick up more social cues. Kinda hard to explain but it's a lot of inside job; soul-searching, reflections, that sort of thing. Told ya I'm old-fashioned ninja

Maybe. It's possible. Good question. I make friends...by wanting to become one? Does that make sense? Sorry that "Bro..." at the end made me laugh xDDD Those are all valid questions though. Maybe you can try putting it in a different perspective: do YOU want all those things? It's not just about whether a guy is interested in you or not, are YOU interested in him? Case in point: Guy A and Guy B, who both have mentioned marriage but I'm not actively pursuing either of them - they aren't bad people. just not the best match for me and my needs/wants as a person so I don't pursue them. I try my best not to sound cliche, but you *will* become assertive when you think someone's a good match. For now, revel in the journey and bask in its awkwardness and don't force anything. I was there too, myself. In fact, I probably still am. Still so much to learn~

Yes. If you ask me, you definitely should get to know yourself more 3nodding

The methods are flexible and entirely up to you. I say this because I have been single for over a decade before I decided to try dating late last year, and by then I have a good idea of who I am as a person - my core beliefs, my values, my thoughts & ideas, my agency are all intact, and most importantly I have the right mindset; although perhaps not so much clear on what is it I am looking for in a guy (that came through later after talking to some of 'em).
coowings Report | 03/20/2020 5:55 am
IKR. Strangely enough, they're the one initiating, but even exchanging pleasantries is difficult lol. Okay, so he's the pitcher and we're the batter, yet even before we could send the ball flying in the opposite direction, like the ball barely even finished clashing into the bat, barely even launching off against the swinging bat, dude is already looking elsewhere. ??? Why do you do this m8 fo'reals

HAHAHA big nope. It's him texting me, and me responding with enthusiasm and same level of fierce (this is guy B btw, the one above is guy A lmao). I don't play games, if I am interested, you will know, as I've mentioned. Still doesn't equal a relationship, if you ask me. I also know the pain of experiencing dry a** conversations, so I don't do that to others.

That's actually adorable! Hahaha. I am both your friend, and you, at any given time. But if you're under my wings, you'll feel its...feathers? I won't stop fussing about youuuu. xDD I didn't either, honestly. I just know my face is hard to read, so I have to show some assertiveness where it counts and when it matters. It's been an enriching experience so far :>

Is it possible he doesn't even know what he's talking about? Is he just blabbering or what? I KNOWWW. I think those people are extremely blessed and I am so happy-giddy for them, like, how cute could they get? Damn right. We wanna be seen, heard and acknowledged first, as people. Not just another one on the quest list of girls-to-bang pshhhaw talk2hand

Same-same. It's been a pretty interesting journey so far though, hahaha. Actually discovering and learning more about myself so it's all good. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to respond to that. What makes you think so? It's unfortunate, but I do get your point there, no matter how absurdly relevant is it in our reality. *sighs*
coowings Report | 03/20/2020 4:32 am
I find that both adorable AND acceptable haha whee
coowings Report | 03/20/2020 4:26 am
Yup. Long before I even started my hand at dating, that's one thing I tell myself I will never ever do, And I haven't done it yet, thus far. I am very straight up about that, because leading someone on is s**t and there is no excuse for you to do that. Literally, none. Nada. Zilch. I'm honestly considering how, but it'll probably be along the lines of we're not the best match for each other. Like, it's perfectly fine if we don't have 1000% matching interests, but, it's such a s**t thing to experience when you talk about something you're really into and getting "Oh. No comment." as a response when it was him who asked me about it in the first place. How do I even fathom ever living under one roof with such a guy? gonk

Also according to that one guy, he says "we won't be texting each other like this if we weren't interested in each other." Granted, he has the context right seeing as we swiped right on each other, but it's exactly because swiping is easy nowadays that it's imperative you make certain things clear. Maybe I'm just old-fashioned? rofl

LMAO SAME. I know how I make friends though, I become assertive and I pursue them. I need to do this because I generally have a resting b***h face (rbf) and I am aloof by default, so it can be difficult to tell my mood unless you've seen my chipper side. Knowing this, I always make it a point to make them know where they stand with me; if I am fond of you, you WILL know, trust me. No grey areas with me heheh whee

I'm glad you guys are on the same big picture. Hmmmmmm, that's certainly strange. Is he trying to skip the getting to know you part or something? Imo talk is cheap, so I always look at their actions. Those tell a lot of things you ought to know. YES, THAT'S IT. Where can I find a guy that actually values me as an actual person, another whole individual with her own set of standards, beliefs, thoughts, and ideas? I've talked to a few guys and if it's not the trophy gf/putting-you-on-a-pedestal-trope, they talk to you hoping they'd get to bang you sometime talk2hand

Exactly. And that's perfectly okay. Same here m8, it's a mystery to me too. Are we perhaps...doing this wrong? :v


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