yolandie better known as yoli , i am a an arts lover, anime,nature,music,movies,writer at heart,27 years old , i am a passionate ,crazy,loving person,i have a bucket list full of dreams, wanderlust for travel and adventure, i am the mysterious silent brooding type, but once i get talking i might not shut up, kickboxing and jogging is my outlet, i have a pretty positive outlook on life, philosopher at heart, real connections and friends is what i am searching for, poetry speaks to me, i have a love relationship with the ocean, and nature, i am a dog person, but animal lover all the same, bookworm right here, greek mythology love it, sharks fascinate me, i am a gamer,pc and console, sims i am a fan, comics and manga is a yes, new languages,cultures,music and food, sides with me.

my muse

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It is so much more,this life,it can be beautiful,bad,sad,wild,unpredictable,
one big gigantic rollercoaster ride that keeps going,
you just have to find the good and the beauty,
it is in the small things,
it is getting up in the mornings,
hearing birds chirping,sounds of nature,
taking your first sip of tea or cup of joe,
saying good morning,knowing that you woke up today,
another day to be alive,
it is in the way you hug your loved ones,
your family and friends,
it is in the way you can still chuckle,
or laugh until you can't no more,
it is in the way you can still get dressed,
it is in the way you have a lot to be grateful for,
it is in the way music makes you happy,and feel,
it is in the way you get lost in a book,
it is in the way you speak, it is in the way you think,
it is in the way you can take a road trip,
visit a loved one , visit a shelter, donate blood,
donate clothes and food,
it is in the way you help a neighbour,
a friend or complete stranger,
it is in the way you treat people,
how you greet and talk to a stranger,
it is in the way you make an impact even if it is small,
it is in the way you give advice,or simply just help
it is in the way you forever get excited about things,
it is in the way you always look up,
it is in the way you are passionate and loving,
it is in the way your eyes light up,
and you can't contain your happiness,
it is in the way you love,
it is in the way life is not promised tomorrow,
but you have today, you have time,
time for a beautiful life, time to be happy,
time to be sad,time to be grateful,time to love,
time to always make a change, time to fight, time to apologize,time to turn around,for it is never too late,
storms come and go,
as long as your feet is planted in faith and the ground,
no tempest can break you,it will shake you, and twist you,
but you will remain planted firmly,
it is in the way you always fight,
keep your ground, keep your faith, still smile,
and say hit me with your best shot,
your strength is unwavering, it is finite,
and when it is put to the test only then will you realise,
you have the strength , heart and courage of a lion,
be who you are unapologetically,
"those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind",don't apologize, for being real or honest,
pursue your dreams and heart,
no matter how impossible it might seem,
no matter how small it may be,
or insignificant,
your zest your very essence is who you are,
it represents you, don't lose it ,
don't lose yourself in this world,
don't lose your passion,
your joy, your inner peace, find joy in the small things,whatever they may be, and keep looking up,
and keep living.