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yolandie better known as yoli , i am a an arts lover, anime,nature,music,movies,writer at heart,28 years old , i am a passionate ,crazy,loving person,i have a bucket list full of dreams, wanderlust for travel and adventure, i am the mysterious silent brooding type, but once i get talking i might not shut up, kickboxing and jogging is my outlet, i have a pretty positive outlook on life, philosopher at heart, real connections and friends is what i am searching for, poetry speaks to me, i have a love relationship with the ocean, and nature, i am a dog person, but animal lover all the same, bookworm right here, greek mythology love it, sharks fascinate me, i am a gamer,pc and console, sims i am a fan, comics and manga is a yes, new languages,cultures,music and food, sides with me,archaeologist and marine biologist at heart, love crossword puzzles, love a good romantic movie,love singing karaoke(very bad it),blood donor,registered organ donor,volunteer at greenpeace organisation, barista certified,yoli's closet is my very own fashion and travel online blog,i am someone that is full of life, i enjoy life, i enjoy the small things, and i always say yes,astronomy and planets are my thing,the moon is my favourite thing to look at, along with the stars,dancing in the rain,dancing under the stars, dancing with no music at random moments,certified barista,Real Estate Agent and Motivational life coach and speaker. heart