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Last Login: 04/23/2022 3:58 pm

Gender: Male

Location: The south of the US

Birthday: 10/25

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About me

Hello, O honored viewers. I am Bubba Rottweiler. If you want to know more about me, please do read below...
Other names
- Barkley
(Barkley Rottweiler, because I bark. I'm a dog. It also means "Birch valley; Birch tree meadow".
In Numerology, SoulUrge Number 6: People with this name have a deep inner desire for a stable loving family or community, and a need to work with others and to be appreciated.
Expression Number 11: People with this name tend to be idealistic, highly imaginative, intuitive, and spiritual. They seek after spiritual truth and often find it. They tend to be visionary and may inspire others. If they fail to develop their potential, they may become dreamers, or misuse power.)
- Bakuri (which means "Barkley" in Japanese)
- Woof Woof/Wan Wan/Kyan kyan ("wan wan" and "kyan kyan" means "woof woof" or "bark" in Japanese)
- Doggie
- Puppy
- The Rottweiler
- Hefty (because he is big and strong and heavy)
- Brawny (because of his strength)
- Zesty
- Zeal (because of the goodness of his nature)
- Sweetie Days
- Goldie Pie
- Brawny Boulder
- Big Guy
- Big Dawg
- Loyalty
- Helper
- Encourager
- Watch dog
- Guard dog (He is on his guard, ready to defend and protect others from danger and harm. And he can defend himself)
- Prudence
- Prudentia (because Rottweilers are keen)
- Percius
- Percius Fishbonicus
- Percy Fishbone
- Woofers
- Brawny Boulder
- Growthman
- Goldie Pie
- Big Bill
- Inu (which means "dog" in Japanese)
- MacGyver (because he is a problem solver. When there's a problem, he thinks about alternative solutions, esp. when other solutions​ are unsuccessful. For example: If a closet door that requires bolts are broken down without one, he uses a Q-Tip to slip it into the holes to the bolt holes to keep the closet door intact. Or if a handheld can opener doesn't open, he uses a screwdriver and hammer to poke a hole on top, then cut the rest with a French knife to open canned goods).

and like what other people call him... a cute guy. He loves to be called "Cute," "Adorable" and "Sweet".

You may call him anything related to these names (even if they are related to dogs). He doesn't mind at all. ^_^

Meaning of his name: Brother, like a brother, or close friend.

Meaning of his appearance:
Mature, responsible, and good (just as Rottweilers are good-natured, calm and keen)


Bubba looks like a girl (because he's a little bit tomgirlish)

- He has a cute face (because dogs look cute when they smile and pant, and he has turned aside to cuteness, even from all the times he was called "cute" and treated like such, and he LOVED IT, and he still does)

- He has big, round, shiny eyes

- He has brown eyes (the same color as his hair)

- He has long, shiny hair

- He has brown hair (this brown hair is the color of milk chocolate bars)

- He has a shiny fur coat

- He has black and tan fur (this black fur is the color of Oreo cookies, and this tan fur is the color of caramel)

- He has a long tail

- He wears a white T-Shirt

- He wears blue jeans

- He wears sneakers

Bubba's long hair is based on dogs with long hair

- Silky Terriers

- Yorkshire Terriers

- Shih Tzus

- Pomeranians

- Afghan Hounds

- Havanese

- Long haired Rottweilers

- Komondors

- Lhasa Apsos

- Bearded Collies

- Soft coated wheaten Terriers

- Maltese

- Pulis

These dogs have long hair and they are pretty and adorable. I thought it would be the same with Bubba Rottweiler's hair, to make him look somewhat similar (since he's a furry). And I love dogs so much.

And Bubba is a little bit tomgirlish. He acts like a girl sometimes. That's another reason why this dog has long hair.

Nationality: 1/2 Italian, 1/4 Swedish, 1/8 Irish and 1/8 German, but I only speak English (and I have a little bit of a Brooklyn accent and German accent)

Birthday: October 25th

Diagnosed with: A mild case of High-Functioning Autism (HFA) but I'm able to do things

Gender: Male

Height: 6'2" tall (but Bubba looks taller and bigger in size)

Weight: 240 lbs (he looks like he weighs 310 lbs because of his height and size)

Size: Extra large, big boned

Sexual preference: I am Straight (so sorry, guys. Not gonna happen. I am only interested in ladies)

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Brown

Dream jobs:

- Voice Actor

- Sound effects artist

- Puppet performer (like Frank Oz)

I can do all of these things at once. How you ask? Like this:

- I can do voices, then take this thought to the next level - puppetry. I can make my puppets interact the same way.

- I can do sound effects from my voice, like drilling sounds for example. I can take this thought to the next step - my puppets drilling/working on something. I can do a seal barking sound effects and I can make a seal puppet bark. I can bark like a dog, and make my dog puppets bark. Get the idea? That's how it works! Anybody can do that.

I dream of making it my public job, my own production and company. It may take a while but I will make it. I work hard to achieve these goals.

And I am hoping to make a YouTube channel to help make these dreams a reality. I don't have one right now, but I am looking forward to creating a new channel. And I hope I do.

Occupation: I don't have an occupation. I'm just an amateur voice actor, amateur Foley artist, an amateur puppet Craftsman, and an amateur puppeteer.

Species: Anthropomorphic Long haired Rottweiler and American Rottweiler hybrid (it's a dog)

Zodiac Signs: Scorpio

Chinese Zodiac: Ox (no text facial expression. Read it like this: it is a big, strong animal with hooves, has long horns, and the specie's name starts with "O" What animal is it?............ You got it. That is my Chinese Zodiac)

Alignment: Good


- Easy to get along with
- kind
- gentle
- helpful
- energetic
- strong
- fun
- fun to be around with
- fun to talk to
- serious
- funny
- ticklish
- patient
- optimistic (I think positive in every situation)
- a peacemaker (I work to maintain peace and I encourage others, so we will live better lives)
- tranquil
- at peace
- joyful
- loving (with brotherly affection)
- playful
- faithful
- forgiving
- merciful
- compassionate
- tenderhearted
- humble
- generous
- upbeat
- good
- has self-control
- honorable
- respectful
- discreet
- a true encourager
- cool, calm and collected
- Conducted to cuteness *smiles and wags my tail*

Yes, The Rottweiler is a well-behaved dog :3 As Rottweilers are nice dogs when they have good ownership, so Bubba is a good dog because he learned a lot of good lessons, esp. from harsh lessons, and he does many good things. :3 He can get along fine. :3

And yes, he is conducted to cuteness, he is a little bit tomgirlish, and he is strong.

Voice type:
(Male) Adult, (Male) teenager, baritone

Vocal Range: High, Medium, Medium-low, Low

Ethnicity: White/Caucasian

Religion: Christian (other)

Political party: Republican

What kind of voice work can I do?
- Cartoon adult voices

- Real people voices (examples: Macho Man Randy Savage (in memory of him. He died in a car accident at age 50), Admack on YouTube (Real name is Jacob. He committed suicide at age 15 due to depression. He never had proper treatment or care, and he's been through so much and he took his own life. He will be missed. I heard the news, and I can do the 15 year old boy's voice in memory of him), The Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger), Klubber Lang (Mr.T), Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone)

- Cartoon female characters (examples: I can do Marge Simpson and Miss Piggy from The Muppets).

- Cartoon male characters (examples: Optimus Prime, Megatron, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Horace Horsecollar, Pete (Mickey's archnemesis), Fozzie Bear, Kermit the Frog, Razor from Swat Kats, Donatello from Ninja Turtles (1987 version), Big Macintosh from My Little Pony, and many others (too many to list))

- Classic characters (Bluto/Brutus from Popeye, Fred Flintstone, Barney Rubble, Dino from The Flintstones (the barking), Rocky the Squirrel from Rocky and Bullwinkle show, Bullwinkle Moose, Boris Badenov, Gordon "ALF" Shummway (from ALF), Donatello from Ninja Turtles (1987 series))

- Nick Jr's Blue from Blue's Clues (the barking)

- Male adult voices

- Male young adult voices

- Female young adult voice (I keep practicing, esp. when I finish speaking in other voices)

- Female Adult voice

- Sports Announcer

- Male News Reporter

- Movie Trailer Announcer

- Wrestler

- Soft-spoken voices

- Deep beastly voice (low pitch, growly voice)

- Freaky voice (high-medium-low pitch growly voice)

- Maniacal voice

- Calm, gentle voice

- Elderly man voice

- Male child voice

- Radio/Disc Jockey voice (SUNDAY!)

- Mysterious voice

- Storybook Narrator voice

- Authoritarian voice

- Baritone voice

- Falsetto voice (like Minnie Mouse, Snow White or Princess Peach Toadstool, but I can reverse it to make it a low pitched, feminine voice, even when it is soft)

- Commercial voice

- Low pitch black voice (sounds like a Black/African American man)

- Cute voices

- Girl voices (realistic; one high pitched girl voice, one low pitched girl voice)

- child voices (one high pitched boy voice, one low pitched boy voice, and one female child voice)

Hobbies and Interests
Crafting puppets, Operating puppets, doing voice work, giving my puppets their own voices, practicing sound effects from my voice, walking, weight lifting, exercising, eating healthy, meditating, hanging out with friends, talking with my friends, shopping, travelling (esp. with friends), riding my adult tricycle around the neighborhood, fixing things, solving problems, investing a little more efforts before my goals come to fruition, going to church, going to the mall, going to the park, reading, studying, hanging out with family and friends, turning plush animals into puppets, writing in journals, writing scripts before making a YouTube video (I don't have a YouTube account anymore, but I will make one all in due time), moving heavy things, checking my emails or messages on my Android, watching videos on YouTube, being cute and adorable, enjoying life and being the best I can be.

Favorite number:
- Seven

Favorite Seasons:
- Spring
- Fall

Favorite Instruments:
- Cymbals

Favorite Shapes:
- stars
- hearts
- crosses

Favorite things:
- doves
- crosses
- hearts
- angels
- cherubs
- clouds
- halos
- ladybugs
- four leaf clovers
- angel wings
- peace signs
- stars
- butterflies
- rainbows
- flowers
- cuteness
- sweetness
- lovely things
- rabbits
- horses/unicorns/pegasus which are sparkly and vibrant

Favorite Movie/TV Shows:
- Bibleman
- Greatest Heroes and Legends of The Bible
- Belle and The Beast (a Christian film)
- Jesus videos
- Cherub Wings
- Time Changer
- Final Events of Bible Prophesy
- Lamb of God
- My Little Pony:Friendship Is Magic (I'm a temporary brony)

Favorite YouTuber

- Oliver Sparkle (he is my best friend and someone to talk to and he is truly helpful to me and others. And he is a good voice actor and Lego animator and script writer and author of Oliver's World, a Lego animation on YouTube)

- Venus Angelic (because of cuteness heart Don't worry, she's a legal aged young adult, but she's still a cute and adorable and lovely living dolly)

- TheNamesJunkie

- chuggaconroy

- Pinkie Rose

- Lethal Aurora Mage

- Good Mythical Morning (Rhett and Link)

- ilovekimpossiblealot

- Nicobbq

- PewDiePie (for comedy purposes)

- Tobuscus (for comedy purposes)

- Vannamelon

- Anime America

- philsterman10

- Simple cooking channel

- Greg's Kitchen

- Brian Hull

- TheMrCartoonMan

- Cinemassacre (James Rolfe for comedy purposes)

- Annoying Orange (for comedy purposes)

- Smosh (Ian and Anthony)

- Wolfychu (she's so adorable)

- Planet Dolan/Super Planet Dolan (my favorite is Doopie Do-Over, because she's cute and smart and responsible)

- Majira Strawberry

- Bolt Mutt

- Skittles and Oreo (cute little ferrets)

- A-Log (Anthony LoGatto, also my friend IRL who's also a voice actor and a comedian. He and I keep in touch quite often, and we thought about collaborating one day)

- Noodlerella

- shmed1 (pony meets world series)

Favorite Fruits:
- Apple
- Oranges
- Pineapples
- strawberries
- kiwis
- blueberries,
- raspberries
- blackberries
- Cherries
- grapes
- bananas
- watermelon
- coconuts (I crack a hole in it, then I drink the coconut milk, then I break it open and eat the white parts in that shell [the hollow parts in that shell where the milk came from. I eat the white parts from that with a spoon. But if they are tough and thick, then I use a butter knife to cut, scoop and scarf it down]. They are good. They help lower my blood pressure. So yes, coconuts are my favorite fruit. They taste so much better with a squeeze of lemon or lime in the milk)
- grapefruit (they taste so much better with a sprinkle of granulated sugar to tone down the acids)
- lemons
- peaches
- apricots
- tangerines
- honeydew
- cantaloupe
- plums
- pears
- passion fruit
- starfruit
- tomatoes

Favorite Vegetables:
- Celery
- carrots
- parsnips
- fennel (it looks like an onion, smells like mint and tastes like licorice and it is a vegetable that you chop with a chef knife)
- leek
- salads
- onions
- garlic
- potatoes
- yams
- cucumber
- zucchini
- squash
- lettuce
- bell peppers
- corn
- asparagus
- shallots (they look like onions, but they do not make you cry)
- broccoli
- mushrooms (bela)
- cauliflower
- okra
- brussels sprouts
- sweet corn
- sweet potatoes

Favorite Ice Cream:
- Vanilla
- cherry
- chocolate
- oreos and cream
- cookies 'n' cream
- chocolate chip ice cream
- hot fudge sundae with caramel toppings
- vanilla with caramel toppings
- mint
- swirl
- banana
- neapolitan
- cotton candy
- rainbow sherbet
- raspberry sorbet
- milky way ice cream
- snickers ice cream
- kit kat ice cream
- spumoni ice cream

Favorite Weathers:
- Sunny
- Rain
- windy (but not gust of wind, but a gentle cool breeze)

Favorite Holidays:
- Christmas
- Easter
- Valentine's Day
- St. Patrick's Day

Favorite Outdoor Activities:
- Walking
- walking and listening to music
- meditating
- shopping
- eating at a restaurant
- going to church or ministry
- picnic
- playing some games
- sitting on a bench, reading a newspaper or a book
- going to the mall
- going to the movie theater
- riding my tricycle on the sidewalk

Favorite Places:
- The mall
- Holy Land Experience
- Movie Theater
- Stone Mountain
- places where they have aquariums, sea creatures and other endangered species behind windows
- Amusement parks
- candy or pastry shop
- restaurants, esp. in the mall
- parks
- beaches
- Docks/places where you go on fishing trips (go on a boat and sail across the sea and back to the docks again. It was a lot of fun! And we were safe the whole time. I would love to do it again sometime, if I had the chance)
- The Swap Shop (they sell some stuff inside and outside and they have fruit stands and other merchandise. It's a really nice place to go. But they have limited time offers, so if you want something, better hurry up and get it before they are thrown away)

Favorite sports:
- golf
- volleyball
- soccer
- basketball court outdoors
- swimming
- the gymnasium (weight lifting)

Favorite Insects:
- ladybugs
- butterflies

Favorite food:
- Pizza
- pasta dishes
- vegetables
- salads
- fruit
- rice
- Lo Mein
- Chow Mein
- fried calamari
- hamburgers
- hot dogs
- beef
- chicken
- turkey
- subway sandwiches
- hero sandwiches
- bagels with cream cheese
- English muffins with cream cheese
- crackers with tuna

Favorite Junk Food:
- Brownies
- cake
- ice cream
- cookies
- donuts
- pudding pie
- pumpkin pie
- chocolate pie with delicious toppings on it
- nachos with cheese sauce
- chips and dip
- s'mores (graham crackers and chocolate and marshmallows)
- marshmallows
- bagels with cream cheese
- rice crispy treats (esp. with any topping on it)
- chocolate coated pretzels
- yogurt coated pretzels
- frosted pretzels
- Star Crunch (a cookie with caramel and crisp rice)
- Oreo cookies
- frosted chocolate chip cookies
- cheesecake (all)

Favorite Candy:
- Twix
- Snickers
- Peeps
- Milky Way
- Cadberry eggs
- 3 Musketeers
- kitkat bars
- Nestle CRUNCH bars (milk chocolate with crisp rice)
- chocolate coated marshmallows
- chocolate coated cherries
- assorted chocolates (in a box)
- jellybeans
- fruit snacks/gummies

Most personal favorite food
- Cake (all kinds)

Favorite Drinks:
- Tea
- Chamomile Tea (it's an Herbal tea)
- Milk
- Ice Water
- orange juice
- Apple juice
- pineapple juice
- grape juice
- fruit punch
- lemonade
- brisk
- soda (orange soda, grape soda, Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew, Sprite, Pineapple soda, Strawberry Soda)
- Milkshakes
- Slushies
- Slurpies
- Smoothies (all of them, but I like strawberry-banana more)

- Favorite sports drink
- Gatorade
- Powerade

Favorite Flowers:
- Lavenders
- chamomile
- lilies
- roses
- gardenias

Favorite Living creatures:
- kittens
- puppies
- ponies
- baby bunnies
- doves, esp. turtle doves heart
- lambs
- baby bears
- deers (does to be exact)
- baby fennec foxes
- baby lions

Most personal favorite animal
lambs :3 heart

Favorite vehicle:
Van (not just any Van, a van that has keys you press buttons to open or lock or unlock the van's doors)

Favorite Months:
- March
- April
- May
- June
- November
- December
- February

Favorite songs:
- Christian Music
- relaxing music,
- love songs
- praise and worship
- some oldies (Forever Young by Rod Stewart, Invisible Touch by Phil Collins, Low Rider by War, Final Countdown by Europe, Nothing can stop us now by Starship)

Favorite Colors:
- Red
- white
- Blue
- light blue
- indigo
- gold
- pastel colors (but I'm not crazy about pink or baby pink or lavenders. Too feminine for my taste, but I like light bluish purple color)

Most personal favorite color:

Most personal favorite pastel color:
light purplish blue color (periwinkle)

Favorite quote:
- "Don't put off tomorrow what you can do today"

- "The darkest hour is before dawn"

- "Never judge the book by its cover (without ever knowing the difference that lies within its pages)"

- "There's a time for everything"

- "Do what you are afraid to do" - Oscar Wilde (It means "Face your fears", be strong and courageous and do what you should)

- "DO IT!" "JUST DO IT!" "Don't let your dreams be dreams!" "Yesterday, you said tomorrow, so just do it!" "Make your dreams come true!" "Some people dream success while you're going to wake up and work hard at it. Nothing is impossible!" "You should get to the point where anyone else who quit, and you're NOT GOING TO STOP THERE! No, what are you waiting for? DO IT!!!" "Yes you can!" "If you're tired of starting over, stop. Giving. Up!" - Shia LaBeouf (Shia's motivational speech; if you focus on the positive things in life, your life will change for the better)


- Christianity

- Love (not in a gay way, but with brotherly affection only)

- Joy

- Peace

- Relaxation

- Patience

- Kindness

- Goodness

- Optimism

- Faithfulness

- Gentleness

- Self-Control

- Consideration

- Respect

- Honor

- Cute things

- Beautiful things

- Lovely things

- Being called "cute/adorable/kawaii/sweet/sweetie/sweetheart"

- light and bright and shiny and sparkly and vibrant things (it's beautiful)

- all things sacred/holy

- sanity

- Harmony

- Happiness

- Fun activities

- Less drama and negativity

- less friction

- Righteousness

- Solitude

- Quietness (instead of noise or disturbances or interruptions)

- Laughter

- Jokes (esp. dog jokes. I don't care if you make dog jokes or dog puns, I don't care how many times you tell those jokes, you may lay them all on me :3 Even I myself make dog jokes (examples: when someone pokes my Schnauzer, they say "Boop!" Get it? Schnauzer? Schnoz? Nose?; I saw Rock puppy on Gaia. Good thing it's not a Rockweiler. XD; Some people's favorite animal is a Woof. Get it? Woof? Wolf? XD; The desserts I like to eat are pup-sickles or pup-tarts lol))

- Honesty

- Sincerity

- Generosity

- Encouragement

- good and helpful suggestions

- Serenity

- Compliments

- Hugs (Bubba no bite, Bubba no growl or lick my lips or yawn. No, when I am hugged, I hug back and lay my head on that person. If Bubba is hugged by more than one person, Bubba hug them back and lay my head on them. And I cuddle them deeply. ^_^ Bubba good dog, very well-behaved :3)

- Dogs (they are my most personal favorite animals)

- Cats

- Rabbits

- Cuddling

- nuzzling

- Mercy/Compassion/Pity

- Hearts

- Stars

- Doves

- Lady Bugs

- Butterflies

- Crosses

- Exercises and eating healthy

- Loyalty

- Comfort

- enjoying life

- Chivalry

- being called "cute" or "handsome" or "a sweet guy" or "adorable"

- positive outlook

- positive viewpoints

- Forgiveness

- good deeds

- gracious speech

- being petted

- being hugged

- Cuteness

- Sweetness

- people talking to him like he's a dog
(because in truth, he IS a dog, and it makes him happy)

- people talking to him like he's a human being (because he's a furry, a dog with human-like traits)


- Satan
(He's out to get you. I stand firm against him in the Name of Jesus, Amen)

- Dogs coming at me barking when I take a walk (It disturbs my inner tranquility. I have stress. I'm trying to deal with it. And dog owners should keep a leash on those dogs. Because if I get bitten, I am finished. I will call the cops, and have those dogs removed from the neighborhood. I forgive you. smile T responsibility, please? Thank you!)

- handling trash, esp. when I have wounds and/or other things to do (I don't want any infection. I am trying to avoid such infection. And I am a germaphobe!)

- getting trash all over me, esp. when I have other things to do

- Bugs getting in/on my face and flying past me when I am doing something (SO ANNOYING! >.< )

- Crazy and messed up times; situations that hinder me from achieving my goals (it is not good)

- Gnats (Whether I am sweaty or not, they get all over me when I go out to enjoy myself or when I am at work. They are so annoying! I feel like finding a solution to exterminate those gnats)

- being told to shut up (that is rude!)

- being offended or mistreated a lot (that is mean! Things would not go well for you if you do that. Shouldn't you be more responsible than that?)

- being judged by appearance (That is not necessary. Just because I look like this doesn't necessarily mean that I am like that. You'd never know what I could say or do or be until you read my "about me" stuff)

- being called "ugly" (that is not very nice! I try to look good and be good. I try to focus on the good things)

- getting hurt

- my life getting messed up
(getting hurt a lot, then being told to behave, and treating me worse when I experience difficulty; being judged and told to stop being mean when I feel bad. That's not a right thing to do! I would report and block anyone who is that abusive to me! It is something we are advised to avoid!)

- Waiting a long time to achieve my goals (this stuff happens. And I hate it when that happens. All I want to do is finish what I have started, so that my life will get better. But I am gonna need some help from supportive people)

- being called a "dangerous dog" (Just because I am a Rottweiler does not mean that I will hurt you. I am responsible for what I say and do. I do what I know is right and legal, just as some dogs can be trained service dogs. I am good, and I can get along with everyone just fine *wags my tail and yips happily* :3 )

- being interrupted

- manners of cutting me off from speaking, esp. when angered

- Subject changes

- Talking over me when I am speaking, and they think they don't hear me, even when I am talking loudly and clearly

- being judged
(why would you assume that about me? You don't know much about me unless you read my details here. People like that have other advantages and opportunities than me. Plus, they don't know if the aspects of my life could differ from what they assume. Never judge me before getting to know me better *wags my finger*)

- disrespect (It is not a right thing to do things we don't like. And it won't change anything when you keep doing it)

- vitriolic​ comments (you know, critical speech? To say things which hurts others? It's uncalled for!) (why would you hurt me with your words? Do wrong and accuse me? I don't approve of it! It could make matters worse. Someone would stop hanging out with you, and you would feel guilty later on. Now, that doesn't mean that they don't like you. In fact, they love to interact with you. They like you, but it's your critical attitude that they don't like. It hurts them and it will take a while for them to grow out of it, and it would make you feel worse. To avoid possible consequences is to think before you speak or act. Try to express yourself in a positive or constructive manner (try to say things which don't offend others). Thank you!)

- hard times(I will not accept negative behavior and hard feelings dumped on me. I don't like it when people lose self control and lack common sense. I also won't tolerate loud volume in communication. I will use discernment towards anyone who does such things to me)

- insults (esp. those in vulgar language)

- flies

- flies getting close to me or touching me (esp. when I try to relax or when I eat or drink or when I work. It's annoying!)

- bees

- wasps

- bees or wasps getting close to me or flying past me while they're in close range
(It's annoying and distressful​! They need to buzz off!)

- bees or wasps touching me/my head (It's also distressing and annoying! They need to leave me be!)

- gnats (they get all over my face, hair, shirt, legs and sometimes eyes, and it burns my eyes. Even when I brush them off or swat them or spray some repellant spray on myself, gnats persist to do the same things to me. So annoying! That's why they are called "pests". I really hate gnats!)

- abuse/letting people abuse me (I would report this incident to the authorities, because it violates the law and the LGBT community. I understand that people have a problem, but they need to deal with it the best they could or seek professional help; don't take it out on me or others. Offending or provoking people won't be tolerated!)

- darkness

- scary things

- violence

- my life being messed up
(we go through a lot, and we are told to behave, what in the world is that? Yes, life is messed up, but it is hard to speak what is good and right when we have problems. It seems like it is
hard to do good. The issue got us upset, it is hard to forget about it. It is hard to get over it when people were mean and rude. But we try to forgive and move forward biggrin )

- gore

- false words

- foul words

- false teachings

- false doctrine

- strong alcoholic drinks
(It can lead to brawls. People who drink a lot of alcohol lose self control, become abusive to the one's they love, then after their buzz, cannot remember what they've been thinking of, deny it, while others are still hurt from the issue. That's why I hate alcohol! It's our worse enemy that tries to take over us!)

- drugs

- tobacco

- nicotine

- cigarettes

- pipes for smoking

- noise
(I am autistic, and we autistic individuals cannot stand noise and commotion. We get distressed! And I should be cool, calm and collected!)

- being offended or treated worse for calling wrongs "wrong"

- idolatry

- anger/wrath
(I shake and shiver when people do that; I get attacked by fear. I also get upset. I would shun them or report the incident to the authorities. I disapprove people's anger or wrath or temper. They need self control and common sense to avoid getting into trouble)

- lust

- pride

- envy

- sloth/laziness

- idol/procrastination

- Discrimination
(That is a felony! Someone would take it to the bank [someone would contact the authorities for such evil behavior])

- discrimination against gays and bisexuals (It is cruel! I would shun such people!)

- Homophobia

- ***** (I press legal charges against *****)

- being judged by appearance
(It is messed up to judge me before getting to know me)

- gluttony

- disbelief/unbelief

- doubts

- anxiety/worrying

- stress

- witchcraft

- sexual immorality

- Theft
(I will report it to the authorities, because that is illegal, too. And it's against the rules! So make your own stuff, man!)

- Arson (I would catch it on video and call the cops, because burning the house or apartment or any building is horrible! Would it be an accident? Or do some people do it on purpose? In any case, the address needs to be delivered to the authorities quickly if it ever happens in life)

- Going through narrow spaces (Too crowded! I'm a big guy. I have trouble squeezing through, esp. to get out of people's way. It's a little distressing! I need plenty of space [I need plenty of room for access and getting out of other people's way]!)

- Carjacking (Stealing someone's car is a crime. The thief will be put behind bars)

- Armed robbery (pointing guns and demanding money is a felony. The dirty thief will be put behind bars!)

Crimes of stabbing people

- Crimes of assault and attempted theft

- Crimes of shooting people

- evil deeds [filthy and indecent actions]

- hatred/prejudice
(our prejudice should be destroyed and wiped out completely, because it is never the answer. It leads to brawls, and can lead to problems in society. Why can't we all just get along? We should join forces to disapprove bad behavior or bad attitude, to make a difference in life.)

- ignorance (our ignorance should be completely destroyed and wiped out as well, for it is never the answer. It can lead to misfortune. Is it worth it? To avoid these things, our course of action is to think before we speak or act)

- being hard pressed or belittled for making a mistake or accident or more (We are all not perfect! We all make mistakes, something we do not mean to do. But we learn from our mistakes, so that we will have wisdom and live better, and it takes time to improve. There's a thing called "progression". It doesn't not happen overnight. It will take time. I think positive.)

- being insulted or ridiculed for making typos (That is rude and uncalled for. We are not perfect! We all make mistakes, something we don't mean to do. But we learn from it, and we try not to do it again. We can spell, but we make typing errors sometimes, but we think positive. But insulting and laughing at others is not nice! And me of all people don't accept it. If you want to avoid some sort of trouble, your only course of action is to think before you speak or act. Besides, trolling is against Gaia's rules and terms of services and guidelines. Like they all say, "If you cannot say anything nice, it is best not to say anything at all")

- manners of dividing into groups and thinking we are wrong (factions), jealousy, trolling (inflammatory messages to solely provoke or offend others is called "trolling" and it's not allowed on GaiaOnline. There's a difference between self control and common sense, which is perfectly okay here, and just being senseless and sending evil text messages)

- manners of becoming enemies and fighting and making trouble [discord; strife]

- selfishness

- difficult times
(it disgusts, grieves, angers or irks me, esp. when I have problems)

- getting angry or losing my temper (I want to keep calm and enjoy life)

- being angry and making people angry with each other [dissensions]

- Situations which bring tension or ways of doing/saying things to make me mad
(That is unpleasant! That is not right!)

- Gothic material

- antagonism

- Crimes
(Bubba report crimes to authorities, posting and linking and spreading the news. The person who break the law will be in trouble!)

- Manners of losing self control (If you do that, you become violent or abusive and you will get in trouble. I am one of those who don't approve of such behavior. Losing self control won't change anything. It makes matters worse. I can understand that you have problems, but resolving them is key. A discussion with a trusted friend, a doctor or a counselor would help, and writing down your thoughts, experiences, events, etc. in journals is therapeutic. Think positive! Please calm down and enjoy life, please? Thankies!)

- abusive behavior (it can get you in trouble. Is it worth it?)

- cruelty

- rudeness

- manners of paying back evil for evil

- manners of insulting for insults

- manners of insulting for doing wrong

- manners of doing wrong for insulting
(two wrongs don't make a right)

- being called ugly (That's not a very nice thing to say to/about anyone. And it won't change anything, no matter how you explain it. People have their own unique looks. I work really hard to look good and presentable, and I am conducted to cuteness. So show some respect!)

- deceit

- lies

- stalking
(persistent harassment against an individual or a group of individuals against their wishes (commonly known as "stalking" ) is not a thing to do. Anyone who does that gets in trouble. If you do it in real life, you will get arrested. If you do it here on Gaia, will you get a warning from a moderator or a ban. Stalking is not a good idea. Many of us feel threatened or uncomfortable by it. I like you, but I do not like that kind of treatment, and I would appreciate it if you would refrain from stalking me, please? You are welcome to view my profile, but not too often)

- Being called a stalker (Why do you call me that? I follow the rules and ToS. I respect other people's wishes, and not view their profiles excessively, because it is unnecessary. Everything in moderation! I am responsible!)

- being called a creep or a creeper

- being ignored (esp. for being honest about cruelty above)

- being called "mean" or mistreated for calling wrongs "wrong"
(it ISN'T a right thing to do. It would make matters worse. It is something we are advised to avoid. That's why I use common sense, discernment and self control. We are responsible for what we say and do.)

- being punished for doing good or getting hurt for being honest (It's not right!)

- wrong discernment for calling wrongs "wrong" (Someday they will have misfortune if they follow that path)

- Manners of pretending to be what you're not (Be honest with yourself! I'm serious! I don't hang out with those who deceive me or others)

- assumptions(assuming leads to wicked madness which causes pain [heartache and physical pain] and suffering to those who listen. It is better if we ask questions, to avoid the dangers. That would be beneficial)

- slow and unresponsive servers/windows(it is frustrating)

- viruses/trojan horses(they wreak havoc to the computer, causing the system to not work properly/correctly. Not good)

- being talked behind my back (it signals trouble somehow, and you will get in trouble yourselves. If you have something to say about me, then why can't you say it in my face?)

- being begged for gold or items (it gets old really fast. Please be patient with me, and you will get what you need. It takes time to get expensive items/hard earned gold here on Gaia)

- hacks and scams/password phishing


- I am first of all a Christian. I try to live my life to the best of my ability for Christ.

- I am nice to everyone, I an get along fine, I like them, but I don't like bad attitude or bad behavior. It would make matters worse, and it could get anyone in trouble. It is something we are advised to avoid.

- I like to RP, but be sure it follows the rules, please? No perverse activities allowed!

- Bubba is a little bit autistic, but he is able to do things and he's capable. He deals with his own issues. He uses natural remedies to improve himself, thinking positively. And he encourages others to do the same things so that things will get better.

- Bubba likes good things smile

- As Rottweilers bark, snarl, charge and bite those who break the law, so Bubba reports anything that violates the law and the LGBT community. That person will be in big trouble! Be sure to follow the rules, and you will be fine. Thankies!

- As Rottweilers are good-natured, calm and keen, so Bubba Rottweiler is calm, prudent, alert and he can get along with everyone just fine. He's a good dog! smile Wan! *pants and wags my tail* razz

- As Rottweilers are respectful to those who respect them, so Bubba is respectful to everyone, esp. those who respect his wishes.

- As Rottweilers with good ownership are well behaved dogs, so Bubba was always taught to be good. biggrin

- As Rottweilers bite those who abuse them, so Bubba Rottweiler would take it to the bank if someone is abusive to him. It would be affective to them. He doesn't like abuse!

- As Rottweilers attack those who threaten them, so Bubba deals with those who do wrong, but he handles the situation in a positive manner [he handles debates and other issues in a civil, mature manner. When needed or necessary, he will report it to the authorities, then he will move forward]

- Bubba Rottweiler is a dog who solves his own problems before encouraging others to solve theirs.

- Bubba is nice to everyone, esp. mean people. He forgives them, and gives them another chance to shun evil and do good. smile

- Bubba does not like what is wrong. He likes what is good. He also likes relaxation and peace.

- Unlike most dogs, when Bubba is hugged, he lays his head on that person. When he's cuddled, he cuddles back. When nuzzled, he nuzzles back and wags his tail.

- When Bubba is petted and stroked (and when his ears are scratched), he smiles and wags his tail.

- The Rottweiler represents love, joy, peace, responsibility, goodness, righteousness, optimism, sanctity, generosity, kindness, precision, strength and determination. I can get along with everyone perfectly. smile

- Bubba is straight but he can get along with gays and bisexuals just fine as long as we respect each others wishes. smile

- Bubba likes cute things and sweetness, and he is conducted to cuteness. And he is a little bit of a tomgirl. He dislikes disgusting things [he is skeevy with that stuff (examples: "Yuck!"; "Eww!"; "Ugh, that's gross!" and he tries to get away from it. He also avoids germs and bacteria, and he was referred to as a "Germaphobe", esp. when he sanitizes contaminated hands or other things, but he is trying to be safe and considerate for others, so we all will be safe from the dangers of germs and bacteria. He hates those microscopic organisms), but he delights in purity and beautiful things and other good things]

- Bubba is both funny AND serious

- He is responsible for what he says and does, he is mature, he is strong and energetic.

- Bubba is strong, energetic and powerful. He can cope with bad times, he can deal with problems, he encourages others to do the same things, and he can handle heavy things. He is optimistic and patient.

- Bubba is a little bit of a tomgirl. He gets along with everyone fine, he adores cuteness and sweetness (example: "Aww" or "So sweet"), he supports good things, cuteness and sweetness, and he acts like a dog sometimes. Because he is a furry. He is a dog. :3 And he adores flowers, cute things, sweetness, beauty, radiance and all things holy. He believes it is somewhat important! But he focuses only on his god [Jesus]. He is joyful and brings joy to others, and wishes them the best.

- Bubba is strong, energetic and powerful. He can deal with problems well [he can overcome obstacles in his path], and he can handle heavy things. He also works hard to calm down and enjoy life, and he encourages others to do good the same way.

- As Rottweilers are guard dogs and they attack criminals, so Bubba will report crimes to the cops and authorities if it ever happens.

- Bubba is conducted to cuteness [He acts cute and adorable; Cuteness is his nature].

- Bubba is straight, but he can get along with gays and bisexuals just fine, as long as we respect each other's wishes. There are straight people out there who can get along with gays and bi's perfectly. Bubba likey! :3 But Bubba disapproves discrimination against gays. I shun such people. Because it not nice! Bubba not know why people would treat gays and bi's in such a way. It's... just wrong! sad If we want to make our day better, our course of action is to show some respect and consideration for others.


How does Bubba act? He acts like a dog and like a normal human being. He communicates with barking, growling, whimpering, yelping, howling and talking. Bubba is an anthropomorphic dog, but many people may call him a "furry" because that's what he is.

What makes you think about the good aspects of his life? As Rottweilers are good-natured, calm and keen,
so Bubba does what is good and right and he is alert [he is aware of danger and he takes precaution].

How does Bubba react to dog jokes and dog puns?
He does not get offended. He laughs at those jokes instead. He even makes dog jokes himself (Life is ruff, but we make the best of it; in the summer, eating pup-sickles are some of the solutions for cooling down; when he smells odor, he holds his Schnauzer (Get it? Schnauzer? Schnozz? His nose?); When traveling, where would you go? Chihwahwa? (Get it? Chihwahwa, Mexico? A Mexican dog?) You get the idea! Lay the dog puns on him, but please keep it to a minimum. Too many dog puns would hurt his brain. Everything in moderation, please? Thanks!)

How does Bubba deal with anger? He blows his top once in a while when people get angry at him and offend him and mistreat him. But he doesn't mean to do that. He writes in a journal his experiences, events, thoughts, etc., and he tries to cope and relax. He understands other people's concerns, but he disapproves their negative behavior. But he tries to drop it, let it go and move forward. Always focus on the good things.

How does Bubba deal with depression? He takes antidepressants every day, he writes down his moods and reasons, and he goes outside, takes a walk, and breathe fresh air, trying to think good thoughts to experience joy. He listens to music, he talks to a trusted friend, doctor or counselor and tries to move forward.

How does Bubba deal with people who violate the rules or law? He doesn't respond to them. He reports them and blocks them. Because of the wrong thing they have done. He does not approve of it. He also reports *****. And if there's a General discussion with the violator, he would love to join. Because we have a feeling it's important. Our views should be expressed to the violator before suggesting him or her to leave the internet. We would be taking action against them. Because we are trying to help obey the law and rules and regulations.

When people discriminate against gays and bisexuals, how does Bubba deal with it?
He puts the homophobic people to his black list while encouraging gays and bi's to get away from them. The haters will be reported and blocked. Then Bubba encourages the gays and bi's. :3

How does Bubba deal with abuse?
He reports and blocks them. Because it violates the LGBT community and the law. You mess with The Rottweiler or anyone else, and you're on his black list, just like when you abuse a dog, and it will lose respect to you and it'll bite you, and you will regret the day you abused it. So get your act together!

Who I would like to meet: Doug Walker (Nostalgia Critic), James Rolfe (Angry Video Game Nerd), Mike Matei (of Cinemassacre . com), Kyle Justin (of KyleJustinMusic . com), Willie Aames (who formerly took the role of Bibleman), Jim Carrey, Angelica Zambrano, Joyce Meyer, Angry Joe (Joe Vargas), Nostalgia Chick (Linsay Ellis), bronies and pegasisters (even at a BronyCon), GaiaOnline Members and staff (all members, including DJ Helsing, Lanzer, biglanky14, sisky, etc.), philsterman01/10 (the man who voiced Dusk Shine and colt six on YouTube) and You *points my finger at you and smiles*

Bubba's journal

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Subjects about anything

This is where I talk about anything from my heart or if anything comes to my mind:


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