I don't know what has caused coronavirus to spread -- was it something in food? Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation with a snake? Or something? I don't know! But I know the host got sick and his breathing was shallow and it has infected America and outside America, the whole world is infected with COVID-19. Many have died, many have survived, many are doing okay (they are undergoing a full recovery, it's a miracle), many doctors are working on a cure, or they made it and they're probably using it often. We've been staying indoors from work for 2-3 weeks (or so it seems). Anyway, I have journalled this coronavirus situation and I have high hopes that this virus does not spread any further [I hope these microscopic organisms will vanish real soon, like say, the remainder of the week?] Because I am one of those who want to go back to work or go out to enjoy life on our off days, and when that time comes, I hope we will all be okay for years to come. Coronavirus should go away.

In the meantime, keep washing and sanitizing your hands, do not touch your face (I know it's hard not to when you have an itch or when you're bored or concentrating on something, but wash your hands and face afterwards and sanitize your hands after that), stay indoors if you can and drink lots of water, and shower often. You get the idea. It is imperative and it's vital that you do this often to help stop coronavirus.