Vincent von Hellbond
Lord of the Hellbond Hierarchy

Name: Vincent von Hellbond

Titles: His Grace, His Majesty, King of the Hellbonds or King Hellbond.

Nicknames: Vince, Vinny, Vincenzo, V.

Kind of Being: Vetala/Third Hierarchy Demon

Age: Unknown

Grade Level: High-Level

Overall Appearance: 9 (On a scale of 1 to 10.)
Physical Description: Vincent von Hellbond is Physically Attractive, somewhat tall (5'10”), perfect physique and very pale skin. He has long Black hair that reaches down past his waist. He has light colored eyes (Silver-White) showing touches of Red when reflecting light.

Vetala are the source of many myths of Vampires walking the surface of Gaia. They are the “Children of the Night”, those living in the shadows of the world. Their skin is pale, almost Blue, with many clearly visible veins and capillaries making strange patterns under their skin.

Some Vetala appear inhuman (or even monstrous) while others can almost pass for Human. Their eyes, always Silver, are bloodshot. They do not have nails, but their finger bones extend to the tops of their fingers, giving the impression that they have claws.

They feed only on blood, extracting all the nutrients they need from it. Their systems reject any kind of solid food.

The Vetala are virtually immortal, or at least they age much more slowly than humans do, and some have proven capable of living for millennia. However, their bodies decay as they grow older, with their vitality fading more and more until they appear little more than a walking corpse.
Ironically, over time their “immortality” becomes their prison, as eventually they grow so withered and weak they cannot even move.
After 500 years they are considered “old,” and two or three centuries later, they enter a state of catalepsy due to massive degeneration of their bodies and minds. This process can be mitigated by large amounts of blood, which returns a temporary health and youthful vigor to their bodies. Unfortunately, as they get older, they require more blood and the duration of the restoration is shorter and shorter.

The Vetala can reproduce with members of their own race or, in unusual cases, with those of other races. However, such children are always stillborn or purely Vetala; they never take on the characteristics of their other parent.

The Vetala have been isolated from most the events of Gaia. Despite their considerable individual power and rich culture, their small numbers and weakness to light has prevented them from becoming one of the dominate races. Their culture is markedly stratified, with a few noble houses dominating their city-states, which are perpetually covered by supernatural storm clouds blocking the light of the sun. They use slaves extensively, forcing members of other races to server as servants or food sources.

Third Hierarchy Demon
The Third Hierarchy are Great Demons, ancient and powerful entities. If the members of the Second Hierarchy are equivalent to Kings and Princes, these would correspond to Demonic Dukes, Earls, and Barons. Their roles are varied: Some act independently and others are mere intermediaries for the will of their Masters. Each is served by a legion or host of servants who act as their agents, although they often become directly involved in the world when they find something worthy of their attention.

In the eyes of the world, the term “Demon” can be applied to many different creatures and entities. However, most people commonly overuse and misapply the term. There are some beings, though, who deserve the name and have been called by it since time immemorial. Every known religion has its own Demons, whether they are servants of a dark divine Pantheon, Fallen Angels, or entities of a similar nature. Of course, the rumored origins of such creatures are as varied as the beliefs of each people, but despite that, there are common elements in all.
The first demons on record are ancient beings who are solely and purely evil. In this regard, they could be considered Elemental Evil, living embodiment of a primal force as real as Light or Darkness. Consequently, their offspring and creations are themselves demons as well, since they are born of Pure Evil.
However, in some religions' Pantheons are many people who, to varying degrees, were also born of evil principles. If they are not Elemental Evil themselves, they still have the same basic nature and can therefore also be considered demons.

Personality: He is a Man-eater, he is a Charmer and has a Silver Tongue able to talk his way into and out of nearly anything. He is Blood Thirsty when angry, and has a weakness for Women. He loves to have fun when he is not working on some Treaty or Plotting some evil thing. He parties a lot, but he is well read. In his immortal years he has gained much experience in Pleasure, Fun, Evil and Battle; and encourages all Four.
He is normally found in a large building or house owned by him, which is home base normally to his family who regularly surrounds him.

Vetala Abilities and Traits

Children of the Night: “When Darkness falls across the land, Strength and Power for Vetala go hand in hand..” ~ Unknown
During the night, or in locations of darkness with little to no light, the Vetala's Physical Strength and the Power of their abilities is amplified exponentially.

Critical Injury Immunity: One of the most striking features of the Vetala is that their bodies have few specific vulnerabilities. Although they can die from massive damage like any other living being, they are perfectly capable of withstanding a blow that pierces their head or heart (in fact, such a blow will deal no more damage than a similar impact to the stomach or shoulder).
It is actually the loss of blood that hurts them because their system becomes unable to maintain itself. Consequently, Vetala have no vulnerable points and completely ignore the effects of critical attacks, except those that sever a limb or produce decapitation.

Ultrasound: The Vetala are able to use their vocal abilities to produce ultrasound waves that subtly influence the majority of natural animals. The effects of this influence is similar to that of Animal Affinity. Insects, Bats, Wolves, and other Medium-sized predators can be affected by this ability. Ultrasound automatically affects any animals with a low intelligence, and some animals with greater intelligence who have a Willpower less than that of the Vetala.
When Vetala use this ability, they appear to be muttering something quietly to themselves. Only other Vetala can detect the ultrasound in use.

Blood Ecstasy: Consuming large amounts of blood at one time can dramatically boost a Vetala's abilities. For between Five and 30 minutes after excessive feeding (the duration depends on the quantity and quality of blood drunk), they receive a significant boost to Strength, Speed, Stamina and a majority of their innate abilities. Due to gaining this boost, they can ignore a great deal of pain and normal fatigue longer than most entities similar to them.
Unfortunately, this gorging then causes serious injury to their bodies. Between Two and Three hours later, they begin to suffer physically and mentally in that lasts for 5x the length of time they received the boosts.

Rapid Healing: If a Vetala consumes enough blood every day, they heal at an incredible rate. A Vetala is capable of healing Light to Moderate wounds in roughly 1-4 Rounds as long as they are adequately fed.

Vulnerable to Light: The Vetala's greatest vulnerability is the harm light causes them. Although they can endure weak or indirect light without excessive problems, when they are exposed to a light source of High Power or Purity (such as direct sunlight, bright supernatural light, etc.), their skin begins to burn and they begin to lose their In-human Strengths. The Vetala must master a level of Physical Resistance (depending on the degree of exposure and the intensity and purity of light) or each turn suffer damage and weakness.
(Note: In Vincent's case, his Demon Hierarchy Traits negate the damage aspect of this and only cause his Vetala Abilities to weaken when exposed to such light. While this world seem like a good thing, the focus being drawn away from his Vetala Blood will only transfer to his Demonic Attributes.)

Hunters Eye: This ability allows the Vetala to view blood/life force as a glowing crimson essence within the bodies of other living creatures, allowing the caster to track shapeshifters and the invisible. A small amount of blood is used as the ability is active, causing the caster to bleed from the eyes. Loss of too much blood will be catastrophic to the Vetala.

Demon Third Hierarchy Abilities & Traits
Infernal Duke is the title normally given to powerful Third Hierarchy Demons who rule over other infernal beings. They are extremely powerful and ancient entities that have interacted with man for millennia, the highest nobility among the Demons. Although they all occupy the same level of the hierarchy, each Duke has its own interests, its own personality, and its own particular way of doing things. In fact, all they have in common is the overflowing evil in their souls and enormous personal power they wield. Of course, they also tend to be extremely intelligent and have the ability to communicate fluently in virtually all known languages. They physical appearance of the Infernal Dukes is also very varied, although most have humanoid forms with some demonic characteristics such as wings, horns, or other monstrosities. Usually, each controls a particular territory on Gaia from its Private Hell, a place that is uses as its base of operations and headquarters to organize the actions of its subordinates. It is extremely rare for any of them to venture out beyond their kingdoms, as they have countless demonic servants to bring them anything they wish. That does not mean they are unable to walk in the real world, but only that their millennia of existence has taught them to be cautious about entering a plane of existence where their power is weaker.

Combative Movement: Able to move at an accelerated rate as compared to mortals due to his crossbred Vampiric & Demonic blood.

Infernal Immunity: Only extremely powerful creatures or weapons are capable of harming an Infernal Duke. Only creatures with a high Holy affinity or attacks that deal Energy Damage can affect it.

See Sin: The demons of the Third Hierarchy can see the intrinsic evil in a person's soul simply by looking into their eyes or smelling their Aura. In either case, the concerned victim must possess a strong Psychic or Mental Resistance or the Duke will learn all the things they have done that trigger feelings of guilt or are truly Evil in nature.

Personal Hell: Through its Demonic Power, a Duke can convert a site imbued with Negative Feelings into its particular hell. This conversion means that the location is transported to an intermediate point between the Wake and the Real World and the demon is practically God there. Inside, the Duke can control everything and innately invoke the the Fifth Hierarchy demons that are in its service.
This hell is always artificially formed and reflects an aspect related to nature and character of the Duke, which may range from a place of gore to a refined palace of the most exquisite beauty. This site can never extend more than 1 mile radius in the real world, but inside, space can be deformed in an unnatural way. To get in and out of these places, a person must either be invited by the Duke or gain access (there is ALWAYS at least one way in from the real world in the immediate vicinity) by completing certain requirements.
These hells are tied to an object or person (which is usually called the Great Condemned) somewhere inside. If someone destroys or kills this object or person, the hell will collapse on itself in a few minutes, burying all who remain inside.

Invocation Immunity: While in its hell, a Duke cannot be affected by Summoning Abilities, unless it permits it.

Unholy Sacrifice: The Duke may absorb souls to increase its capabilities. When it kills a person, it devours their essence to strengthen its powers temporarily, gaining a boost to all of its attributes and its final Power Accumulation equal to the victim's power for 5 Turns.

Demonic possession:
Demonic Dukes being higher up within hells hierarchy have a host of lesser demons which outside of the mortal plane can be manipulated and brought unto the mortal plane if they can find a host with a low enough mental resistance to invade or a particularly evil, or demonic object they can attach themselves to. These can be used for a variety of things including performing the function of aiding magical forces through incantations themselves, to launching separate magical attacks or defenses. They are not particularly willing to aid Vincent in ways other than using his own known magical spells, as they are being forced into this form and controlled by the Dukes magic. Upon his defeat all possessed forms are released from control no longer being bound to the form by his presence.

Demonic Specialty – Infernal Skill at Arms
The Dukes more used to personal combat possess a weapon that is formed from their own essence and resides within them. These weapons can be anything imaginable, from demonic swords that spring from inside their bodies to wings of blades and darkness. Despite being physical weapons, these are considered to be Demonic Quality, with increased Damage, Attack Strength and Defensive Ability, and use the Energy Attack Type over Physical Attack Type. Vincent tends to use this from a variety of median points that the make the infernal weapon as lethal to his opponent as his battle crazed mind is capable of making it. Using all that remains as armor and outfit. Over time he has managed to absorb more demonic material into this mass.

Dark Magic—Offense
Dark Beam: Projects a beam of Dark-based magical energy. Damaging offensive magic attacks the energy dealing high damage within 80 feet.
Create Darkness: Completely darkens an area within a 15-foot radius. Everything within the area is perceived as though on a dark and moonless night.

Control Darkness: This spell modifies and controls the intensity of darkness within a radius of 60 feet. If cast at Darkness-based beings, they must posses a high Mental Resistance or they will fall under the control of the caster.

Dark Form: The body designated by the caster is transformed into pure dark energy and becomes intangible to matter and non-energy attacks. While in this state, the transformed person gains an almost Demigod boost to effects based on Darkness.
In this state, the damage caused by any attacks based on Light are multiplied x5.

Catastrophic Darkness: Creates a deadly discharge of Darkness. The Catastrophic Darkness has a radius of 80 feet and is an Energy Attack Type.

Kingdom of Darkness: Creates a 150-foot radius zone around the caster in which total darkness reigns. The body of the spellcaster blends into the shadows, increasing his resistance to all kinds of detection exponentially. To locate him using the senses is impossibly difficult.
In addition, as long as he is one with the Darkness, the caster can transport himself each Turn anywhere he wishes within the Kingdom of Darkness.
The Magical Attack of the caster is also drastically amplified when using spells of Darkness, and any living being (except Dark Elemental) within the covered area automatically loses Power and Strength each Turn (Double the speed and intensity if a Light Elemental).
The spell is stationary in the place it was cast.

Prison of Darkness: The spellcaster encloses the victim in an inescapable world of Darkness, a separate universe which has no interaction with our own. While the victim is imprisoned he will have no knowledge of anything that happens outside the prison, nor does anyone outside have any knowledge of the prisoner's status or activities.
If the prisoner tries to break out from within, the prison will resist Moderate to Heavy Damage. From outside, the prison can resist only half of this amount. It can only be damaged by Energy-based Attacks.
The prison recovers from any damage every 5 Turns.

Holocaust of Darkness: This spell unleashes the power of Darkness in its purest state, sweeping away all before it in the spiritual as well as the material world. The freed energy sweeps up and devours everything, unifying its existence to the Darkness.
The Holocaust of Darkness creates a great dome of darkness within which everything is dissolved. It has a radius of 300 feet, attacks the Energy, and causes Critical Levels of Damage. Anyone receiving damage, no matter how small, must possess powerful Magical Resistance or be joined with the Darkness, and automatically destroyed in body and soul.
It is not possible to designate specific targets within the Holocaust; all except the caster are equally affected.

Drain Souls: This spell allows the Spellcaster to snatch absorb the life-force around him so he may feed on its essence and power. The stronger the absorbed spirits, the greater the energy received. Can be launched on groups of lower level beings as an attack after a short period of concentration upon the ability. ( Multipost prep depending on the strength of either the rpc or the npc, 1 post to launch) and can be used in connection with requiring the necessary energy for larger magical attacks.

Dark Magic -- Defensive
Shield of Darkness: Forms a barrier of Energy that protects from any source of attack. The shield can absorb up to Heavy Damage before breaking, but is only damaged by supernatural attacks. Impacts based on Light deal double the amount of damage.

Dark: Creates a shadow shield with the ability to swallow any attack spell received. For the defense against an attacking spell to work, it is necessary to achieve a Block against the attack. If the defender does achieve it, the void absorbs half of the power of the devoured spell, giving it to the caster. It is also possible for it to devour Area Attacks.
The shield will resist Extreme Damage before breaking.

Dark Magic -- Illusion
Darkzone: Creates a mystical environment chosen by the casters will that clouds the senses of anyone within it. The Darkzone increases the difficulty of using any Perceptive Abilities within it for everyone except the castor. The spell as a radius of 60-feet, and it is not possible to designate targets within it. No resistance is possible.

Obfuscate: Modifies the body of the individual, blending him into his background and permitting him to hide himself naturally in plain sight.

Night: Forms a dome of darkness with a maximum radius of 80 feet. Everyone in the interior area, except the caster, is subject to totally obscured vision. To see through this darkness, whether from inside or outside the dome, is almost impossible.

Dark Material Objects: Forms a material object from dark energy. Whether it is something as complex as a clock, or as simple as a sword.

Grey Magic --

Slow Time: The spell acts upon the space-time fibers of a specific section of reality, slowing down its space in such a way that time passes at a much slower rate for everyone – including the caster. The affected area is momentarily separated from reality.
One minute inside the area equals one hour outside. The spell can be expanded to a final radius of 300 feet around the caster.
(Note: This spell allows the user to effectively alter the number of posts required for certain attacks; For example, if the user would require 4 Turns to gather the energy for a specific spell or attack, they could do so in 2.)

Vampire Stigma: The target of this spell automatically absorbs a 25% portion of the damage he deals to any Opponent. Vampire Stigma will work both on Physical Attacks and Direct Damage Spells, as well as similar Supernatural Powers.

Psychic Disciplines --

Inhuman Knowledge: Able to multitask mentally due to his hybrid blood line and demonic power. Causing split second, knee-jerk reaction times, his body struggling to keep up with the processing power of his supernatural brain.

Knowledge of Magic: The sorcerer has a general grasp of, and is able to recognize the known types of magic, such as elemental magic, holy magic, dark magic, grey magic and red magics, and other types for what it is. This is due to having a history of being in conflict with other metaphysical creatures capable of magical feats.

Mind Control: The psychic obtains full control of the subject who has a lower Psychic Resistance than the Willpower of the User.

Psychic Connection: This ability is the latching onto of a targets mind, a skill used in combination with other mental abilities possessed by the duke. This can be used upon groups of lesser creatures, such as animals that can be manipulated with his vampire abilities, but can be taxing upon the mind if combated too heavily by an opponent with notably high mental Willpower.

Psychic Death: This power attacks a victim's mind and produces total devastation from within. Those with a weak Psychic Resistance, opposed to the Willpower of the user, will suffer catastrophic damage to his mind and becomes a hollow shell, incapable of independent actions. Mindless bodies do not die. However, they can be controlled through Psychic Connection. This causes a mental strain upon caster. So it cannot be over used or else the psychic will suffer brain damage to equal to the number of posts using this ability after the first. This attack is Psionic, not magical, therefore cannot be detected by magical means.

Psychic Energy Manipulation
Energy Object Creation: This Power creates one simple material object, such as a sword, shaping it out of sheer energy. The material is Energy-based and resistant to physical damage. This can be used to create objects of varied sizes depending on the amount of concentration time spent upon envisioning the concept and expanding it. This can be taxing upon the mind if the construct is to large. Over use will lead to loss of brain function.
Since it is pure energy, it does not use the character's Strength, but it attacks based on the Power of the user.

Birthday: February 5th

Social Standing: Infamous

Height: 5’10

Weight: Unknown. (Athletic, healthy, peak metaphysical combat conditions)

Hobbies: The dark arts, Blood consumption, Pleasure, and Romance. A lover of fine tobacco, and spirits. A fan of the classical arts, as well as Music of all kinds. An avid and fast paced reader of all manner of books and writings. His true passion though, seems to be in many fights and bouts with metaphysical combatants.

Likes: His Family, and those he finds agreeable. His hobbies and things related to them.

Dislikes: Disloyalty, Holy places, Self-righteous people.

Innumerable ex-wives and children. Currently married to a Nephilim by the name of Alruna. He tends to marry from the opposing end of the spectrum after tainting the souls of the angelic.

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Updated: 1/28/2017
(I felt the character would have advanced in various ways by this time. With age comes wisdom. These advances have been given balance amidst his rpc.)


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