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About Roselina Atray



AGE: 119 (LOOKS 19)




Every vampire belongs to a Clan or Covenent that they would treat as their own family and each vampire posess a power or an affinity for one of the five elements. Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, and Spirit. Having an affinity for the elements is'nt always what it seem like Water could lead to Ice, Fire could lead to Lightening, and so on.

As for her, she was gifted with the affinity for Spirit. Which is a really rare gift. Her power is Resurrection which to give life and her clan was grateful for this power but, as she became the age of thirteen she discovered that her power came with a down side. As she can give life, she can take it away as well. But, discovering this part of her power, ended one of her commrades life during a training exercise.

Well, that's what she was told anyway. She does'nt have any memory of it. Because of that event her Clan began to fear her, so the leader of the Clan banished her from the Clan.

But, a year passed since she left and one of the Guardians from her Ex-Clan thought she should know the truth behind her banishment. He told her that there was Evil lurking deep inside her and that she did'nt kill just a commrade...She slaughtered hundreds of her kind. And that she was to dangerous and uncontrolable, once she's gotten into that killing state.

After learning the truth about herself, she's been looking for ways to control her darker self and to keep it contain. But, the solution she came up with wasn't so pleasent her accured but, after a few years she has managed to live with it.

Also, because of her powers and not belonging to a Clan she has becomed The Haunted. She is being haunted down by various other Vamppire Clans who wish to obtain her power, and not for the greater good of mankind.

She was given the Nickname: The Black Rose because of the meaning of a Black Rose. A Black rose may seem beautiful but, you have to watch out for the thorns. Also, a Black Rose could resemble Life, Love, or Death. So, Roselina may seem beautiful, but, deadly. Also, her power of Resurrection, to give life or to take it away. And she loves Roses especially Black Roses.

Roselina Atray went through and seen alot of hardships. But, she always manages to stay cheerful. She may seem mature at times but, has a playful side underneath. Well, most of the time she is playful but, when it comes to being serious, she's serious. There's a really strange or weird thing to most people that may or may not trigger their playfulness but, for Roselina the one thing that triggers her palyful self is sweets. Yes, sweets. She loves sweets. Just the scent of sweets triggers her playfulness. She also has a big appitiete for sweets. She could consume a mountian of sweets.

Also, even though she's a vampire, she does'nt drink blood because of certain reasons. So, she subsitute it with sweets which leads to her big appitiete.

Despite how innocent she may seem Roselina likes weapons alot as much as sweets and because of her like for weapons she can manage to turn or use almost anything at her disposal as a weapon. She owns various times of weapons from, Swords to Bazooka's but, the weapons she uses the most are her semi-automatic pistals. Of which she keeps on her at all times. She's also good with hand to hand combat but, she prefers using her pistals.

Even though of her rough past and of friends coming and going, she always manages to have a smile on her face.


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Yuna Yuni Chan Report | 01/15/2017 6:28 am
Yuna Yuni Chan
Thank you for your purchase in my shop, enjoy smile
ABoxOfPumpkins Report | 05/27/2016 9:55 am
i did the same.
Got one of my kindred animal things up to like 20 then they started coming out with these really cool looking ones.
Got angry and gave up.
It is soooo much slower than Pokemon as a warning now.
Same with friends.
I have gotten a few new ones but not much.
It was sooo much easier once upon a time.
Love rping, gives me all kinds of new ideas for things!!
ABoxOfPumpkins Report | 05/26/2016 10:42 am
Lake Kindred is a lot different from ZOMG but it is an okay game.
Kinda more like Pokemon and it is what they replaced ZOMG with.
Yeah, its about the same for me.
I get bored with gaia after a while and leave for some time then get back on for another month or so then repeat.
This time to get some more friends and stay on more I made an rp recruiting thread, so that has me coming on a lot more regularly.
Good luck making new friends!! whee
If you ever need anyone to PM or talk with feel free to PM me!!
I will get around to your freeb soon then!!
ABoxOfPumpkins Report | 05/24/2016 9:23 am
I'm doing good, how have you been?!?!
Ah man, I know how you feel.
Got like 50 gaia friends only like 5 get on still.
We need to make some new friends.
Hey I saw you post on my freeb sketch thread, you still interested?
Your Nostalgic Nightmare Report | 04/16/2016 1:40 pm
Your Nostalgic Nightmare
I appreciate your patronage!~ emotion_yatta
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Amaya58 Report | 03/27/2016 4:30 pm
Thanks for buying!
HarleyQuinn120 Report | 11/03/2015 4:15 am
cool avi
imnotherelookimthere Report | 07/06/2013 10:08 am
yum_tea Thank you for picking the Blood Drop Broach for me. It is a lovely item and it goes well with my avatar.
Arnieth Report | 06/25/2013 5:00 am
Then just say that lol xP
Arnieth Report | 06/23/2013 10:04 am
Lol only one way to find out...

The CoD trailer had shown many tribes with their own masks that they created and battlefield 4 basically shows the gameplay and HD graphics through some parts of the game. The war-based game that you saw...did it have spectacular graphics? (like almost as good as the final fantasy games for 360?)
epic robbie
Kraken Kungpow
XxSir Emo ClarinetxX
Turner Monster
alex padilla 2012


Not all VAMPIRES are bad...'s the good ones that KILL you.