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Mister Piggy Wiggy Report | 10/31/2022 10:32 am
Mister Piggy Wiggy
Lucretia_Crimson Report | 09/13/2022 6:35 pm
Thanks for shopping!
Inuyoujo Report | 08/28/2022 5:44 am
A lot of .Hack didn't age while, tho, in terms of low budget work.
Inuyoujo Report | 08/23/2022 9:33 pm
That's fair. I love Kite, even though I couldn't really related to him, for the most part. But, he cared about everyone,and I'd like to think I would've done the same thing. I def would have handled it differently, tho. I wouldn't have had blackrose as my closest friend, for one.BIG EYE ROLL ENERGY.
Inuyoujo Report | 08/23/2022 6:26 pm
Still on the mark! It's so great to see another fan! What was your favorite part of the series? I love them games! I played the first 3 and watching a play thur of the 4th!
Inuyoujo Report | 08/19/2022 1:58 pm
Hey... I'm sorry if asking this is rude but I gotta ask: Did you you get your name from laying the .Hack games? Those look like KEYWORDS to me.
Inuyoujo Report | 08/09/2022 7:14 am
Congrats on your tooth! heart
mattbvtt Report | 07/15/2022 11:14 pm
thx for buying emotion_yatta
Haggle with Death Report | 02/21/2022 8:27 pm
Haggle with Death
Thanks for the purchase, have a nice day! heart
dee dee little Report | 12/17/2021 7:32 am
dee dee little