So, today's random thought is about the new website. (and the current status of the old one.)

It is called tentacl (yes, they left off the e) and is meant for adults only (18+). Believe me, even most adults aren't going to approve of the site as there is literally no filter. Tons of nude pics and sick topics. You will not find me there, I'll happily stick with the 13+ Gaia we all know and love. While the avatars are indeed more adult like, I personally prefer the ones we have here.

It's really sad that they wasted all that money on such a site. Honestly, I don't see a lot of Gaians supporting it, and it will more than likely fail or become a site for pervs.

On another note, Gaia itself has turned money hungry. More and more items are available via GC only. Let's be honest here, why the heck would we want to spend real money that we work hard to earn on items that we will never truly own in the real world? It's pointless. On top of that the staff aren't really listening to the users as much anymore. It is no longer about what we want, but what they want.

If this keeps up Gaia will be run into the ground. It's really sad to see such a great site fail like this.

So everyone speak up. Together we can save this site from going down.