Today's subject is Cat Superstitions.

You know, there are many superstitions involving cats that have been around for centuries. Which is amazing, considering that some cultures like the ancient Egyptians, held cats in high esteem and went as far as making laws to protect the felines from harm and death.

According to one Irish superstition, if a black cat crosses your path in moonlight then there will be death in an epidemic.

In Britain, the wives of fisherman believe that their husbands will return safely if they keep a black cat in the home.

In Normandy, seeing a tortoiseshell cat is an omen for death by accident.

In the English Midlands, it is thought to be good luck if a bride receives a black as a wedding gift.

The fear of cats, particularly black ones (for some reason the color black is considered evil), began in England during the Middle Ages. Cats are very independent and willful, and they had overpopulated cities during that time. Combined with the witch hunt hysteria that occurred around the same time was what gave cats a bad name. France went as far as burning thousands of cats monthly.

While it is clear that cat superstitions have their fair share of good and bad, cats have had a bad history simply because of human fear. Fear of the unknown and that which they do not understand.