Warning! This journal deals with the supernatural.

So, we all have family secrets.Whether within the immediate family circle or something handed down from centuries ago.

This Easter, I went to visit my grandmother from my father's side of the family. When I got there, My Uncle and his wife where there too. He was complaining of seeing the spirits of both of his grandmothers, having dreams that seem to be coming true, and while sleeping he is somehow somewhere else. Like an out of body experience of sorts.

Now, considering that I am an Empath who can sometimes read people and have dreams of the past and the future, none of this surprised me in the least. It's what he said after that that surprised me. He looked at my grandmother and said that it was her fault. That she must have passed something down to him.

I look at her questioningly. So she then explains that her grandmother, mother and herself were fortunetellers. They used tea leaves and coffee grounds to tell people their future, and once my grandmother started reading the Bible she stopped fortunetelling because she felt it was wrong. Now this came as a shock to me because my dad never mentioned it before and he firmly believes that kind of stuff is fake and a sin.

Once my Uncle and his wife left, my grandmother offered to do a reading for me. I was curious but declined. However I guess she sensed my curiosity because she asked me multiple times and so I finally let her.

This is how it went: I drank a cup of coffee and left a little bit of it on the bottom. As she put half a teaspoon of unused coffee grounds into my cup she had me focus on a question but not ask it out loud. So she had no idea what I wanted. Then she took my cup and circled my head with it three times. After that she turned the cup upside down on a paper towel to let the remaining liquid drain, and turned it around clockwise three times. After waiting a few minutes she took my cup and proceeded with the reading. It was amazing. She was very accurate as to responding to my specific question. I couldn't believe it.

I always suspected that psychic abilities ran in the family, but never could prove it until then. The odd thing is that a good friend of mine got me a set of Oracle cards a few years back, but I never used them. Now I'm wondering if it is coincidence that she got them, or if I was meant to use them? I am definitely curious to see if they work for me. I may even see if she'll teach me how to read coffee grounds.

*This journal is not to force my beliefs or experiences on anyone. I respect everyone's beliefs and opinions. So if you comment, I ask of you to not say anything rude or negative. Thank you.