So, todays subject is hospital food in the state of Georgia, USA.

The food is supposedly healthy for you and each meal is based around whatever specific diet you are allowed to have. (ie. Renal for kidney failure, or a Diabetic diet)

I noticed that a lot of the food is questionable, like the scrambled eggs. They do not give you real eggs. Instead they serve it as the powdered stuff. Their coffee is absolutely horrible. Even if you add sugar and creamer, it doesn't help. I even know a few people who actually get sick when they drink it.

Another problem is that it seems the cooks do not change out the oils/grease often. One day I went to the cafeteria instead of raiding the vending machines like I usually do. For the meats offered that day, they had hot wings and fried pork chops. I chose a fried pork chop. I might as well have gotten the hot wings because that is exactly what that pork chop tasted like.

So far, the food I have found to be enjoyable are pancakes, chicken, and most of the desserts. Since you never know what the menu is from day to day, I highly suggest to bring food from home or stick with the vending machines.