On July 14th I was admitted to the hospital for severe lower abdominal pain, weakness, and shortness of breath.
It was discovered that my blood count was very low, due to constant blood loss over a period of time.
I had to have a transfusion of 5 units of blood.

I had tried several times to get an appointment to my primary care doctor, but the transportation never showed up.
(All my transportation requests have to go through my insurance and they set up the transportation)

The doctor said it was urgent that I see the gynecologist as soon as I was released from the hospital.
So, as soon as I got home I set up an appointment with the doctor they referred me to.
He did a biopsy, and on September 5th he called and told me that I have cancer.

I scheduled an appointment with the gynecological oncologist that he referred me to, and once again the transportation failed to pick me up.
This resulted in the doctor canceling my appointment, and rescheduling me in 2 more weeks.

After losing it on the phone with the insurance company, the transportation supervisor took over my case.
She worked with my referring doctor to get me in at UC Davis, where I had my first oncology appointment on September 24th.

The doctor said I have endometrial cancer, and that there are three ways we could go.
The first is a hysterectomy, which he said was too risky for me right now.
He said I'm not strong enough for surgery, but I'm going to work on improving this option.
The other two ways are with hormones, each having a 70% success rate, and each having their own risks.

So I am going to be taking a drug called Megestrol (also known as Megace), for the next 6 months.
The risk associated with this drug is possible blood clots in my legs.

It's still difficult for me to stand up for any more than about 7-8 minutes at a time, so I have to find a way to exercise my legs, to simulate walking so I can improve circulation in my legs.
I'm going to look for one of those pedal machines that you can use while sitting.

My next appointment is in 3 weeks for a follow up.