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My oncologist has been wasting my time
Just found out that my oncologist has been wasting my time.
He's been saying that if the medicines he prescribed didn't seem to be working, that I would have to have the hysterectomy.
He even sent me to a surgeon for a recommendation on which way would be best to do it.
The surgeon made the recommendation and for two months I had to wait for my oncologist to give me a follow up.
The surgeon's first words to me were, "Why hasn't he done the surgery on you already?".
My niece, who is a PA in a Florida clinic, says they routinely do this surgery on women like me all the time there.

So when I finally got my follow up appointment, all my oncologist will talk about is what medicine we will try next, and then what medicine after that, and then a type a radiation after that.
So I ask what about the surgery, and he finally tells me, "I'm not gonna do the surgery."
All this time wasted.
Now I have to go back to my primary care doctor and get a new referral to a new oncologist, cause that's how my insurance works.
More time wasted.
For the first time since the cancer diagnosis, I'm feeling hope slipping.

The oncologist did another biopsy, while I was there, and really hurt me.
I don't know why, but he went out of his way to make me feel really bad.
He kept saying things like, "Wow, I just cannot see what I'm doing here, I don't even know if I'll be able to get this, I can't see anything", and when he finally got the biopsy, "I have no idea how I got that, I'm still trying to figure out how I got that."
Doctors aren't supposed to say things like that, while they are in the middle of a procedure like that.
I felt terrible, and he scared me, especially when it hurt so bad.
The original biopsy was done by a regular gynecologist, in his office, with no problems at all, and I barely felt a tiny pinch, and that was it.

He also lied about my constant bleeding.
I had to use a tampon to control it on the way to the appointment, so before the biopsy I had to remove it.
The nurse helping me get ready held out a wad of cloth for me to put it on, to toss out, and it was soaked already.
During the biopsy procedure, the doctor kept calling for so many dry swabs, that the nurse finally had to grab a huge handful so she could keep handing them to him.
After he was done, he said "Oh, btw, I never saw any signs of bleeding at all. But you might have a little spotting from this."
I was shocked, cause I knew the dry swabs were to mop up fluids so he could see better.
So I said that the tampon I had put in right before coming in to the appointment was already soaked, and turned to the nurse and said, "you saw it, right?".
She wouldn't say anything, though, she wouldn't even look at me.

The doctor left the room right after that, and the nurses helped me up from the table, and the blood just started gushing.
This wasn't just a little spotting, the nurse even had to put a sheet on the floor under me to catch what we weren't able to catch with towels at the source.
I even lost several clots which the nurses saw and commented on.
How could the doctor not see any blood?
The only explanation here is that he lied about it.
But why, is what I can't figure out.

My sister said the nurse probably wouldn't answer me about it, because the doctor would have made things very hard for her if she crossed him.
My niece told her that there are doctors like that, who she really hates to work with at her clinic in Florida.
I just know that I don't want to go back to this guy, and he wasted a lot of my time.

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Wed Mar 12, 2014 @ 07:57am

Sounds to me like you should sue this ___! Oh my GOD!

Also sounds like you should get your blood checked and see about getting an infusion. That was you that had to do that before, right?

Tell your regular doctor you need something done ASAP or there will be consequences. Because this is taking FAR TOO LONG!

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