Went slightly better.
The doctor said I need the surgery now, after all.
It's still quite risky, but he said they have to do it.

I was there for quite a while while he consulted with 2 other doctors about the possibility of a robotic approach to the surgery.
But they determined that because of the large hernia I have, the incisions would have to be made too far away from my uterus, and the instruments wouldn't be able to reach far enough.

Because of the hernia, which is as big as both my fists together, and some other complications, they are going to have to do 3 things during the surgery.
They need to remove part of my stomach, fix the hernia, and do the hysterectomy.
He said it's a high risk operation, but we have to do it.
So now I'm starting to feel a little nervous.

The next step is an appointment with surgical admissions, and an appointment with the surgeon who will work on my stomach.