Turned out to be very disappointing.
I was supposed to see my general practitioner in order to get the ball rolling for an electric wheelchair.
The ambulance was on time, and we get to the doctor's office just early enough like they said.
The ambulance tech goes inside first to find out where they want the gurney to go, and he comes back out and says I have no appointment there.

Well, I know I did, I wrote everything down as the scheduler told me, and even asked her for the cross street and any landmarks, which she gave me.
She even told me it was across the street from the police station, which I wrote down.
So the tech goes back in to find out what the story is.

They said my doctor decided not to have appointments at this particular clinic anymore.
So he farmed me off on some doctor I never heard of, without even asking me if I wanted to see another doctor.
Apparently, this substitute doctor was so shoddy that the clinic fired him, and they canceled my appointment.
No one from the clinic bothered to even call me to let me know the appointment was canceled, or to reschedule.

After getting home I called the clinic to reschedule, and after waiting 20 minutes for her to talk to me, the scheduling girl said she would have to transfer my call to a different clinic, where my doctor supposedly works out of now.
After waiting on hold for 1 hour and 12 minutes, I gave up and just called my insurance company to let them know what was going on, and let them deal with it.

They want me to have a wheelchair, so it costs less to transport me, so the transportation supervisor, who handles all my requests, is now working on it.
Hopefully my Oncology appointment this afternoon goes better.