Name: Raum Agate, "The Shattered Tyrant"

Appearance: Raum Agate

Race: Human

Age: 34




"My Commander instructed me to become the pinnacle of Fire. A soldier does not disobey."

"Traitors to the King, the lot of you. As General, it is my authority to strike you down like the dogs you are."

"You have been placed under my command. Your body, your mind, your soul, your will, are mine to shape as I see fit soldier. You will obey my orders, and I will deliver a fate to you that is fair for your effort. Follow, and your name will be sung for ages. Break away, and your life is forfeit."

"Discard your weapons and leave your posts, soldiers. This is not your fight. Go to your homes. They will spare you as they only wish my death."