Genre: Medieval Fantasy.

Theme: War, Romance (?) (I mean people cram it everywhere else, why the ******** not?)

Kingdoms involved: 2. (will add a third if convinced. Must be well thought out.)

Kingdom Name: Alibel

Details - Originally a land owned by a variety of nomadic tribes, some thousand years ago a man named Lazmeeri became the Chieftain of the Alibel tribe and proceeded a series of conquests, eventually creating the kingdom of Alibel on his deathbed and his son being crowned King. All kings of the nation since can trace their bloodline back to him. Although a Human family is the ruling family of Alibel, Humans by far and large are a minority in Alibel, with a predominantly Orc population in the northern reaches and Dwarf in the south, though elves and the rest are scattered throughout.

Main Terrain: Steppes, Mountain ranges that divide the country into seperate sections, vast amounts of fresh water via a large system of lakes.

Kingdom B Name: Ebrosin

Details - An industrious and curious land, The Ebron's are a people who can't remember a time they walked the hills and pastures they call their own. Scavenging about in the ruins of ancient fallen empires before them, the Ebron have a tendency to focus less on numbers and efficiency - Using what they find from the history of the ruins around them as well as new discoveries made by their own people, most of these which they share with their allies to the east and north. All the races share a home in Ebrosin, though Humans are the majority. Other races are treated fairly by governments, though it is not uncommon for commonman racism to go on.

Main Terrain: A sea of rolling hills and pastures, going from grassland to plains the further west one goes.


It would be called an Unexpected War had the participants not been the two countries they were... Forty years ago, the kingdom of Alibel began a systematic blockade of all port cities in Ebrosin, sealing them off from the outside world in an attempt to defeat their ancient enemies by means of economic warfare. For the first twenty years, it almost seemed like it was working - Ebrosin was slowly losing land with Alibel winning one decisive battle after the next. Eventually though Ebrosin began to reclaim their lost territory, this counter-strike happening at the halfway point of the war.

Three months ago, a peace treaty was attempted... and failed. Everyone who participated in the attempts to make it work was found dead, executed by a still unknown assassin. As a result the battles rages on. The new battalions of soldiers have forgotten what started the war, simply remembering that is has been going on since their birth, and are thrown into the fray. Rumors of insurrection, rebellion, and coups stir in both kingdoms as generals bicker and argue over whether the battles are worth the price as well as the lives lost.


Reason for the War: Alibel has started aggressive behaviors towards Ebrosin by placing an embargo around the country's shorelines. Ebrosin in desperation has started aggressive behaviors against their neighbor in efforts to break the vicegrip. The war's been going on for some forty years now. A peace treaty was attempted some twenty years ago when Ebrosin started to gain the upper hand, but the attempt failed due to an assassin. New faces fight the same old battle, and nothing has changed. Ebrosin presses their advantage while Alibel continues to fight a defensive war to starve the enemy into submission.


Rules for IC/OOC Behavior

1: Standard bullshit applies - No God Mod, Obey the ToS, Blah BLah BLah, we've done this routine ad infinitum by now.
2: Romance is fine, but no cybering. If clothes start to come off, time skip, take to PMs, IDGAF, just get it out of my thread so I don't suffer the consequence.
3: Violence is encouraged, but do not kill another person without the consent the other person and me
4: You can use pictures or text. If picture, you can use any image that isn't of an actual person walking around today. It'd be creepy to google your name and find some ******** RPing a hot vampire hermaphrodite who looks like you. stare
If Text, then be detailed. As detailed as you manage. And of course have a segment in your Post layout or whatever as to what your RPC is wearing/looking like/whatever. Nothing as detailed but just somethign so we know what to expect. Okay? Okay.
5: Do not post unless you are accepted
6: Be respectful. Yes, I use language. No, it is not often in anger. I just love using ******** language because they're just words. I'm a respectful person as long as you respect me.
7: PM me your profiles. IDGAF what you title it, just make it obvious it's about my RP and not some Gaia Cash Ad.
8: I'm not gunna say this is Semi Lit or Lit. Why? Cause the definitions of those terms make no ******** SENSE when compared to how we use em in this context. Literacy is ability to read and write. I'm going to ask you pump out 2-3 paragraphs a post. That's not too much to ask. If you wanna post more, fine, IDGAF, but don't consistently fluff your posts up with unnecessary bullshit. I'm not here to read about what the old granny at the corner of the tavern looks like in extreme detail if we won't interact with her ever at all.
8.5: I'm not a huge stickler for grammar and spelling. I'm not going to go Grammar or Spelling Nazi on your a** unless your post looks like something I'd post when I'm going on a spree of 68 hours with no sleep and has no consistency or clue as to what the hell it's doing. "Quote" for talk, Italic for thought, *I will shank your first born grand daughter in the throat with a cheeseburger if I see this s**t*.
9: This is a long-term RP. If you do not post frequently, I will hound you. Two to three posts a week isn't too much now, is it?
10: Post Format: Don't make it so obnoxiously convoluted that if I clicked Quote I'd be unable to find where the formatting ends and the post begins. Keep it reasonable.
11: I'm always open to plots and schemes. I do request that regardless of who is involved in the plot that I be kept in the loop. While everyone's free to scheme & plot, I need to keep order and I'd like to have a pulse on what you're doing. Unless it's just going against the grain that extreme I PROBABLY won't reject it or anything, so just whatever.
12: Rule 12 got eaten by rule 19 and had to be put down by Rule 42. Do not suffer the fate of Rule 12.
13: I am using a custom variant of Vampires in this RP. If you are interested in RPing a Vampire, PM Me first so I can give you a run down of the custom variant.
14: No more than 4 RPCs per RPer.
15: I am the lord and master of this RP and thus have divine right over addition or subtraction of rules and laws. Do not worry, my loyal subjects, for I will warn you of any changes.

Character Development Rules -

Power Belies Sacrifice
The stronger your character is, the more flaws or drawbacks or something I need to see. I'm not going to accept a guy who can just snap his fingers and create a cold wind at a temperature of Absolute Zero.
Though that's an exaggeration because if you made a frost that strong your drawback would be IT WOULD ******** KILL YOU AND EVERYTHING AROUND YOU VIA INSTANT FROSTBITE.

Explain the key things of your RPC.
I try, I really do. I try to let the RPers of my RP have as much freedom as they want with their RPCs. This is your playground and it'd be cruel of me to limit your ability in any way. HOWEVER.
"But Crown, what does that mean!?"
Well, let's see.
1) A source and reason. Gave the character a power? Explain how he got it. Make a mention of it in their bio or somewhere. Oh, they're a mage? What school did they attend? Or are they self taught? Or did they just have a single teacher/tutor? Or did they get it from an artifact of some kind? See what I mean? Just explain these things.
2) Believability. No, you're not going to be THE MOST FEARED ASSASSIN IN THE LAND at the age of 18. A 32 year old assassin is gunna whoop the s**t out of an 18 year old, and no, this doesn't change even if you were somehow trained from the age of 5 to kill people. Why? Experience. Consider yourselves warned. Also the idea of a 5 year old trying to kill anyone is ******** hilarious at best because they have next to no muscle strength to use a serious weapon with.

I don't want to see 20 ******** RPCs run around with the same abilities. I don't want everyone and their mother somehow know Illusionist magics, yes even the barbarian woman. If it gets to the point where certain powers/abilities/"things" become too common, I WILL Embargo future RPCs with those repeated things.

Basically, just look at the RPCs CURRENTLY put into the RP, and try not to duplicate or copy too much. Similarities? Sure. But an example of what I mean: If I join your RP as Tiri Belignant, a girl who's unable to fight, 18 years old, blonde, and scared of everything but she can talk to ghosts, and then a guy joins later as Terry Malignant who's a big machisimo blonde guy in his 30's who's a war torn vet that can talk to ghosts...
You get the idea. Don't copycat another RPC, OR repeat what's already becoming common ground in the backgrounds/powers/etc. Let's bring in variety. Maybe then we could actually see some interesting RPCs instead of everyone trying to be the same thing.

Enough with the bullshit.
YEP. You heard it folks. Piggybacking off the earlier one, let's try to avoid the obsessively cliche s**t, yah? The 19 year old who's Captain of the Guard and loved and wanted by everyone... The 18 year old who's somehow the world's most dangerous assassin... the 16 year old who's the world's strongest mage...
You can have em CLAIM to be these things if it'll give em the ego boost they need to do their job, but let's be honest here, no one that young is that good because, well, quite frankly... Older people will have more experience to fall back on.

(No I am not promoting everyone to RP an oldfag. I'm just saying use some amount of common sense please). Personally I'd be more terrified of the assassin who lived to be 58 than the assassin who's 19. They only live that long because they're that damn good.


Yes. You see that 2nd word there? "Development"? Ya know what that means?
It means bad s**t will happen to your RPCs. It means that sometimes your guy/girl will lose. It means they may lose someone to suicide or just death from sword/spell/arrow/natural causes. It means that BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN AT SOME POINT.

Why am I saying this? Because I'm not going to host an RP to have someone join and try to have nothing bad ever ever ever ever ever happen to their RPC. ******** that s**t, that RPC is boring as hell because nothing happens. No one wants to read the story where the good guy wins every single fight all the time without fail no matter how bad it may seem.

So basically don't join expecting your character to be unscathed. stare

Been tampering with the magic system a little.
Here is what I've come up with:

There is no such thing as a race superior to another in terms of the max potential of that race to produce mages.

The only difference between an Orc mage and a Fae mage would be their race and perhaps choice of spells due to race. Basically your race does little to factor into your max potential as a mage.

Your race does decide your innate ability.

An orc or a human CAN reach the same level of magic ability as an Elf or a Dwarf, BUT, human & orcs that are naturally able to cast magic are far rarer, and due to the time needed to become invested, such equal powered humans are generally old and near the end of their lifespan, though Orcs are only at their Half life.

Magic Attunement:
How naturally (without training) in tune your race is with Nature. Thus, this is sort of a chart for how many of a race is (in general) assumed to have some innate understanding or control of Magic:
1 in 4 Dwarves, 1 in 5 elves, 1 in 6 humans and Ren, 1 in 7 orcs.

Magic Affinities:
The two elements a race is more likely to excel in as well as most likely to struggle with.

Dwarf - Excel: Shadow and Light. Struggle: Ice and Water

Elf: Excel: Water and Lightning. Struggle: Earth and Wind.

Human - Excel: Ice and Wind. Struggle: Fire and Shadow

Orc - Excel: Fire and Earth. Struggle: Light and Lightning.

Vampires have the same excels and struggles as their origin race.

Ren share the same Excels and Struggles as Humans.

Discussion of Races / History of the Species -

Human - They're your standard humans: We live to be a century old, and the second most populous race in the Ebrosin-Alibel Peninsula. We aren't as smart as Dwarves, quick as elves, or strong as Orcs, but we make do with what we have and tend to show we're still a good challenge. Humans are not native to the Valire Peninsula, but in fact sailed across the ocean from a distant land. They no longer remember their ancient homeland, and carved out a life among the true natives

Orc - Mostly reserved to the more desert regions of Alibel, as well as its northern border, Orcs are aggressive and violent around other Orcs, but unless given reason to be otherwise, are impressively pacifistic and gentle to the other races. They have the ability to live five hundred years, the longest of all races, but their tribal lifestyle and frequent Honor Wars tend to shorten them down to only living two hundred to three hundred at best.

Dwarf - A highly religious race that is devoted to the understanding of the world around them, many Dwarves tend to wield a superiority complex against non-dwarves, finding a majority of them to be dull and underwhelming compared to whatever else they could be doing. The Dwarves are a surprisingly peaceful race despite their attitude, having only one major war per other race - The one when they initially encountered them. Of course, this does not account for the Orcs, as the Dwarves never cared much for them, often only calling them Barbarians as they seem to do little more than fight and survive. Wars between the various Dwarven cultures are few and far between, and many mages from far and wide try to befriend the short statured race in hopes to unlock the secrets they've uncovered. Though they see themselves as a seperate nation, they reside in the many mountain ranges of Alibel and the few that spares Ebrosin, and "For convenience sake", claim to be part of that nation. Dwarves live to an average lifespan of Three hundred years.

Elf - The original natives of the once heavily forested region now known as Ebrosin, the Elves lost a majority of their territory when the Humans arrived from across the ocean. Though some of their earlier attacks were successful, they ultimately lost most of their homeland and fled to what major woodland remained - A thin area that encompasses the borders of Ebrosin and Alibel. Though most still stay in the forests, many have abandoned the ancient ways and attempted to integrate with the other races, though a deep seated dislike for Humans is common amongst everyone. A healthy Elf will live anywhere from three hundred fifty to four hundred years.

Ren - A hunting party was out one day, looking to thin down the predator populations in the area after a small farming community lost most of it's livestock. They'd followed what they'd assumed to be werewolf tracks to a small cove. It was dark, but they saw the light from their torches dancing across what appeared to be a heaping mound of needles. And then that mound moved. After a few minutes of screaming and frantic cries of fear, the Ren were able to revert safely into their human forms. From there they told the humans all they wished to know about them, and the tales of the Ren spread like wildfire.

Vampire - Initially just myth and legend, one Tiri Belignant of Alibel has decided to make them a reality by claiming herself one upon her revival, as well as self-appointing herself as "Matriarch". They are a very small species right now, and walk in near perfect disguise amongst their peers. The sun doesn't kill, but it does speed up the rate of the Rot that inhabits all of them, and thus often hide indoors or wear heavy clothes to try and block the light from reaching them. Tiri is attempting to instill a sort of racial decree as to what their purpose is, but only time will tell if her attempts have succeeded or not. The fact that all Vampires are undead only merits the need for hunters of the species, something undesired considering how few and far between they are, resorting to the creation of dens, covens, and other hiding places where they can work together. It is not uncommon to see Vampires working along side Witches and Ren, though Ren and Vampires share mutual mistrust for one another. Giglavkan are more bitter in their disgust for this sentient species of undead, and thus more likely to get aggressive or violent.

Giglavkan - A sort of sub-species of the other races, Giglavkan's all hold Dragon in their veins. The Alibelian Humans were the first to discover this particular species and thus named with their tongue, with Giglavkan translating as "Sons of Dragons" because of their unique ability to take dragon shape. Giglavkan seem more bound by their draconic shapeshifting than by physical race, as any member of a species can be a Giglavkan. Because of this, a majority of their traits are bound to the natural tendencies of their "native" species besides the dragon within. However, certain traits are noticed to be set in stone with them:

Regardless of natural race, they live to be Three hundred years on average and no more. A blessing to Humans, little difference to Dwarves, but a curse to Orcish and Elven Giglavkans.

Below is information as discovered by researchers, scholars, and sages who have attempted to come closer to understanding the Giglavkan people:

Native: They can normally be found in this form since it uses the least amount of energy. However there are some times when they are forced into this form, such as:
·When their energy levels are completely depleted.
·Whenever they're asleep.
The Native form is always the form of the race they hail from, whether they be a Dwarf, Elf, Orc, or Human.

Because of the nature of their abilities, Giglavkan's cannot be returned as Vampires, nor can they be Ren.

Giglavkan‏: This is the middle stage, where they still have a human body but they are wearing some of their Dragon features. They should only take this form whenever they are in combat. The features they can have showing in this form are:
·Scales (and horns if they have them) (the scales taking whatever shape the Giglavkan‏ wishes)
·Fangs/claws (only one of these can be showing however, not both)

Dragon: This is their strongest form, however it is the one that takes the most strength. The amount of time spent in this form determines the consequences, and this form is only to be used in dire circumstances.
·If only used for a short period of time (around 30 minutes)
·Revert back to human form for the same amount of time they were in their Dragon form.
·Significantly weakened (magic users spells are weaker then normal/combatants lack strength, slower reflexes, and are more prone to injury) for the same amount of time
·If used for any longer (1-2 hours)
·Revert back to human form for 24 hours, unable to change to any other form or cast spells.
·Possibility to become unconscious.
·If used for any longer (Over 2 hours) then you're dead, no question about it.

Their scales show what types of spells the draconian will excel in. The strength of their scales determine how competent in magic they are. Weaker scales means magic users while stronger scales means combatant. They only have either single colored scales or dual colored, although those with dual colored scales are normally magic users.

Magic attunement is the same as elves (1 in 5), and refer to the racial elemental chart to figure out which elements you would struggle with in correlation with which ones you excel in as defined by race.

Color Chart:
Shadow: Black/gray
Light: White/light yellow
Water: Blues
Lightning: Purples
Ice: Dark Cyans/Teals
Wind: lighter shades of Green
Fire: Reds
Earth: Browns

It is uncertain if Giglavkan can defy the elemental norms for their native races due to the mix of Dragon blood, as the Giglav have proven far too elusive to be studied that thoroughly.

High Positions.
Royal Family:
(Not going to restrict # of Princes or Princesses, but lets try and keep things even)

(Not going to restrict # of Princes or Princesses, but lets try and keep things even)

(For both king & queen, prefer someone OVER the age of 20. We're not all Karl XII of Sweden who ascended to the throne at 15.)

The Triad - The three who lead the Ebrosin military.
General 1: RPC: Raum Agate - RPer Shattered Crown
General 2:
General 3:

The Khaadyn Khaan - The three who lead the Alibelan military
General 1: RPC: Svetlana Medred - RPer DraumrOrum
General 2:
General 3: