The Launitus are an aquatic humanoid species that make their homes in the deep recesses of the Rispara coasts. Resembling a cross between mermen and nagas, they are a matriarchal warrior race that work in the name of the Goddess Cascata in protecting the city of Cari. They are fairly non-judgmental of other races, and judge solely upon the personal strength of the individual. The origin of the Launitus is varied, with some tales claiming them as the incarnation of an archaic warrior, while others claiming them to be water elementals imbued with a fierce passion for battle when the Plane of Water collided temporarily with the Plane of Fire.

Creation: Launitus are hatched from eggs, which are laid in secluded places in warm water, typically during the summer months. Other races may be considered "honorary Launitus", but there is otherwise no way to become one unless born as one.

Death: No Launitus is known to have died from old age, and more often than not, the Launitus proudly die from wounds sustained in battle.

Variations: The two variants of Launitus are determined by their tail color. The Blue-Tail is possesses a venomous bite and prefers fresh-water, while the Red-Tail prefers salt water and possesses a venomous barbed tail.

Lifespan: It takes about three years for a Launitus to fully mature. The Launitus develops its strength very quickly, able to swim and hunt almost immediately after birth. In order to be accepted into Launitus society, the Launitus must kill a predator of aquatic life (such as a shark or bear) and bring the trophy of the kill to a Launitus settlement. Socially, it is preferred that the Launitus seeks out the settlement of its mother and present the trophy to her, but due to the mortality rate of the species, it is not always possible. Once he has, he is considered a member of the settlement for life.

Strengths: All Launitus excell in the physical arts, with most of them making natural warriors. Strength, Durability, and Speed are above average. Stronger Launitus can manipulate water, even to the point of creating storms or other weather phenomena.

Weaknesses: Launitus are an aquatic species, and as such, require water to sustain life. Although they can live on land, the land must be close to a body of water. If the Launitus goes more than 2 days without water, it will die. Launitus also lack a mystical connection to magic, and the only kind of magic that a Launitus can excell at is water-based elemental magic.