"Morale and discipline unites them
A common faith to keep them strong
Always on their way to heaven
In the name of Christ their enemies chastise

Into battle facing the fire Lord thy will be done
Into battle walk in a line

See the white in their eyes Caroleans are marching on
Put their lives in God's hand for their kingdom and fatherland..."


My real name may be Enok Hyland and bear many alias. Here are just a few of them: "Carolean", "Father Clock", "Domino", "Carolus Rex", "Dios", "Liberator"
Have no fear.
I am Thirty Eight years of age.
I am a Human Male.
I work as an agent for whatever organization needs me. This work requires that I have many pseudonyms.
Dios' Preferred weaponry: Small firearms and light weapons such as knives and garrotes. Dislikes having to get into a fist fight as it puts Agent Domino into a desire to flaunt his power.
Agent Carolean's Power: Carolus Rex has the ability to fast forward or reverse an object's timeline. This allows him to heal wounds or tear them apart, as well as repair or dismantle mechanical devices. This ability is severely draining from his energy, and only works on humans and human-made devices, forcing his missions to be rather selective. This ability can also affect Data, making a string of code corrupted and unaccessible, or repairing such corrupted Data.
Character Bio


My real name is Katherine Katze, but please, call me Carolean.
Hey there, Beautiful.
I'm not afraid to say it. I'm 34, got a problem with that?
I'm a Human Female.
I work as a spy, and operate through news agencies or rumor mills.
KATHERINE Dislikes violence, prefers to avoid it. Is easily startled and appears jumpy as a result. Is rather out of tune with reality, rambling about completely unrelated things. She's rather friendly with everyone, but tends to get chatty when she's comfortable. Knows a little bit about a lot of things because she likes to tinker and mess with things that strike her fancy, though it's difficult to keep her interested for extensive periods of time.

CAROLEAN, her alter ego, on the other hand, is much the same way, except for a few key differences in their social behavior. While she is in fact startled easily and still jumpy, she tends to hide it better when acting as Carolean. When wearing Carolean's garb, a large blue coat with white stripes that form a cross and a mask with a similar design, she is far more business-like in her social norms, using formal language that suggest a lack of familiarity with the subject.

Katherine's Preferred weaponry: Carries a small pistol on her at all times for self defense, is fire arms trained enough to be moderately accurate. Dislike of fights results her to live a defensive life where she hates having to hurt people.

Carolean's Preferred Weaponry: Carries a small pistol on her at all times. Is less hesitant to shoot than Katherine, though it is still defense only. Has a deep seated hatred of assassins or would be assassins and hitmen.
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I am the one and mighty. Fear my name, for I am Isak Carolus. I am also known as Carolean.
I am the light of Heaven, and you are in my way.
I have survived Forty Five winters.
I am a Human Male.
I work with the Church to rid the land of what he deems Evil and Impure. I am a Paladin of the Order.
My weapon is a work of madness: A massive shield, higher than I am tall, wide enough to cover those on either side of me, enchanted by holy mages to change shape at will, connected only to my mind, and turn into a flamberge of immense size. I can either protect or kill, I cannot do both at once. I wield no magic of my own.
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Those who are close to me may call me Ragna Ekstrand. You are not close to me. Call me Carolean.
Those who align with the Light need not fear me.
I have endured Twenty Nine winters.
I am a Human Female.
I work with the Church to find that which is Unclean and Impure, purifying the lands. I am the High Inquisitor.
(armaments/powers/unique abilities/etc.)
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