Name: Vician Furvin

Appearance: Vician Furvin

Race: Half-Elf

Age: Claims Mid-30's.

Skills: Dancing, Entertaining, Capturing enemies. Uses lightning magic that stems from static built up during his dances.


Personality: Sympathetic, Caring, Protective. Forgiving, Strict. Aloof and carefree most of the time.


- Among first lightning elementals forged in the chaos of the planes.

- Was involved in the birth of the mortals, giving them movement and thought.

- Integrated with these mortals, seeing them as children of his. Lives among them, changing names every hundred fifty years to adapt to average elven life spans.

Name: ???

Appearance: ???

Race: Light Elemental / Undead.

Age: Undetermined

Skills: Uncertain yet. Definitely Foresight and Prophecy. Need more.