Leeches upon my barren flesh
Rip and tear my skin apart.
Their wounds are so nicely fresh,
As they burrow to my heart.

An aroused tongue proceeds to lick
the blood seeping from my lips,
And thorns, my hand, they p***k
As their poisonous fangs still drip.

Venom courses through my veins,
As my organs are devoured.
They slither in my brain,
And erase me by the hour.

A clear and viscous liquid,
Pours out my somber mouth.
Their legs are soft and tepid,
As they begin to travel south.

Into my pupils, they burrow,
Maggots enveloping my eyes.
My eyebrows start to furrow,
As the dim light fades and dies.

Their teeth are sharp as knives,
Though they’re barely seen at all,
And they travel with their hives,
Nesting places that will fall.

Their bite results in ice
Cloaking my sharp demise.
The cool air crawls like mice
Upon my skin with such surprise.

My hands shiver in the frost,
of their destructive wake.
What is the hidden cost,
of the life they seem to take?

And in my skin protruding,
are the parasites of death.
They always are eluding,
Hell’s putrid, fiery breath.

Once they finish consuming,
Ravaging my sanity,
their ears will begin fuming,
With hunger for vanity.

Their angry teeth seem to gnaw,
At my timid capillaries,
Eradicating every flaw,
That they discover within me.

They twist my frail arteries,
And tie them tightly in a knot,
Leaving remnants of their feces,
To decorate their plot.

And from the moonlit tide,
Of my empty veins,
Forcing their way inside,
They bring the pouring rains.

Into my lungs they flow,
Thriving amidst the hurricane.
Diving inwards, they know,
That they shall win this game.

They squeal in my alveoli,
Birthing babies with such care.
In the maze of my divine
temple, they do not pay the fare.

My shallow ocean starts to weep,
While they journey from my chest.
They gnaw into my belly deep,
As their offspring slash my breasts.

They spring into their journey,
Proliferating inside my cells,
And pierce through my spleen,
Releasing the gastric fluid well.

And inside my intestines,
They consume my dying flame.
Their mission is clandestine,
But their actions are not tame.

I sense their tender touches,
Beneath their loving graze,
For within their spikey brushes,
They relish the corpse deranged.

My neck slumps upon my shoulders,
As they penetrate my ovaries.
They ******** my female boulders,
As I moan a piercing scream.

And in a barren wasteland,
An infant has been stillborn,
Its cries of bones demand,
The pure milk of a whore.

A hybrid of two species:
A worm and humanoid,
Enjoy half of one entity,
And the other half, avoid.

It suckles for a swift escape,
Dissolving muscle with its blood,
And my cave it masturbates,
As it drowns in placental mud.

I groan as it proceeds,
Down the carnival-strewn path,
But in my core, I bleed,
From its tainted Satanic wrath.

Tentacles probe my mind,
While my heart is discarded.
My dignity is left behind,
And my lips, parched, are parted.

I recover from such ecstasy
In time to greet my own resolve:
To know that I shall find defeat,
And that my life shall soon dissolve.

I feel their tiny lips kiss
my cold and deadened face;
Death would be such bliss,
To their remorseless chase.

And as my chest rises lower,
My nostrils become filled;
My heart rate grows slower,
As I experience a chill.

My ghost rises in distress,
Holding onto my form,
My pain, I cannot express,
Amidst the parasitic storm.