We come together as friends and foes,
To put aside our troubles and woes,
And join these two people as one entity,
Through the beauty of a ceremony.

Their hearts are filled with love so pure,
That through the centuries it shall endure,
And in their eyes, one finds inner peace,
For their souls, united, have been made complete.

In every embrace and loving kiss,
They find the meaning of true bliss,
And even though these circles are mere golden rings,
They represent the happiness that love brings.

For surpassing the star-crossed lovers at their death,
And avoiding the mutiny ‘tween Lord and Lady Macbeth,
From Puck’s quick wit to his flowery pits,
This love is no ruse of the mind or spirits.

And in these bands of golden air,
One finds the greatest love to bear,
From now until eternity,
Your hearts shall fuse in unity.

And with this union, their hearts beat as one,
For glorious Aphrodite has won,
The fight of epochs and years past,
In these two, love has found a niche at last.