A piercing scream resounds inside my chest,
Echoing against the pathetic corpse of my heart.
While black nothingness extends throughout my veins,
and the plague overtakes the essence of my core.

I claw at my eyes, erupting blood vessels
That spew crimson streams down my pallid cheeks,
Quickly transforming into the marked lines of death
That reflect the geography of my soul.

An abyss forms within my torso,
Splitting my ribs into a fissure of molten marrow.
Serrated bones cut my flesh as my rib cage is flung from my body,
Strewn into the road and castrated by a grease-ridden trucker,
Who manipulates his dancing finger playfully inside his nostril;
And bursting into sensual flames upon a single touch of my Satanic progeny,
My flesh is consumed by angry desire as I scream out in agony.

Maggots gnawing at the remnants of my being,
I disintegrate amidst the rage whilst storm clouds form and rain pours down from the Heavens.