Lighting cracks amidst a blackened sky,
With swirls of smoke enveloping bloody clouds.
My heart beats fervently as it yearns to survive,
Gasping for breath, in the pouring rain I drown.

My limbs are heavy, my veins filled with pain.
The thunder rumbles deep within my chest,
And the tinkling of Gods causes the rain
To leave my lungs devoid of air, breathless.

Punching the floor of Heavenly spirits,
The angry thunder of Satan clashes violently,
As flames devour the green foliage, grown from horse s**t,
Of the Garden that continues to grow so peacefully.

And I cry out with the fortitude of a thousand trumpets,
The screams of thunderous rain accompanying my sad soliloquy.
Life has been a gamble, a colliding of mere bets,
For fate has not been kind, and has not granted me happiness.

So now I stand amidst the thunderous downpour,
The chaos of the storm merely a mirror,
Of what I have sacrificed and lived for,
The tumult of thunder pierces my soft core.