WARNING: All Jutsu’s are in Japanese with the English Version in parenthesis.

A time skip has taken place. Doryoku sensei has been assigned Yugito Uzumaki, Hayate Haruno, and Seiji Yuhi and has been named Team 5. Team 5 passed their Bell Test and the group recently completed a difficult C-rank mission, saving the Princess of the Masuda from a band of rogue ninja that wanted her for ransom. Since the team managed to save the Princess, Doryoku sensei decided they were ready for the Chunin Exams. The first part of the Exams is about to take place; the written test.

All Genin from a multitude of different villages were gathered in the rather large lounge room of the testing area. Hiro Sato, a Tokubetsu Jonin (Special Jonin), was standing at the head of the room with other Tokubetsu Jonin.

Hiro: I’m going to start by introducing myself. My name is-
Sand Ninja 1: Can we skip this part of the exam and get to the fighting?
Hiro silently drew a kunai and three it right for his head. The Suna (Sand) Genin didn’t notice.
Sand Ninja: The writing portion is bor- Ah!
The kunai ricocheted from his headband and he fell to the floor. The Kunai landed between his legs in front of him.
Hiro: Cut me off again, and you and your squad will be disqualified!
He sat on the floor in awe. He didn’t say another word.
Hiro: You can thank your Sunagakure (Sand Village) friend here. He just put me in a bad mood.
Everyone in the room stared at him. He was scolded by everyone, even his squad mates.
Hiro: The first test of the Chunin Exams begins now! Turn in your applications to Henka Aburame and take one of these cards in exchange. The number on the card is your seat number. If you are in the wrong seat, you will fail the written test and will be removed from the testing area. Once everyone is seated we will hand out the test.

Everyone entered a large room that resembled a college classroom. Once everyone found their seat, Yugito looked around.
Yugito (thinking): Damn… Hayate-kun and Seiji-san are so far away. The nearest person I recognize is… (looks to her right)
The girl had her elbow on the table and was resting her chin in her hand. She began twisting her finger in her hair. She seemed extremely bored.
Asuka: Hm? Is there a reason as to why you are watching me so intently?
Yugito (shocked): No! I’m sorry! It’s just… you’re the only ninja on this side of the room that I recognize. I didn’t mean to stare.
Asuka: *chuckles* It’s okay. I recognize you as well. And I know how you feel. My team is nowhere near me either. Asuka Mitarashi.
Yugito: Yugito Uzumaki.
Asuka: Oh! So you’re the Hokage’s daughter? Cool.
Yugito smiled. Hiro’s booming voice caught everyone’s attention.
Hiro: Now that everyone is seated, we shall continue! From here on out, if you speak… you will be disqualified.
All Genin looked at one another.
I have a set of rules to share with you. I’m not accepting questions, so listen up! If you cheat, you fail. If you ask to goto the restroom, you fail. And in order for your squad to pass and advance to the next test, all 3 members of your squad must pass.
Yugito almost blurted out, but was able to control herself. She looked around the room and saw Seiji silently having a nervous breakdown.
Yugito (thinking): Damn it! Seiji has always been bad at written tests. Even since the academy days!
Seiji had his elbows on the table and his hands were clinching his head. Snot began to run from his nose and he was shaking vigorously.
Yugito (quietly): Psst!
She caught his attention. She gave him a thumbs up and a smile. He nervously smiled back. She turned back around.
Yugito (thinking): We’re gonna fail.
Hiro: As a standard part of the test, each of you are given 10 points from the start. This test is to questions long, meaning each problem is worth 1 point. Every question you get wrong is subtracted from your 10 given points. Pass or failure will be determined by how each team scored overall.
Uneasiness floated across the room.
Hiro: Ah! Question 10 will be given 45 minutes after the start of the test. Testing time is one hour. (smiling) Good luck! (Booming voice) BEGIN!
Hayate read question one and noticed the charts they were given to work with.
Hayate (thinking): There’s no way. The majority of us in here are no older than 14 and they expect us to answer something like this? Hmm!
He read on to questions two and three.
Hayate (thinking): And it gets no better the further you go in the test! I don’t think I can do this alone. I may have to…
Kenta Akimichi (thinking): Man! This test is impossible! It’s making me hungry… Oh!
He pulled out a bag of barbeque potato chips and began eating.
Iyasu Rinha: Seat 91! Put the food away!
Kenta looked at the bag and put it away.
Kenta (thinking): I can’t help it! I eat when I get stressed.
Hiro: Pencils down! I’m changing a rule for you.
Everyone pencils laid on their desks.
Hiro: It addresses “cheating”. If anyone is caught cheating, it’s two points off your final score! Resume the test!
Izumi (thinking): Two points off? Normally, getting caught cheating is an automatic zero. There’s a reason he added that rule…there has to be…
Yugito (thinking): Two points huh? No automatic zero? And I’ve noticed that every question gets harder the further you advance in the test. I’m smart, but these are Jonin level questions.
Just then, something clicked in Yugito’s mind. She looked at the Jonin sitting in chairs lined against the walls.
Yugito (thinking): Two point deduction every time someone gets caught… They want us to cheat! They want us to cheat and not get caught by the eagle eyed Jonin. That’s the point of the written test. Now all I need to do is find a way to cheat and not get found out.

Twenty minutes fly by and Hiro stands before everyone.
Hiro: Pencils down! I’m about to give you the tenth problem!
Yugito (thinking): Damn! That was 45 minutes already?! I only have four problems answered!
Hiro: Before I give you the last problem, I’ll give you a choice.
Shinra (thinking): A choice?
Asuka (thinking): A choice? What’s he getting at?
Seiji (thinking): I haven’t answered one question this entire time! Gaaahhh!!!
Hiro: If you decide to take the 10th question and answer it correctly, you and your squad pass. If you answer it wrong, you will not be allowed to retake the Chunin Exams ever again. You will never rank up to a Chunin.
Izumi: What the hell kind of crap is that?! That is nowhere near fair!
Hiro (thinking): Loud like Kiba I see. (Aloud) You didn’t give me a chance to tell you the rest of what I was saying. So shut up, and listen!
Izumi sat back in her chair and folded her arms.
Hiro: If you do not trust your knowledge and refuse to answer the last question, raise your hand. We will call you seat number and you will be excused. You will be able to take the Chunin Exams again next year.
Yugito (thinking): Seeing how much Seiji is struggling, he might just have to retake it next year.
Hiro: But!
Toshiro Aburame: There’s more? Hm…
Hiro: If you don’t take it, then you and your teammates will be disqualified as well!
Yugito (thinking, looking at Seiji): Damn it! Seiji, make the right decision!
Hayate (thinking, looking at Seiji): Come on, Seiji! Don’t quit! You can do it! Hmm!
Seiji (thinking, having a nervous breakdown): s**t, s**t, s**t, s**t, s**t, s**t, s**t! I don’t want to be a Genin forever! But I don’t wanna hold my team back neither! Ahh! I think I’m gonna explode!!
Hiro: Now is the time to raise your hand if you wish to be dismissed. Slowly but surely, the first one raised his hand, a Hoshigakure Shinobi (Village Hidden Among the Stars).
Star Ninja 1: I’m sorry guys, but I really don’t want to be a Genin for the rest of my life.
Star Ninja 2: It’s okay. C’mon, let’s get outta here.
After that squad was dismissed, several more hands went up.
Hiro: Seat 14, you and your squad is dismissed. Leave. Seat 72, you and you team may leave. Get out.
Yugito (thinking): Oh boy… we started out with at least 130 Genin. Now there’s no more than 80 of us. And Seiji is still here.
Hiro: Anyone else want to quit? No…? Good! Now that the quitters are all gone, the rest of you…
Everyone anxiously awaited question 10. Yugito felt a single drop of sweat run from her forehead to her cheek.
Hiro: Pass.
Everyone’s facial expression changed.
Shinra: We… we pass?
Hiro: Yes. The threat of question 10 was simply to weed out the weak-hearted ones.
Seiji: No 10th question?! Hells yeah!!!
Hiro: You all will advance to the next test!
Just then, a woman with dark blue, long hair entered the room.
???: My name is Mitsubachi. Follow me to the next testing arena.
Yugito (thinking): Arena?
Han Lee (raising his hand): Excuse me, ma’am!
Mitsubachi: Hm? Yes?
Han Lee: Where is our destination?
Mitsubachi grinned at him.
Mitsubachi: The Forest of Death.

After a bit of a walk, Mitsubachi led them to a fence that had a large forest behind it.
Mitsubachi: Ladies and gentlemen, this… is The Forest of Death!
Hayate, Yugito, and Seiji looked at one another. Yugito swallowed hard.
Yugito (thinking): This is not going to end well…

~End Theme