Squad X Characters and Plot

Main Characters:


Gender: Male
Height: 5’10
Weight: 127 lbs
Appearance: He’s fair skinned and has black spiky hair with bangs that frame his face and stop just below his chin along with a pair of bright, white eyes with a black pupil. He wears a long black, leather coat with a nose-high collar he keeps unzipped and stores his small weapons. The coat goes down to about mid-calf and he keeps his rifle on his back, mounted to the right via black strap. He wears the standard black, lightweight, bite proof vest that consists of several straps and buckles and wears a long-sleeved, very dark leather shirt underneath. He wears matching leather pants and boots complete with black, leather gloves.
Weapons: SX-24 Fully Automatic Assault Rifle, S-4 Riot Shotgun and Broad Machete


Gender: Male
Height: 5’8
Weight: 125 lbs
Appearance: He’s fair-skinned and has thick, spiky, black hair that is kept in an upright position to the left via eyepiece. He wears a black metal and hard plastic band around his head with it lowered over his eyes. He can see through the band because of a thin slide that he can click a button to open and close at will. The slide is thick enough for his eyes and gives him a perfect off vision when it’s in use. He too wears a nose-high collared, long, black coat that he keeps unzipped and uses to conceal his smaller weapons, i.e. grenades and throwing knives. His black coat is little more “blowy” than Gunner’s, however. He also wears the standard black, bite proof vest and dark, long-sleeved cotton shirt. He’s got a sheath for his Katana built into the back of the jacket.
Weapons: SX-8 Tech (Three Round Burst Assault Rifle), Akimbo X-7 Semi-Automatic Pistols and Black-Bladed Katana

L.E.O.N. or “Leon”

Gender: Male
Height: 5’9
Weight: 145 lbs
Appearance: He’s fair-skinned and has a blue and green eye, a birth defect, and a specific haircut. His hair is lower on both sides than in the middle as he has dirty blonde hair and bangs that cover the center of his forehead. He wears the black, buckle covered, standard bite proof vest with a long-sleeved, leather shirt underneath. He keeps his 12 Inch Bladed Machete on a sheath on his left shoulder blade. He wears matching blade pants with match combat boots. An important quality of Leon is his right arm. From just below the elbow down has been replaced by a metal prosthetic arm because he suffered a bite. Reload amputated his arm and saved his life. ("L.E.O.N." stands "Learned Everything Over Night". When he first became a member of Squad X, he learned every weapon, tactic and everything about the vampires in one day or "Over Night". He eventually just adopted the name Leon.)
Weapons: SX-1600 Cloud (Lightweight Minigun), X-2 High-Caliber Revolver and 12 Inch Bladed Machete


Gender: Female
Height: 5’6
Weight: 106 lbs
Appearance: She’s pale skinned, has green eyes and has both sides of her head shaved into a buzz cut. Her low hair is dyed brown and completed with a black Mohawk down the center. She wears no undershirt, just a bra and the bite proof vest, which reveals her bellybutton. She’s a lesbian and Diver sometimes playfully teases her about her sexuality, which pisses her off. She wears fingerless gloves that extended up to mid forearm and a pair of tight, black elbow pads. She also wears tight, black, glossy pants and combat boots to match. She usually carries her sniper in hand, but also carries it via black strap on her back.
Weapons: SX-5 Falcon (Sniper Rifle), X-6 Three Round Burst Pistol and Kris Blade (hip-mounted)


Gender: Male
Height: 5’9
Weight: 134 lbs
Appearance: He’s fair-skinned with dark yellowish eyes and brown hair that lies down yet isn’t long enough to reach his neck. He wears the standard bite proof vest and the black leather shirt underneath. He wears matching pants black combat boots.
Weapons: SX-19 Dasher (Fully Automatic Assault Rifle), C-4 Explosives and Standard Jagged Edge Butcher (Combat Knife)


Gender: Female
Height: 5’8
Weight: 110 lbs
Appearance: She’s fair-skinned and has light grey eyes and black hair that she keeps in a high ponytail and her bangs come down to frame her face. She wears the bite proof vest and a small scarf around her neck. Under the vest, she wears the standard black, leather long-sleeved shirt but she had the entire right sleeve cut off, revealing her tattoo of her past lover on her bicep/shoulder. She wore tight, black leather pants and combat boots to match. She always carries her tonfa in a sheath around her waist, resting on her tailbone with her pistols in a holster on his left and right hip. (her pistols can switch between single, TRB and fully automatic)
Weapons: Akimbo X-21 Changeable Fire Rate Pistols and a tonfa that she’s modified into a pure silver blade with incredible piercing attributes.

Jack-Anthony Carter III or “Jack”

Gender: Male
Height: 6’1
Weight: 185 lbs
Appearance: He’s brown-skinned, has dark brown eyes and black hair that is slicked back in a non-douchebag fashion; he ends of his hair slightly curve upward. He wears the bite proof vest and black, leather undershirt with no coat like Gunner or Reload. He wears a pair of midnight black shades, seemingly all the time and has a noticeable “X” shape scar on his right cheek. Aside from the scar, he’s got a thin moustache and patch of hair directly on the peak of his chin.
Weapons: Akimbo S-15 Lever-Action Shotguns (back-mounted), S-500 Grenade Launcher and 12 Inch Bladed Machete


Gender: Male
Height: 5’8
Weight: 132 lbs
Appearance: He’s nearly pale-skinned, has black eyes and has long black hair that nearly reaches the middle of his back. This man prefers hand to hand combat over projectile weapons. He carries a sword on his waist, letting it rest on his tailbone. Being trained by a Japanese swordsman and being left handed, he has the sword facing to the left to grasp it easier and faster. He’s got a sidearm in a holster on his right hip just in case he actually needs it. For an unknown reason, he wears bandages around his face in an unorthodox fashion; not completely covering his face. Parts of his mouth, nose and cheeks are still visible, as well as both eyes can be clearly seen. The bandages go like mummy gauze down his neck and stop just before his collarbone.
Weapons: Personal Straight-Bladed Katana, X-2 Civil Pistol and Pure Silver Kunai and Shuriken

PLOT and Background Info:

Year: 2059. Squad X, the last remaining squad out of 25 others is a mercenary group that takes orders from Lloyd Luther. Over the last 20 years, vampires with the ability to morph into savage monsters have begun emerging all over the world, blending in as human and silently feeding on the human population. Lloyd Luther, a multibillionaire, created an organization known as E.A.S.E; Eradicate All Suckheads Everywhere. He created and founded the organization all by himself and hired highly skilled mercenaries from around the globe to put an end to the vampires that run amok all across the world. In 2039, the first squad was formed; Squad A. After Squad A was formed, in 2041 Squad B was formed. In the year 2054, Squad X was formed. But by the time Squad X was formed, over half of the already established squads were wiped out by the vampires. By 2058, Squad Z had been formed, but the only remaining squads were V, X and Z. The entire Squad V was wiped out first. With only Squad X and Squad Z left, people were on constant alert. Luther got a hint about a Suckhead hideout in Pakistan and decided to send in Squad Z to eradicate them. Four hours into the mission, Squad Z ran into a nest of Suckheads, nearly 500 vampires, and was wiped out almost instantly. Squad X being the last remaining squad of Luther’s means that they have the best survival skills, tactics and teamwork. This is a story about humanity vs. vampires and Squad X is their life essence.

Squad X has their own line of weaponry, SX-# being the different types of primary weapons, S-# being the different types of secondary weapons and X-# being the different types of pistols. They also have some superhuman abilities programmed into them by Luther, making them “super soldiers” in a sense. They have reinforced bodies which gives them the ability to land from incredible distances unharmed, aberrant strength, jump noticeably further than normal humans, and their speed and stamina is greatly enhanced. They aren’t “Terminators” per say, but they are harder to kill than average human beings.

The vampires aren’t your normal Twilight vampires. These vampires are actually dangerous. To start out, their body temperature is normally between 42 and 49 degrees Fahrenheit, extremely cold for anything living. When not disguised as a human, they tend to have destroyed finger nails, making them sharp and ridged, easy for clawing and tearing through flesh. When not disguised, they had shark-like teeth, extremely pale skin and black eyes; including the sclera. When attacking, they momentarily dislocate their lower jaw to allow for a bigger big and crack their jaw back into place when biting down. They also have projectile venom that they spit at the eyes to potentially infect the target (yes, if the venom gets into a human in any way, that individual will turn into a vampire as well). When in danger, they morph. They get considerably taller and burst out of their clothing, if wearing any in the first place. They all morph in different way and to describe each way would be ridiculous. You’ll just have to read and find that out.

Squad X
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