WARNING: All Jutsu’s are in Japanese with the English Version in parenthesis.

Yugito is 9 years old and her birthday is a couple of weeks away. It’s a Monday morning and Yugito is about to oversleep again. Her mother, Hinata Hyuga, enters her room.
Hinata: Yugito-chan! Wake up sweetie!
Yugito (getting up slowly): Hmm? (yawn) What time is it mom?
Hinata: It’s almost 7:50.
Yugito woke up and jumped out of bed.
Yugito: What?! Get out mom! I gotta change before I’m late again!
She put on all of her clothes, slid on her sandals, and ran out the front door.
Yugito: Bye mom! Love you!
Hinata: Wait! You forgot… your lunch. All well. I’ll just bring it later. (giggles)

~Ninja Academy, Yugito’s class
Enma sensei was giving a lecture about the substitution jutsu. Yugito had her head on her desk sleeping.
Enma: Yugito!
She sat up quickly and wiped the drool away from her mouth.
Enma: Just because you are Lord Hokage’s daughter does not permit you to sleep during an important lecture!
Yugito: Sorry Enma sensei. I’ll try to stay awake.
Enma: No need for apologies. Just pay attention! Now, as I was saying…
Yugito was about to fall back to sleep when someone snapped her out of it.
Hayate: I wouldn’t do that if I were you.
Yugito: Ugh. Sorry. I’m so tired.
Hayate: You should goto bed earlier.
Yugito: I did. My dad was teaching me the beginning stages of the Rasengan.
Hayate: Really? Lucky you huh?
Yugito: Not really. I was doing the same thing for six hours non-stop. (Puts her hands on her face) I’m exhausted!
Enma: Hayate! Yugito! Step outside!
Hayate: Yes, sir.
Hayate and Yugito got up and excused themselves from the classroom.
Yugito: I’m sorry, Hayate. I got you kicked out.
Hayate: It’s okay. He couldn’t tell my mom if he wanted too. She’s off on a mission.
Yugito: But still… I get way too loud in quiet places.
Just then, Izumi with Kiyoshi, Shinra, and Kenta came strolling by.
Hayate: Well, you guys sure are late.
Shinra: We aren’t here for school. We already know how to do the substitution jutsu. We came to find more classmates to come with us.
Yugito: For what? You 3 headed somewhere?
Izumi: To the training field for some real practice. You two in? Or would you rather stay here and wait for Enma to yell at you?
Yugito looked at Hayate, waiting for an answer.
Hayate: Well… it does beat staying here. I’m game. You coming, Yugito-chan?
Yugito: Might as well. I need to work on the Rasengan.
Izumi: Great! Come on you two.

Izumi, Kenta and Shinra ran through the hall and Hayate and Yugito followed. At the end of the hall was a window that was opened. Izumi opened in preparation for a quick escape. Izumi put her hand on the window sill and put Kiyoshi on her head. She motioned her head at the window then leaped through.

The five jumped along the rooftops until they reached the villages front gates. Shinra peeked his head out the check for guards. He looked back and gave a thumbs up. They left the village and took a left, going up a small hill leading to the Training Field fence. Kenta and Shinra put their faces to the fence and scanned for anyone. Han Lee was in the middle of the Training Field doing upside down pushups. His body was perfectly vertical and he was counting off every pushup. The group approached him.

Han Lee: 787, 788, 789…
Izumi: Lee-san?
Han Lee (stops and notices them): Hm? Izumi-chan? Yugito-chan? Hayate-kun? Kenta and Shinra-san. Is school out already?
Hayate: No… what are you doing out here, Lee-san? Why aren’t you at school?
Han Lee: I could ask you the same thing. I do this every week. One school day a week, I come out here and train alone.
Yugito: Well then. We came out here to train as well.
Han Lee: I suppose it is nice to be around others rather than alone out here for 8 hours.
Izumi: You should join us, Lee-san.
Shinra: We’re going to be sparring and stuff. Nothing too serious of course.
Han Lee: Sounds like fun! Just let me finish the reps and I’ll be ready!
Kenta: What are you going to? 800?
Han Lee: 1000.
Hayate & Yugito: Damn! (looks at each other)
???: Just like your father, eh Lee?
Everyone’s attention went to the Training Field entrance gate.
Shinra: Chōsen sensei! Kitsune sensei! Rekishi sensei!
Kenta: Run!
Han Lee, Izumi, Kenta and Shinra all jumped off to the forest in different directions. Rekishi sensei is a member of the Hyuga clan and possesses the Byakugan, so he jumped off to the forest to hunt them down. Yugito prepared to run, but Hayate grabbed her arm and shook his head “no”.
Hayate: You’ll get in less trouble if you stay and accept responsibility.
Yugito realized he was right and looked down. He let her arm go and they both walked towards Chōsen sensei.
Chōsen: Yugito Uzumaki and Hayate Haruno. Never would’ve thought that the Hokage’s daughter and the top Medical Ninja in the Land of Fire’s son would make such a heinous decision.
Kitsune: Chōsen, return them to the village. I’ll assist Rekishi in finding the others.
Chōsen: He has the Byakugan. I’m sure he doesn’t need any help.
Kitsune: I’ll take some time out of the search. Ace tracker, remember? (Jump to the forest)
Chōsen: She’s always wanting to hunt something down. Well! Come on you two. Back to the village.
Yugito and Hayate walked in front of Chōsen on the way back to the Konoha.
Chōsen: I’ll be sure to notify Lord Hokage and Sakura-sama right away.
(Camera goes to Yugito’s face as she was walking then fades into another scene)

~Hokage’s Mansion, Hokage’s Office
Naruto was sitting in his office behind his desk, waiting for someone to enter. Three knocks came from the door.
Naruto: Come in… Yugito.
Yugito poked her head in and saw that Naruto had a serious face. She lowered her head and entered his office. She closed the door behind herself.
Naruto: Getting kicked out of Enma’s classroom? Then running off with your friends without permission from an adult? That counts as cutting class. You know that. I know me and your mother have raised you a lot better than that.
She remained silent and her body began slightly shaking.
Naruto: Now, what I should do is punish all 6 of you for your actions. (Short pause) But!
Yugito looked up.
Naruto: Since you and Hayate stayed and accepted your punishment and took responsibility for your actions, I guess I can let you two off the hook this one time.
Yugito got a huge smile on her face.
Naruto: Now go enjoy the rest of the day before I change my mind.
Yugito ran out of his office and down the stairs.
Naruto (thinking): She’s growing up quicker than I did. She’s just like her mom. I’m still surprised that she took that kind of responsibility as to the others who skipped class with her. Hm… Great job, Yugito.

While she ran from the Hokage Mansion, she thought back to to what Hayate told her.
Hayate (in her mind): You’ll get in less trouble if you stay and accept responsibility.
She closed her eyes and ran through the village and jumped along rooftops. As she runs, it’s shows her changes from age 9 to 12. At age 12, she gets her headband and is an official genin.

~Ending Theme.