WARNING: All Jutsu’s are in Japanese with the English Version in parenthesis.

Mitsubachi: Welcome to the Forest of Death! This is where the second test will be held!
Yugito (thinking): This forest… it looks so big. If you have a bad sense of direction, you would certainly get lost really quickly.
Mitsubachi: This test is to test your survival skills. The objective is to obtain these scrolls. (Holds out a light blue scroll and a white scroll) Half of the squads will be given a white scroll, or the Heaven, and the others will be given a blue scroll, or the Earth scroll. You goal is to obtain both scroll and get to the safe zone. There is a tower in the center of the forest, that is the safe zone. Obtain at least one of each scroll by any means necessary. That is the only way to pass. Now is the time that I will be honest with all of you.
Everyone looked at one another with nervous faces.
Mitsubachi: All of you will not survive this test. That is the best way I can put it.
Yugito swallowed hard.
Mitsubachi: On the way to the gate of the forest, there are two tables, one holds the Heaven scrolls and one holds the Earth scrolls. After you pick them up, head into the forest. Whatever you do, DO NOT open the scroll.
She did the dragon then tiger hand seals and poofed away in a cloud of smoke. Two Jonin were guarding the scrolls. Seiji put his hands behind his head and locked his fingers together.
Seiji: So let’s go!
Yugito: Right!
Hayate: Hmm!
They ran to the Earth scroll table, grabbed a scroll and dashed into the forest. After them, the other squads got the confidence to follow and ran for the forest.
Jonin 2: Eizu.
Eizu: Hm?
Jonin 2: How many of them do you think will die in this forest?
Eizu: Out of all of them? More than half…

~Forest of Death, Team 5

Team 5 had climbed a large tree and were hiding, waiting for a team with a Heaven scroll to come by.
Seiji: Oh, come on! Why can’t we go out there and find a Heaven scroll instead of waiting for someone to come by? This is boring!
Yugito: Seiji-kun, stop it. It’s safer to do it this way.
Hayate (leaning against the tree): She’s right. I’d rather do this than risk running into multiple groups of Shinobi. Hmm!
Seiji (crossing his arms): Hmph!
At that moment, a paper bomb kunai lands in the middle of them.
Hayate: Scatter!
They disperse and the kunai detonates, destroying the tree limb they were standing on. Hayate latched on to a tree limb, swung around it once, and was squatting on the side of the tree branch. He scanned the trees for Yugito and Seiji.
Yugito (low voice): Is everyone okay?
Seiji (low voice): Good!
Hayate (low voice): Where are you?
Yugito whistled and Hayate found her. She was at ground level standing alone. As he was about to jump down, he saw Yugito holding up four fingers behind her back.
Hayate (thinking): Attack Strategy 4: Damsel in Distress? I hope Seiji-kun saw that…
???: Psst!
Hayate looked across from himself and saw Seiji holding up four fingers. Hayate nodded. He repositioned himself into a good hiding spot and so that he could see Yugito perfectly. Across from her were 3 Iwagakure Shinobi (Stone Village).
Stone Ninja 1: Which scroll do you have, girl?
Yugito (holding it out): Earth Scroll.
The three Iwa ninja looked at each other and smiled.
Stone Ninja 3: Give it to us and we won’t hurt you.
Stone Ninja 2 (whispering to Stone Ninja 3): But we already have an Earth Scroll.
Stone Ninja 3 (whispering to Stone Ninja 2): Yeah, but the more scroll we have, the less there are to go around for the other squads.
Stone Ninja 2 (realizing): Ah…!
Stone Ninja 1 (calling out): Last chance! If you’re smart, you’ll hand over the scroll.
Yugito chuckled and the Iwa Shinobi were furious.
Yugito: Sorry, But I’d rather die than pass up this scroll. You three are going to have to take it from me.
Stone Ninja 1: So be it! (Dashes at her)
The other two dash at her as well. The all drew kunai drew kunai and got within feet of her.
Hayate (same time as Seiji): Katon!
Seiji (same time as Hayate): Raiton!
A fire ball and a large bolt of lightning came from the trees.
Stone Ninja 3: Get back!
The fire ball and lightning bolt crashed against the ground and caused a fire and lightning explosion. The Stone Ninja slid back, kicking up dirt and gravel as they slid. Seiji and Hayate jumped down and landed on either side of Yugito. All of Team 5 had serious faces.
Seiji: Are you alright, Yugito?
Yugito: *puts away the scroll* I’m fine. Thanks, guys.
Hayate: If those three idiots planned to attack you, best believe that Seiji and I were going to stop them.
Stone Ninja 1 (thinking): A surprise attack from the trees? She was aiming to get all three of us to rush her at once so her teammates could strike when the time was right. And we feel right into it. Hm… Decent strategy by these Hidden Leaf brats.
Stone Ninja 2: Damn! We were almost hit by that!
Stone Ninja 1: So! I guess you two survived the explosion.
Hayate: It’s going to take more than a kunai bomb to take us down! Hmm!
Seiji (head hanging down): How dare you…
Stone Ninja 1: Hm?
Seiji: How dare you… *looks up in Raiton Armor* attack her! I’ll make you pay!
Stone Ninja 2: A Konoha ninja that uses Raiton Armor? He must be a Cloud Village reject. (Chuckles at him)
Stone Ninja 3: He must’ve run away from the Kumogakure. Pathetic ninja these days.
All three Stone Ninja began laughing hysterically at him. (Camera goes to Seiji’s left hand and he balls a tight fist.) Just then, a blue flash of light zipped through the air and head butted Stone Ninja 2. He did flips and turns as he tumbled across the ground and smacked back first into a tree. He laid lifelessly against the tree as blood gushed from his nose. The top of Seiji’s head had smashed several bones in his face, causing his nose to bleed profoundly.
Stone Ninja 1 (thinking): *gasp* What?! Such speed!
Seiji pushed Stone Ninja 1 and Stone Ninja 3 apart from each other simultaneously by simply extending his arms outward. Stone Ninja 3 triggered a wire string as he tumbled across the ground. A giant log swung down seemingly out of nowhere and collided into Stone Ninja 3, sending him flying into distant trees. Stone Ninja 1 stood up.
Stone Ninja 1: Doton: Kajūgan no Jutsu! (Weighted Boulder Jutsu)
He raised up 6 boulders from the ground and sent them flying at Seiji.
Hayate: Katon: Hōsenka no Jutsu! (Phoenix Flower Jutsu)
Hayate shot the same number of Phoenix Flower fire balls as the Weighted Boulders and cancelled them out. Yugito dashed at him and punched him in the face so hard that the impact of the punch echoed through the area. He flew back, head first, and began sliding across the dirt and grass until making contact with a thick tree. Yugito approached a blue scroll on the ground. Stone Ninja 1 dropped it when he was hit by Yugito. She picked it up.
Yugito: What?!
Hayate and Seiji walked up behind her. Seiji had released his Raiton no Yoroi. (Raition Armor)
Hayate: What the hell? An Earth Scroll?
Yugito: I told them that I had an Earth Scroll! If they didn’t have a Heaven Scroll, then why did they attack?
Seiji: They might’ve been trying to collect more Earth Scrolls so that there aren’t many left for the other squads.
Yugito: Hmm… That does sound logical.
Hayate’s ear twitched.
Hayate: Someone’s near!
They all drew a kunai and formed a triangle, pressing their backs together. Two Kumogakure (Cloud Village) Ninja came from the bushes and one jumped down from the trees. One dark-skinned male, a brown-skinned female, and a fair-skinned female.
???: Whoa, whoa! Hey. We didn’t mean to startle you.
Hayate: What do you Kumo ninja want? Hmm.
???: Harsh. My name is Dee. This Tarui and Kamui.
Yugito: My name is Yugito. This is Seiji and Hayate.
Dee: Team full of the opposite gender? Must suck.
Yugito: Tell me about it.
Dee: Haha! Hey, we watched you 3 handle those Iwagakure jackasses. You guys work well together as a team. We were wondering if you guys were interested in teaming up out here. Two well oiled squads are better than one.
Yugito: It depends. What scroll do you have.
Dee: Earth. (Holds scroll out to her)
Yugito: Hmph. Okay. (Tosses Iwa’s Earth scroll to the ground) We’ve got an Earth Scroll as well. (Shows Scroll)
Tarui: In this forest, we’re teammates. But if you double cross us, we won’t hesitate to kill you.
Hayate: Diddo. Hmm.
Tarui and Hayate lock eyes and the intense moment is broken when Seiji steps between them.
Seiji: We should find a place to crash. You know, build a camp site? It’s getting dark pretty fast.
Kamui: We have a small camp site east of here. We can all be safe there for the night.
Dee: You and your team should come with us.
Yugito looked back at Hayate and Seiji and they both nodded in approval.
Seiji: So let’s go.
Dee: You got it. (Jumps to the trees)
Tarui and Kamui followed close by him. Team 5 followed behind those two, keeping a safe distance.
Hayate: Are you sure we can trust these guys?
Seiji: I think they are okay. We just met them but I can see them as allies.
Yugito: So can i. But we need to stay on guard at all times. We can’t fully trust them yet. And I’m not looking to lose any of my friends out here.

~End Theme