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Garzell Tensei's Files
Everything I write that I feel is worth reading, I post here!
Yugito Akkipuden Episode 1: Resealing
WARNING: All Jutsu’s are in Japanese with the English Version in parenthesis.

It’s quiet in the Leaf Village right now. It’s night and it’s a full moon. Lord Hokage just returned to check on things in the village. He was previously at the Sunagakure with Kazekage Gaara leading their army. Naruto was in the Hokage’s Mansion with Shikamaru trying to create some new strategies to end the war quicker. While Naruto is writing on a scroll, Shikamaru is speaking his plan aloud.
Shikamaru: If we can get Darui-sama’s Shinobi into the Mist Village territory again, we can assassinate the Mizukage and put a large crack in the enemies plan.
Naruto: They were once our ally. After me and old man Bee defeated Obito and Madara, the Five Kage signed a Treaty and we were all finally united as one. I’d like to end this war without any more bloodshed, but what the Kirigakure (Mist Village) did to my family is unforgivable.
Sakura then walks in. Her hair is a little bit longer than in Shippuden, and she is not wearing her headband.
Sakura: Naruto-sama!
Naruto: What’s wrong Sakura-chan?
Sakura: We’ve just received word from Lord Kazekage. He’s sending reinforcements to the Konoha because he believes the Iwagakure are setting up–
Naruto suddenly started coughed severely hard into his fist. He dropped to the floor on his hands and knees.
Shikamaru and Sakura: Naruto!
Shikamaru and Sakura immediately ran to his aid. Shikamaru went to put his hands on his shoulders.
Sakura: Don’t touch him! Something isn’t right Shikamaru-kun.
Naruto began coughing hard to where he began to spit up blood with every cough.
Shikamaru: Naruto, what’s wrong?!
Naruto (Whips mouth): I don’t know. My stomach– *aggressive cough*
Sakura: Naruto-kun! Lay down!
He rolled over to his back and was holding his stomach tightly. He coughed again and blood began to run from his mouth to his ear lobes.
Shikamaru: This isn’t looking good, Sakura-chan.
She put her hands over Naruto’s stomach and a green glove came from her hands. Her eyes suddenly grew wide and she lightly flinched back.
Shikamaru: Is there something in his stomach causing the blood?
Sakura: Oh no… (Thinking: Kurama… I can sense activity.) Shikamaru! Back away!
Naruto: Ahh! Ahhhh! (Began squirming around)
Shikamaru: Is it the Kyubi?
Sakura: Shikamaru-kun, restrain him!
He did the “Rat” hand seal and caught Naruto in a Kagemane no Jutsu (Shadow Paralysis Jutsu).
Sakura: I think Kurama is trying to escape.
Shikamaru’s facial expression changed dramatically. From a look of concern to a look of terror.
Sakura (Calling out): Kiba-san!
Kiba came into the office with Akamaru.
Kiba: What’s wrong?
Sakura: Send word out to the village! Evacuate everyone and make haste to the Sunagakure.
Kiba: Yes, ma’am! (He noticed Naruto on the floor.) What’s wrong with Naruto-sama?
Sakura: It’s the Kyuubi. Something’s happening and we don’t know what. If Kurama is released into the village, we don’t want anyone hurt!
Shikamaru: We should keep a safe distance from Lord Hokage if that’s the case!
Sakura: As Lord Hokage’s advisors, we cannot leave his side at a time like this!
Kiba: I’ll go spread the word! (Akamaru barks)
Naruto: Ahhhhh! Get away from me Sakura! Shikamaru! Go, now!
Sakura: Naruto-sama!

~Inside of Naruto’s belly, at the Sealed Gate holding back Kurama.
The Seal on the gate began spinning and the sound of it woke up Kurama.
Kurama: Hm? The gate is unlocking itself? What’s got Naruto all riled up?
Just then, the Kyuubi froze. He closed his eyes for a brief moment. His eyes flashed open and he had Sharingan eyes. Kurama let out a roar that would send trembles through any human on the planet.

~Hokage’s Mansion, Office
Naruto’s force broke Shikamaru’s Kagemane (Shadow Paralysis). Sakura lifted up his shirt to about mid-chest and the seal on Naruto’s belly was disappearing.
Sakura (thinking): I knew it! It is Kurama! He’s being released!
A red aura formed around Naruto as he continued to squirm around from the immense pain he was going through.
Sakura: Naruto! Try to calm down!
Naruto: It’s too late! I can feel Kurama! It’s like he’s ripping out of me!
Suddenly, Kurama red charka flowed from Naruto’s belly. The more that came out, the more it formed into Kurama’s Fox shape. About a 3rd of Kurama’s chakra came out and crashed through the Hokage Mansion’s wall, leading to the rest of the village. The Kyuubi began to form it’s fleshy muscle mass and eventually the Fox’s fur started to show.
The Kyuubi was completely out of Naruto’s body and stood in front of the Hokage’s Mansion facing the rest of the village.

~Unknown silhouette in an unknown location
The silhouette is doing the Seal of Confrontation and has its head lowered.
??? (semi-deep voice): Go, Kurama! Show then why you are the Nine-Tailed Beast!

~Back at the Hokage’s Mansion
Kurama lets out a battle cry and began smashing houses and anything in his path.

~Yugito Theme Plays: Totsugeki Rock

~Konohagakure, Evening
He was stomping on innocent villagers and children.
Villager 1: It’s the Nine-Tails! He’s returned!
Villager 2: Run! Go!
Villager 3: We need to evacuate!
Sakura grabbed Naruto’s arm and put it around her shoulder to carry him.
Shikamaru: Take Naruto-sama away to someplace safe and use your Medical Ninjutsu on him. He needs it. Kiba-san, alert all available ninja and engage the Kyuubi.
Kiba nodded. He left and Akamaru followed.
Shikamaru: I’ll get Ino to help me contact the Sunagakure and Kumogakure.
Sakura: Roger.
She jumped up and punched a gaping hole in the ceiling. Sakura grabbed Naruto’s arm and put it around her shoulder to carry him.
In the village, Kurama was still rampaging. Kiba and Akamaru ran into Sai and Rock Lee.
Kiba: Lee-san! Sai-san! Direct orders from Lord Hokage’s primary advisor. Engage the Kyuubi. Gather all available Shinobi and Kunoichi. Attack it with the intent to kill. We have to stop Kurama.
Lee: Roger!
Sai: Tenten and Shino are already working on finding Shinobi and Kunoichi to fight.
Kiba: Good! Let’s go, Akamaru!
Kiba jumped to a rooftop with Akamaru and noticed ninja already engaging Kurama, firing jutsu at him, ninja tools, striking him directly in surprise, which seemed to irritate him. He saw his younger brother, Akimitsu, and his dog, Namihiko, fighting alongside Kiba’s daughter, Izumi and other members of the Inuzuka Clan.
Kiba: Inuzuka Clan!
The all looked at him.
Kiba: Let’s go!
All their dogs howled. Everyone in the Inuzuka clan got a running start and began spinning at high velocity towards Kurama.
Kiba: Yahoo! Gatsuuga! (Fang Over Fang!)
Every able Inuzuka member performed the Gatsuuga on Kurama, causing him to stumble back. Everyone landed back on the rooftops.
Akimitsu: We managed to wound him!
Kiba saw and smelled Kurama’s blood. It was coming from a gash left by one of their clan members.
Kiba: It seems only strong team jutsu’s will work on him! Individual Techniques will do minimal damage. Keep working as a team, and don’t give in for a second!
Yugito Uzumaki, Naruto’s daughter, and a few of her classmates made their way to Kurama.
Yugito: So this is the Kyuubi… He’s larger than I imagined.
Han Lee: Nothing a little Taijutsu can’t fix!
Shinra Nara: I’m not too sure about that Lee. Kurama is a Bijuu (Tailed-Beast). I doubt simple Taijutsu techniques will damage him.
Han Lee: If the Inuzuka clan can damage him, then so can I!
Rock Lee: That’s the spirit, Lee!
Seiji Yuhi: Bushy Brow sensei!
Han Lee: Father!
Rock Lee: Let us show this fox what the Konoha’s handsome devils can do! (Thumbs up to Han Lee)
Han Lee gave Rock Lee a thumbs up.
Rock Lee: Join me son!
Han Lee: At once!!
Rock Lee & Han Lee: The power of youth! (They both crossed their arms at the forearm then threw them down simultaneously.) Hachimon, release! (Eight Inner Gates)
They both got a green aura around their bodies. The ground began to crack and crumble beneath their feet. Rocks and pebbles began floating around them.
Rock Lee: Only goto the Gate of Joy (6th Gate). We don’t want to burn ourselves out too early!
Han Lee: Yes, sir!! Haaaa!
Lee and Han Lee’s skin tone turned red from increased blood flowing through their bodies.
Han and Rock Lee: Sixth Gate, open!! Gate of Joy!
Rock Lee: Join me, Lee! (Dashes at Kurama)
Han Lee: I am right behind you! (Dashes after him)
The two appear in front of Kurama’s face.
Rock Lee: In unison!
Han and Rock Lee (calling out in unison): Asa Kujaku!!! (Morning Peacock)
They punched Kurama 100 times each at superhuman speeds. He flinched back, but roared in Han Lee and Rock Lee’s faces, forcing them back. They landed and slid back towards Yugito and the others.
Han Lee: He just took 200 powerful punches to the face and all he did was roar in our faces… He’s one tough nut to crack!
Rock Lee: Lee-san!
Han Lee: Yes, sensei!
Rock Lee: You fell behind! On our 82nd hit, you were off by 0.003 milliseconds! We were not in full unison!
Han Lee: My apologies! I will improve!
Rock Lee: Let’s try it again!
Yugito: Whoa! Hey! (Cutting them off) You’re going to kill yourselves if you overdo the Eight Gates. You know that Bushy Brow sensei.
Rock Lee: Yeah, but–
Hayate: You shouldn’t overdo it, Lee sensei.
Everyone looked back and Hayate was walking towards them.
Yugito: Hayate-kun!
Hayate Haruno: I’ll hit him with my Fire Release.
Yugito: And I’ll hit him with my Wind Release!
Seiji: I’ll join in and strike him with my Lightning Release.
Hayate: Three at once? Let’s do it!
The three jump to the rooftops.
Hayate (thinking, while doing the hand seals): Horse, snake, tiger, monkey, boar, horse, tiger!
Yugito (thinking, while doing the hand seals): Tiger, hare, dog, ram, dragon!
Seiji (thinking, while doing the hand seals): Hare, dog, boar, ram, rat!
Hayate (same time as others): Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu! (Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu!)
Yugito (same time as others): Fūton: Kazekiri no Jutsu! (Wind Style: Wind Blade Jutsu!)
Seiji (same time as others): Raiton: Kangekiha! (Lightning Style: Wave of Inspiration!)
All three attacks make a rather large explosion and create a thick layer of smoke on the fox.
Seiji: Direct hit!
Hayate: Hell yeah! Good job guys!
Yugito got a smile on her face. But her facial expression suddenly changed.
Through the smoke, Kurama roared at Yugito, Hayate and Seiji. The three dodge it and Kurama destroys the house they were standing on. They jump back near Bushy Brow sensei.
Shinra: No way! Those three attacks together and not even a scratch?!
Shinobi 1: Where’s Lord Hokage?!
Yugito (thinking): Damn! All of our attacks and it barely did a thing! (Looks to the Inuzuka clan. The look physically exhausted.) The Inuzuka clan can’t keep doing the Gatsuuga, it burns them out to quickly. Dad… where are you…
Shinobi 2: Look! On the Hokage Monument!
Kunoichi 1: There he is!
Everyone looked to the Hokage Monument and saw Naruto standing on Hiruzen Sarutobi’s head with his arms crossed. He had entered Sage Mode in preparation to fight Kurama. He was wearing a short-sleeved long orange coat over his normal attire, decorated by black, flame-like motifs on the edges. He had the upper portion of the coat held together by a thin rope.
Yugito: Dad!

Commercial Break

Naruto was standing on Hiruzen Sarutobi’s head on the Hokage Monument. Kurama looked to the Monument and prepared a Tailed-Beast Ball. Naruto’s eyes grew wide.
Naruto: Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! (Shadow Clone Jutsu!)
He did the clone seal hand sign and two shadow clones appeared right above Kurama’s head.
Yugito (thinking): He can summon shadow clones a great distance from his body?! Amazing…
One clone began forming a blue orb in the other clones right hand.
Naruto Clone: Rasengan!
The clone rained down the Rasengan on top of Kurama’s head, which expanded when the clone put pressure on it. When it expanded to a certain point, the Rasengan imploded Kurama into the ground, cracking the earth’s crust. When the smoke cleared everyone saw the Kurama was still on the ground.
Kiba: sh*t! He brought down the Kyuubi with just a shadow clone!
Akimitsu: Incredible!
Kunoichi: Thank you, Lord Hokage!
Everyone joined the Kunoichi in thanking Naruto for saving them. Still on Hiruzen’s head, Naruto gave a smile and scratched the back of his head.
Yugito (thinking, while smiling at him): Way to go, Dad!
Then, Kurama began to get back up and everyone quieted.
Rock Lee: We celebrated too early! The Kyuubi is still mobile!
Hayate: Dammit!
Naruto jumped from the Hokage Monument, onto a rooftop. He began dashing for Kurama.
Sakura: Give Naruto-sama cover fire!
Everyone began attacking the Kyuubi once again. Naruto jumped from a rooftop into the air above Kurama. He did the “Bird” hand seal and two red massive interlocking Torii Seals the slammed down onto Kurama’s neck and mid-back. He landed on the Kyuubi’s head and placed his hand gently on him. A black symbol came from Naruto’s hand and imprinted onto Kurama’s fur. Naruto then closed his eye to concentrate.

~In Kurama’s brain
Naruto: Kyuubi, what’s wrong with you? How did you escape my body?
Kurama: I don’t know, but I’m not in control of my actions. It feels like someone is using me as a puppet. I have an idea of who it could be.
Naruto: Who?
Kurama: When you just turned 24, remember when you fought Sasuke Uchiha for the last time?
Naruto nodded.
Kurama: Well, while I’ve been being controlled, I’ve been thinking of several possibilities. Towards the end of the fight, Sasuke hit you will a Chidori and you grabbed him by the throat. He kicked you in the chin and you released him. Now remember, this is just a theory, but when he dashed behind you, he hit you twice. Not once.
Naruto: Twice? I remember him kicking me once in the back and sent me across the water.
Kurama: Being a part of you, I can feel the slightest things you cannot. He barely touched the center of your back with what seemed to be an open palm. I thought nothing of it at the time, but it seems like he may have put a seal breaker on your back.
Naruto: What? A seal breaker? If that’s the case, why didn’t it release you right then and there?
Kurama: Special types of seal breakers have timers. It seems that he put a seal breaker on you that had an almost 20 year long expiration date. Since you’re 43, I guess the seal breaker finally activated and I was released from your body. It’s a shame really, I was just starting to like you.
Naruto: Kurama, what’s the possibility that Sasuke is still alive?
Kurama: Extremely low.
Naruto: What are the chances that he’d try to start up the Akatsuki again if he were alive?
Kurama: Extremely high.
Naruto looked down.
Kurama: Naruto. Don’t worry about that now. Focus on stopping my body and saving your village.
Naruto looked Kurama in the eyes and nodded.
Naruto: Thank you, Kyuubi.
Kurama: For?
Naruto: For being with me all this time.
Kurama smiled and closed his eyes.
Naruto closed his eyes and focused.

~Konohagakure, Evening, Kurama’s Attack

Naruto slid down the Kyuubi’s fur and went to the center of his chest. He placed his hand on Kurama’s chest and a different black symbol came from his hand. The Kyuubi closed his eyes. And when he opened them, they were his regular fox eyes.
Shinobi 1: I think Lord Hokage has done it!
Shinobi 2: We don’t know yet. This could be a fluke.
Shinobi 1: Are you doubting Hokage-sama?!
Shinobi 2: No! I just–
Sakura: Shh! Quiet down.
Naruto: Kurama, are you okay?
Kurama looked around and roared to the skies. Naruto jumped from Kurama to another rooftop. He went back to destroying the village.
Naruto: Kyuubi! Hey, Kurama! Stop!
He seemingly didn’t hear a word Naruto said.
Naruto (thinking): I don’t get it. I cut off whoever was controlling him… and he went back to destroying the village as if nothing had happened. Or maybe he lost his memory somehow… Dammit…
Naruto leaped into the air.
Sai: Cover Lord Hokage once more!
Everyone began distracting Kurama.
Naruto: Tajū Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! (Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu)
Naruto made 50 shadow clones.
Yugito: There are so many!
Naruto and the other clones held their hands out. The extra clones began forming Rasengan’s in each of their hands. Once the Rasengan was made in all of the clones hands, the extra clones puffed away. Naruto now had a Rasengan in hand, and the other clones behind him with Rasengan’s ready.
Naruto: Everyone get back!
Kiba: You heard him! Retreat!
Naruto saw that everyone left. Now was the time to end this.
Naruto: Let’s see if you remember this! (Nods to a shadow clone he secretly made behind Kurama)
The cloned nodded back and jumped up, latching onto Kurama’s 5th tail. The clone swung the tail over his shoulder, bringing Kurama over his shoulder and onto trees which created a giant dust cloud. When the dust cleared a little, the clone puffed away and Kurama began to sit up.
Naruto: Now! Senpō: Chōōdama Rasen Tarengan! (Sage Art: Massive Rasengan Mega Barrage!)
A massive blue explosion erupts and destroys several trees and unintentionally knocking down a few houses. Once the blue mist left from that many Rasengan at one time cleared, Shikamaru, his son, Shinra, and his clansmen all rushed forward.
Shikamaru: Nara clan! Restrain the Kyuubi! Kage–Kubishibari no Jutsu! (Ninja Art: Shadow Strangle Jutsu!)
He along with every able bodied Nara clansmen restrained Kurama with their Ninja Art. Naruto stood before Kurama. Yugito, along with Hayate and Han Lee, approached him.
Naruto: Yugito! Are you alright?
Yugito: Yes, dad. I’m okay. I need to talk to you.
Naruto: This is kinda the wrong time for a conversation.
Yugito: No, it pertains to this situation you’re in. Now is the perfect time for a new Jinchuriki.
Naruto, Han Lee, and Hayate: What?!
Yugito: Dad, I hate to say this, but your 43 years old. How much longer do you think you can be the Kyuubi’s host? Plus, who else can seal him after you die? There are no other Uzumaki’s out their except for me, you, and Lady Karin. But she’s a sensor type with no Fūinjutsu (Sealing Techinques).
Naruto: Yugito, I know where this is going! I’m not sealing Kurama inside of my own daughter!
Yugito: Dad!
Naruto: No! Do you know how bad I had it growing up? No parents, the first best friend I’ve ever had left the village, and no one cared about me until I saved the village from Nagato! I will not put the burden of being a Jinchuriki on you! We already lost you mother! Do you want to lose me too?!
Yugito: Look at you! You’ve been a Jinchuriki since birth and you’re the Hokage! Adored by thousands across the globe! You may have been resented as a child but look at you now! One of the strongest Shinobi who’ve ever lived! You’re a hero dad, and putting the Kyuubi back inside of yourself would be impossible because I’m sure his chakra is way too much for a human to handle! Please dad! I’m willing to do whatever it takes to protect this village. And I know you are too.
Naruto looked down with his eyes filling up with tears. Suddenly, he felt another person hugging him. It was Yugito.
Yugito: I love you, dad.
Naruto: I love you too, kiddo.
Just then, someone else came up to him and hugged him from his right side.
Naruto: Sakura-chan?
Sakura: Naruto-kun, do what is right for the village. Even if it means…
Naruto: I know what I have to do now… To be sure that this village can remain safe.
Two more people came from two different sides and joined the group hug. It was Ino and Kiba. Another three people joined in the hugging. It was Shino, Rock Lee and Tenten. Then Sai and Choji joined in.
Naruto: Thank you… everyone… Especially you, Yugito. For keeping me focused after your mother passed. And you too, Sakura. You’ve been there for me and keeping me in line since we were Genin. I really appreciate you being there. (Thinking: And thank you Hinata… for always believing in me.)
Shikamaru (straining): Naruto-sama! We… can’t hold him down… much longer!
Naruto: Everyone, please stand back.
Everyone backed away.
Naruto closed his eyes and did these hand signs in order; Snake, Boar, Ram, Hare, Dog, Rat, Bird, Horse, Snake, and he clapped his hands together.
Naruto: Shiki Fūjin! (Sealing Jutsu: Reaper Death Seal!)
The Shinigami appeared and hovered behind
Yugito: What?! Why the Shiki Fūjin?!
Naruto: This is the only Fūinjutsu I managed to perfect, therefore it is guaranteed to work.
Yugito: But! You’ll–
Naruto: I know what’ll happen. (He does the Seal of Confrontation and a ceremonial altar appears.) Yugito, lay on the altar.
She walks to the altar as if she was walking to her death. Once she lays on the altar, Naruto nods once at her. Hayate followed her to the altar and put his hands on her shoulders to hold her down just in case.
Naruto continues on and his soul is partially separated and restrained by the Shinigami’s hair. The Shinigami then reaches through him to Kurama, pulling a large portion of the Kyuubi’s chakra out and dragging it into Naruto. He then clapped his hands together as blood leaked from both sides of his mouth.
Naruto: Hakke no Fūin Shiki. (Eight Trigrams Sealing Style)
He then sealed the remains of the Kyuubi inside of Yugito, which then knocked her unconscious.
Hayate: Yugito!
Naruto (breathing slower): No, Hayate… That’s normal.
Hayate looked at Yugito with great concern.
Naruto (thinking): Boar, dog, bird, monkey, ram. (Aloud) Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Gerotora (Summoning Jutsu: Gerotora)!
Gerotora, the toad from Mount Myōboku, appeared before everyone.
Gerotora (extreme concern): Ah! Naruto-sama! Are you alright?!
Naruto: I’m fine, Gerotora. I need you to hold on to something for me.
Gerotora: Yes! Anything! What is it?
Naruto: The key… to the Hakke no Fūin Shiki.
Gerotora: What is the seal for?
Naruto: My daughter. She’s Kurama’s… new host. He’s caused quite a mess around here, so… she offered to be his vessel.
Gerotora: And you let her?
Naruto smiled at Gerotora as his eyes got really heavy.
Naruto: Here. On this scroll… it’s the formula… to Yugito’s seal.
Gerotora walked to him and took it.
Naruto: Take care of it… Gerotora.
Gerotora: It is forever in my care. (Poofs away in a small cloud of light gray smoke)
Naruto: Sakura-chan.
Sakura: Yes, Naruto?
Naruto (whispering to Sakura): Watch over her… I trust you…
Sakura: Your wish is my command. After all, I still owe you one.
Naruto gives her a short chuckle, then collapses to the ground.
Rock Lee: Lord Naruto-sama! Get me a Medical Unit! Stat!
Sakura (soft voice): It’s no use Lee. There’s no bringing him back.
Naruto used the last of his strength to look at Yugito unconscious on the altar. Rain began to fall from the dark clouds that seemingly came out of nowhere.
Naruto (thinking): Please, take good care of yourself… I love you… Yugito…

~End Theme


~Garzell Tensei

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