Dont You Just Hate Falling In Love? Its Always The Same Process. You Become Friends With Someone. You Become Really Good Friends. You Start Liking Her. She Doesnt Like You That Way Because Your In The Friend Zone. Every Time, Well For Me. Its Just Life Sucks. I Just Hate Falling In Love. The Girl Ive Been Talking About (I Still Like Her) Well We Havent Been Talking For At Least A Month. Its Just She Thinks I Hate Her, But I Don't, Its Just Really Awkward, Shes Just The Girl Im Looking For (By Click Five LOL) She Just Has That One Thing That I Cant Get Off My Mind, I Think About Her All The Time, During Science I Was Thinking About Her The Whole Time, Well Thats All I Have To Say About Her. Oh And Also I Have Given Up My Gaming Career Starting Today, Its A Long Story On Why I Quit But I Will Still Be Doing These Journal Entries (Because People Actually Read These But You Guys/Girls Never Leave Feedback/Comments scream ) Oh And I Have A Little Song That Is Sad And Goes Really Well With This Journal Entrie But Brings A Tear To My Eye Every Time (All His Songs Give Me Tears T.T)

The Song Is By: Stevie Hoang - I Hate Falling In Love