Wow..... So This Friday My School Is Having A Valentine's Day School Dance (There Having It In March Because Of The Snow Days We've Been Having Last Month) And Im Friends Want Me To Go, They Said I Should Go, I Want To Go But The Thing Is, I Cant Dance...... (Yes I Know Very Sad) They Said Theres Are Obviously Going To Be Girls That Dont Have Dates, So They Thought Of The Plan Of Just Going And Asking The People Without Dance Partners And Just Dance, Im Not Looking Forward To This. I Want To Go But I Want To Go With The One I Love, (The One I Have Been Talking About In Every Entrie I've Done So Far) She Isnt Going Though And Plus My Other Friends Want To Go To The Movies But There Really Isnt Anything Good Out But The Last Exorcist Part II But Apparently The Movie Blows, It Got A Very Bad Rating And Apparently Wasnt Scary At All (The First One Wasnt Even Scary Either) So Its Going To Be A Tight Weekend, I Have To Choose Between The Two, I Want To Go To The Dance With One Of My Bestfriends But He Refuses To Go With His Girl, And I Was Like "Stop Being A b***h ;D" But Of Course He Still Didnt Want To Go. -Sigh- Sad Life, I Know But Im Still Thinking About What To Do, I Might Just Go To The School Dance Who Knows