f*ck This sh*t, So Today Me And A Friend Were Walking Towards Dunkin Donuts To Get Some Hot Chocolate And Coffee (Because It Was Raining And Cold) When We Got There We Chilled For At Least An Hour, In That Hour, I Sniped Him (Take A Hilarious Picture Of Someone While They Look Like A Mess Or When They Do Funny sh*t) It Was A Good Snipe But Then He Caught Me With A Snipe That Just Ended My Career, It Was So Bad, It Was A Picture Of Me With My Coffee Next To My Mouth With My Mouth Open, It Just Made Me Wanna Quit Sniping, So We Made A Deal, No More Sniping........ Until Tomorrow (Because We Were Soaked And His Pants Turned Pink Because Of The Water) Were Having A Snipe War (Gonna Try To Snipe As Many People As I Can xD) And I Guess Until Tomorrow I'll Have Nothing From Now