So I've Been Sitting In Front Of My TV For About Five Hours, So Since 11 A.M. I've Been Here. In This Five Hours I've Been Downloading A Game Called Mass Effect 3 o-o I'm Really Depressed Because One, I Had To Buy This Game Again Mostly Because I Cant Access My Data On The Account I Originally Bought It On, Two This Game Takes Forever To Download, As You Probably Noticed, (It Still Isnt Finished, Its At 97% =.=) Three, I Have To Re - Download All The Mulitplayer Downloadable Content For The Game Too, Four After Its Done Downloading I Have To Install The Game And Five I Cant Play Games On The Playstation While The Game Is Downloading =.=. So All I've Been Doing These Five Hours Was Play Zomg, Listen And Sing To Music, Facebook, Tumblr, And Play Games On My iPhone. Can This Day Get Anymore Slower. Someone Amuse Me Please c: