So Today There Was A Tennis Meeting. I Went Because My Friends Told Me To Go (I Didnt Know Until They Told Me) And Wow Tennis Is A Lot Harder To Play. On TV They Make Seem So Easy Will All The Grunting And Smacking. But Anyways I BLOW In Tennis. I Played, Got My a** Handed To Me. But Im Slowly Getting Better. I Could Serve Great, I Have A MEAN Back Hand, And My Fore Hand Is Ok, The Only Part I Have A Hard Time Doing Is Hitting The Ball At The Right Moment. This Has ******** Me Over So Many Times, But When They Do Hit, The Ball Goes Flying (ACE Just Kidding) And Another Thing Is Hitting The Ball When It Goes Farther Then I Expect. This Has Also ******** Me Up Because I Think The Ball Is Gonna Bounce Low, But I Was Wrong. I Played For About 3 Hours Today, Little Progress But Ill Get Better Soon. Tomorrow Im Playing Again Hopefully I Could Land My Hits.