Hope you all had a good Tuesday. Mine was pretty good. Some of my friends and I went to a Mathletes competition to represent our school (we're nerds, but at least we're proud of it), and we placed second out of seven schools. Not bad, not bad. Especially since we got to miss school, and other than the quick four-question, twenty-minute test we took, we were free to walk around downtown, grab something to eat, and stop in at a bookstore to buy new reading material.

Anyway, I realized I never included a final message to Lamia in my journal. Even though I posted in the thread honoring her memory and added a comment on her profile, I'd still like to say something here.

I didn't know Lamia for long, but she was one of the first friends I made in the WGs. I posted under her in "Would you hire the AAY as a fashion consultant?", and I said something like, "Her style's way too dark and dramatic. You'd try and dress me in all dark colors, wouldn't you?"

She tipped my post, and we started to tease each other for having different fashion senses with our avatars (she liked dark and dramatic outfits, I prefer light and more casual clothes). When I finally got my first avi done, she sent me a PM saying she loved it, much to my surprise, and then we started exchanging tips.

I know a lot of you probably knew her better than I did, and her family and friends in real life are no doubt grieving the most of any of us. But I miss Lamia. I wish I'd gotten to know her better.

I think I'll finish the update in another entry. It feels almost wrong to continue it here.