(See what I did in the title?)

Good morning, Gaia. Or maybe late night, depending on your time zone. I suppose it's possible for it to be sometime in the afternoon as well...

Anyway, 'tis morning here, so I have a right to express my greeting as "good morning".

You know how the past couple posts I've been trying to decide what to be for Halloween on Gaia? I think I figured it out. I'm gonna turn my avatar into a hipster. Big black square-framed glasses, hair in a scarf/bandanna (I'm sure there are a few items that could work), a vintage dress, fishnets, and bright-colored sneakers.

Wouldn't that be cute? I might even dress up for IRL Halloween 'cause I'm getting so excited now!

My birthday's on October 17th, by the way! It would be awesome if you could drop by on my profile and post "Happy Birthday" or something to that effect. I'll be turning 15. I'm not Mexican IRL or on Gaia, but it might be fun to have one of those big quinceanera (my computer won't let me use tildes, but there's supposed to be one over the second "n" wink celebrations.