Why am I naked? I mean, I have that Achievement if I'm an Exhibitionist in my title!

I blame it all on the new Achievements. People are willing to help you out in the Achievements forum, but it's just bad manners to not lend them a hand in return.

Random realization: people are super-nice in the Achievements forum, complete douchebags in the Gaia Exchange, and just about average everywhere else.

I'm having fun playing with the new Achievement titles. I mean, is there a cooler adjective to call yourself than "swashbuckling"? And "wench" is tempting as well. And let's not forget "Firestarter", either!

...Yeah, I'm having a lot of fun. Over messing with achievement titles. That's sort of pathetic, if you think about it. Of all the ways to have a blast on Gaia...

Of course, let's not forget the Gaia WG forum, either! blaugh I still feel like a noob there in a way, but it's more because of the short length of time I've been posting there than the way anyone's been treating me. So that's really nice.

I think I'll just let my achievement thread fizzle out. It was a nice start, but I'd rather earn some of those achievements naturally, you know? I tip and get tipped pretty frequently, after all.

I'm saving up! Not for anything in particular (well, okay, maybe the S-Pop Club headphones I wanted for my avi, but that's not my main goal), but it's nice to have some spare change in my pockets. And I want to dress Cairo up for Halloween, too, although no ideas stand out to me right now.

Hmm. Suggestions, anyone?