(I could use something to occupy my mind right about now, and what better way to do so than with baby animals?)

As you may be aware, my beloved pet skunk Chicago got pregnant a couple months ago (due to my losing a bet, actually... but then again, I first became attached to her through losing a bet, so it all balances out, right?). I didn't know who the father was, although I had a couple theories.

Oddly enough, the litter (there were five baby skunks) appear to be normal skunks, as opposed to a cat-skunk mix. As far as I know, I'm the only one with a pet skunk around here, so that kinda concerns me. sweatdrop

Anyway, there were three girls and two boys, so there's a pretty good gender balance. Here's the quick run-down:

Skunkling (that's what I'm calling them) 1: Qyra, based off a suggestion by Qyzar
Gender: female
Quick Personality: She's kind of a troublemaker. She likes nosing around where she shouldn't be.

Skunkling 2: Romeo
Gender: male
Quick Personality: He's somewhat vain, always trying to groom himself like a cat. He isn't much of a cuddler, but he doesn't mind the occasional moment of attention.

Skunkling 3: Cammie
Gender: female
Quick Personality: She's shy and timid around people she doesn't know that well, but she's sweet.

Skunkling 4: Mo (short for Maureen, but who names a skunk Maureen?)
Gender: female
Quick Personality: She's more playful, following the lead of her sister Qyra but thankfully not being quite as agile and thus not as able to sneak into certain places, such as the kitchen pantry. stare

Skunkling 5: Luke (he's the runt)
Gender: male
Quick Personality: He loves attention, cuddling, and pretty much all people. Unfortunately, he's not the brightest and needs a lot of looking after.

I might delve deeper into personalities later. For now, I just need something to satisfy me and make me feel like I haven't been completely neglecting this whole project.