(After Kef commented on my previous entry, I realized I had fallen severely behind in my journal writing. Solution: write a new entry.)

Erm. I wish I could say that the delay was worth it, but this entry will probably be as crappy as the rest of them. Y'know, I just don't have an interesting life.

Anyway, all's good on this end. I have to give a History presentation where I plan to wear a beard for historical accuracy. I'm being Ivan the Great/Terrible. xd

Tezi, my Serperior, is becoming quite the ferocious beast on Pokemon White 2. I'm actually proud of all my team members. Mirshaa, my Cinccino, is awesome. I like Dis too; he's my Braviary. Then there's Elrom the Lucario, Flavee the Arcanine, and Zoroark (whom I sadly could not name since I acquired him through a trade).

So yeah. I've got a good team goin' on.

I recently spent over 400k (in Gold here on Gaia, lest you be alarmed) on a shopping spree when I realized just how heartbreakingly sparse my wardrobe was. Good thing I'm not as careless with my money IRL. But I'm rebounding from that thanks to Booty Grab, lurking the Aquarium forum. Might be a bit slow, but I'm no good at begging, and I can't draw for the life of me, so an art shop is out of the question. I need some way to bring in the income.

As to my brother becoming taller than me, I'm actually getting better. Not 'cause I found platforms or heels, but just because I can settle with him getting the height when I got the good looks. wink

(Nah, just kidding. I mean, I don't think I'm ugly or anything, but I'm definitely not model-gorgeous. And my bro isn't majorly ugly, either. No physical deformities for either of us.)

My cat is fond of my electric blanket, which I brought out for the colder months. He is also fond of sitting on my lap at inconvenient times. But I love him anyway. xd

Well, that's about it for now. Hopefully I can remember to write more frequently in my journal.