~~Angel Island~~
[There is a long moment of silence between everybody... Until Derrick finally decides to take initiative.]
Derrick: Listen, I know this is slightly a traumatic moment for you Tails, and I realize that confusion has risen throughout our group, but we still have a priority here. We must protect the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald...
Knuckles: What? [Approaches Derrick.] Are you saying that I'm not enough? I'll ask you to stay out of my business.
Tails: So the news hasn't reached you yet, Knuckles?
Knuckles: News? What news?
Tails: The reason Sonic and I are like this! The reason for these new faces to you Knuckles!
Knuckles: [Having his attention caught, he places his fists on his hips.] ...I'm listening...
Tails: An evil, merciless person known as Mewtwo has come to this world from another to steal the power this world possesses.,, He's unlike anyone we've ever faced before... He... beat Sonic... And he turned us into these creatures, known as Pokemon.
Knuckles: So, what you're saying is that some bad guy has come here from another world to turn everyone into creatures and steal the power of the world?
Tails: [Sorrowful.] ...There's a skeptical tone in your voice... Knuckles, I'm telling the truth!
Knuckles: ...[Closes his eyes.] ...
Derrick: He truly is...
[Mew, who has been a bystander for a short time, decides to join the effort to persuade Knuckles.]
Mew: Everything Tails says is true... I know for a fact because I, too, am from the world of Pokémon, just as Mewtwo is.
Knuckles: [Opens his eyes, glancing at Mew.] ... Tails...?
Tails: Y...Yeah?
Knuckles: Did you said the name "Chris" a moment ago...?
Tails: [Nods.] Uh-huh... Oh... Knuckles, I forgot. You are the only other one who knows Chris...
Knuckles: Chris brought some sort of worldly collision here... Whatever's going on now must mean he's here.
Tails: He is... He's right here. [Turns to Celebi.]
Knuckles: [Looks at Chris.] I guess this Mewtwo changed him also?
Celebi: [Still standing next to Uhalo.] (Did... did Naught erase my memory of that name? I... I can't remember who Chris is anymore... Whenever I hear the name, it's like I'm hearing a foreign word...)
Uhalo: I thought you were Celebi. Aren't you?
Celebi: Yeah... Tails, what're you talking about?
Tails: Urk... Nevermind. It's too much trouble.
Knuckles: So he and Sonic both lost their memories of being themselves.
Mew: It would seem...
Celebi: Hold up... I remember everything clearly. I just don't get this whole portion about this Chris guy.
Tails: I wonder if Cruce would know anything about this?
Mew: Good point.
Knuckles: Cruce? More friends, huh?
Tails: Cruce is a strange figure that I think appeared on the Pokémon World... He and C-Celebi get along, but... he's probably still out cold...
[Suddenly, out of nowhere, a shadowy figure appears... It is a Nightmare with bright yellow eyes. It appears right behind Knuckles.]
Derrick: Hm?! Knuckles, behind you!!
Knuckles: [Spins around, and looks up.] What!?! [The Nightmare has conjured the same axe in its hands from earlier. Just as it swings, Knuckles leaps back, barely avoiding the swing. The axe crashes to the ground.] What is that!?
Celebi: A Nightmare! Everyone, look out!
Tails: This one's eyes are yellow... [Hopping back with the others.]
[The Nightmare approaches Uhalo.]
Uhalo: [Afraid, unthinking.] Huh?! Wh-what? Where do I go!?
Tails: Son--erm, Uhalo!! Look out!
Uhalo: Waahhh!!! [Covers his face just as the Nightmare readies another swing.]
Tails: [Gains a spark of confidence. He charges the Nightmare.]
Mew: Tails!!
Tails: Stay away from him!! Hiyyaaa! [Runs full speed, electricity sparking around him. He tackles the Nightmare in an explosion of yellow lightning, which completely obliterates the shady demon...]
Uhalo: [...Still covering his face... He decides to peek out through his arms.] Huh...?
Knuckles: ...When did...? [Turns to Derrick.] How did he...?
Derrick: I've never... known...
Celebi: (Tails being the hero for Sonic... It's a twist... This world's already been altered...)
Uhalo: You... You saved me...? [Stares at Tails.]
Tails: [Sighs in relief... He turns to Uhalo.] Yep. Nothing to worry about anymore!
[Uhalo remains silent for a seemingly long moment as if something were going on in his head.]
Uhalo: [Outloud, in his own words.] ...Thank you, Tails.
Tails: Sur--wait!! You remember me now?
Uhalo: Of course. I could never forget my best friend who always stuck by my side. Tails, I couldn't forget you no matter what happened.
Tails: [Smiles, nearly emotional.] ...S...Sonic...
Uhalo: But... Really, who is S-Sonic?
Tails: [Laughs a bit.] I guess it'll take some time.
Celebi: (A Nightmare... up here...? That must mean that Mewtwo's near... Or Eggman... Someone knows where we are, and where one is, more are bound to appear... Yes... I can feel it... Someone's near.) Guys, there's something wrong...
Derrick: What is it?
Celebi: That Nightmare... we faced two like it at Green Hill... It can't just be a coincidence Naught would send a few Nightmares completely vulnerable to us, no matter where we are. The first time, it told us that Mewtwo was near... Now this time...
???: [From somewhat of a distance.] Oh-hohoho!
Knuckles: Huh? Grr, I know that laugh anywhere... [Searches for the source of the laughter. He locates Dr. Eggman in a small aircraft designed for speed. The Egg Hornet.] Eggman... What're you doing here!?
Dr. Eggman: [Chuckling with his words.] It looks like there are some new faces, and some pesky old ones. [Notices Uhalo, staring back at him.] Mua-hahaha! Mewtwo was right! That hedgehog has been taken care of now! Awww, what's wrong? You don't look so confident now!
Tails: [Whispering.] No... [Out loud.] You planned this all along!!
Dr. Eggman: Well, you catch on fast, my furry friend.
Knuckles: I don't know what you're up to now, but if you don't leave within the next seven seconds, there'll be trouble for you! [Shakes his fist at Eggman.]
Derrick: [Points his wristwatch at Eggman. A small laser gun rises from within it.] You're outnumbered, and outmatched Dr..
Stream: 'Think you should just haul your sorry 'stache back the way you came!
Mew: We will stop you here!
Celebi: Dr. Eggman...
Dr. Eggman: [Notices Celebi.] Ah... How convenient. Maybe it's time to see if Naught was right about you... Celebi...
Celebi: Likewise... Naught chose you for a reason. You must have some trait he is looking for...
Dr. Eggman: I can't say for sure what he wants from me, or Mewtwo, but I know, oh yes, I know what he wants from you...
Celebi: He has told me also... Many things, in fact... And with those facts in mind... We may be working for the same master, but that does not change the fact that we are enemies.
Dr. Eggman: Agreed entirely. I will see to it that you and your "friends" are what Naught says...
Celebi: ...Friends...?
Dr. Eggman: Tails, you have been hiding a secret for far too long... Now that I know it, I will take advantage... I know about you as well, Mew...
Tails: Naught... told you?
Mew: This is bad, Tails! They know of our positions as Eclipses!
Celebi: (Even though I managed to give us means of transportation, Eggman still got here fast... ) ...Where's Mewtwo...?
Dr. Eggman: Hoho, that's something I cannot tell you! I'm sorry my friends, but this has been delayed for too long now! The Chaos Emeralds are mine! [Snaps his fingers.]
Knuckles: Not if I can help it! [Rushes to the top of the shrine, where Eggman's craft is hovering... However, just before he can reach his destination, a force field of Darkness repels him all the way off the shrine, landing flat on his back.] Agh!!
Tails: Mew!
Mew: [Turns to Tails and nods.]
[The two of them rush up to the shrine, stopping at the force field.]
Tails & Mew: Light, come to me! Awaken the power within my being!
Celebi: (Two Eclipses... working together... They've unleashed their inner power... So they must sense true Darkness here, in order to use this ability... Should I do something...?
[The two Eclipses, with their power, begin penetrating the shield. Nightmares inside have swiped the emeralds already and are preparing to leave.]
Tails: [Forcing himself against the force-field.] No!! We have to hurry!
Mew: [Doing the same.] Must... not quit!!
[The force-field breaks! But the Nightmares have vanished, and so have the Chaos Emeralds... The massive Master Emerald remains.]
Tails: No... We're too late!
[Eggman is still hovering above.]
Dr. Eggman: You didn't think I was finished did you?! That Master Emerald will belong to us!!
Knuckles: Never!!! [Leaps back into action. He dashes up the shrine.] Come what may to the Chaos Emeralds, I will never let anyone take the Master Emerald!!
Tails: You can't take it from us!! Not in our state of power!
Dr. Eggman: ...Then... The moment I have been waiting for... We fight for it!
Knuckles: Give it up!! You can't defeat us!!
Dr. Eggman: Oh, is that so? Mua-hahaha! ....................[Silent.]
Mew: What is he...?
Celebi: (He's... He's contacting Naught... The Dr. knows how to contact Naught... Must be the same for Mewtwo...) [Looks back at everyone else.] (No one else is willing to fight... They're scared... I can feel it... This is now a new evil... This isn't the same old Eggman... This is true Darkness... Knuckles is scared too, but he has enough courage to fight for something he has sworn to guard with his life.)
Tails: What are you up to, Dr....?
[Suddenly, a lone, wolf figure appears just behind the master emerald... His appearance is familiar to Chris...]
Stream: Who is that!? Is that Sengoku?!
Derrick: No, it's not possible...
Celebi: (I've seen this figure before... No way... It can't be...)
Ginsengaar: [Grinning.] Yes... Finally... The pandemonium is spreading to us... My first mission... in a while. [Looks up.] So, you're Dr. Eggman huh? And you want this puny gem?
Dr. Eggman: That's right.
Ginsengaar: Heh... This thing's got some power, I'll admit... Alright, it could be useful I guess. Lord Naught needs all of the power he can get. [Peeks around the Master Emerald. He raises an eyebrow.] Eclipses, eh? Two of 'em, from different worlds?
Tails: Who're you!?
Mew: How do you know about us?!
Celebi: ...(That's Ginsengaar! I have to warn them! With recent happenings, there's no way they can face up to him!) Guys!! Wait!!
[The two Eclipses turn around. This also catches Ginsengaar's attention.]
Ginsengaar: Hmm? [Peers up and sees Celebi.] You... Yes. [Jumps on top of the Master Emerald and uses it as an aerial boost to leap off of, and into the night sky, performing a front flip just before he lands. He reaches the ground right in front of Celebi, who is hovering near Derrick, Stream, and Uhalo.]
Celebi: Waah! [Jolts back, but before he can go any further, Ginsengaar grabs him by the arm.] Ahh! Let me go Ginsengaar!
Ginsengaar: [Holding Celebi tightly.] You aren't getting away from me... Lord Naught has ordered me to challenge you with ordeals, and that is what I'm going to do. [Uses his free hand to snap, and a force-field of dark energy surrounds the entire area in the moment of merely a few seconds. It has isolated Celebi from Derrick, Stream, and Uhalo. Mew, Tails, and Knuckles are inside. The radius of the barrier spans around the entire shrine. It is in the shape of a dome.]
Celebi: Let me go!!
Tails: Chris!! We have to help him!
Knuckles: You two, save him! I'll guard the Master Emerald!
Tails: ...Knuckles...
Knuckles: Hurry, go! I'll be fine!
Mew: Tails, let's make haste! Chris is in trouble!
[Tails nods, and the two rush to the aid of Celebi.]
Knuckles: [Faces the sky.] You won't get the Master Emerald!!
Dr. Eggman: Oh-hoho! If only you knew the forces you were dealing with... [A small laser cannon appears out of the bottom of the Egg Hornet. It's design is unique from the ship's, as if it were a last minute adjustment...] Time to put Mewtwo's energy to use!!
Knuckles: I'll tear you to pieces!! Hraa! [Leaps into the air after Eggman's aircraft. However, before he can reach the ship, it fires a dark beam of strange energy that pierces through Knuckles faster than a tenth of a split second.] Aghh!!! [He falls back to the ground with a strange light radiating from him.]
Dr. Eggman: Muahaha! What's the matter Knuckles? Not feeling like yourself! Oh-hohohohoho-hoohoo!
Knuckles: [Writhing in pain, covering the hit spot with his hand.] Erg, shut up... Eggman... Urk... Can't... move...
[A crane descends from the Egg Hornet, latching on to the Master Emerald and securing it for transportation.]
Tails: [Looks back.] Knuckles!! There's no way... [He is forced to stop at this.]
Mew: [Stops.] What!? Oh no!!
Ginsengaar: Ah-hahaha! You call that resistance!? ...Well, I guess it's time to test your power now... Think fast!! [Suddenly warps with Chris, and reappears in the air. He hurls Celebi to the ground, followed up with a rain of shuriken.]
Celebi: Ahh!!! [Concentrates back into a more submissive state. He regains his balance and flies out of harm's way. The shuriken pierce into the soft soil.] Phew...
Ginsengaar: [Lands back on the ground.] Quick, aren't you? Still not match for me!! [Unsheathes his two kunai, and dashes at Celebi, ready to strike.]
Celebi: Ahhh!!! [Shields his face.]
[It seems like the moment is fatal... Then, all of a sudden.]
Celebi: Stop!! [A flash of light... Then everything is still. No one is able to move. Time has frozen.] ...[Celebi unsheilds himself, noticing what has happened.] Huh...? Did I... Did I do this...? [Scans Ginsengaar, stopped right in front of him.] No way! I stopped time!... But... Naught said that I could travel through time, not stop it... (Maybe... I'm not traveling through time... I'm doing the opposite... Wait... Am I...? Am I even doing this...? I feel no concentration on anything.) What's going on...? [He looks around. Everyone is frozen in time...]
Mewtwo: Hmhmhmm...
Celebi: Wha!! That voice!! Mewtwo!!
Mewtwo: Correct... It is I, Mewtwo... How do you like my new ability?
Celebi: You did this!? How could you possibly...?
Mewtwo: The power of the Time Gear... It has allowed me to freeze time... You were able to resist that however, because of your "unique abilities" ... I have overlooked this, and saved you...
Celebi: ...Something tells me that you didn't overlook it... You knew, and you saved me anyway...
Mewtwo: Hmhmhmm... You seem clever... [Suddenly appears right in front of the two Eclipses. Celebi turns around.] Ginsengaar... Naught has informed me about him... Maybe I am intruding, or maybe I am assisting, I'll let these two decide from themselves... [The Time Gear, still floating beside Mewtwo, flashes a blinding light. Dr. Eggman and Ginsengaar resume in time. Ginsengaar manages to hit Celebi, but the blow has been altered, and Ginsengaar's fist has only hit Celebi. Nonetheless, Celebi is sent flying toward the force-field and makes a rough impact.]
Celebi: Ack!! [He falls to the ground, unable to fly.]
[It is at this moment that Eggman has begun to lift the Master Emerald.]
Ginsengaar: [Notices Mewtwo.] Where'd you come from...?
Mewtwo: The Darkness.
Ginsengaar: Hm, understood... Maybe this will even the odds...
Mewtwo: Are you certain? Is he really this strong?
Ginsengaar: In that current form, only Naught or Hideaki could know... But it doesn't matter if he's strong or not, he's... He's a diehard...
Celebi: [Shakes off the pain like it's nothing.] Grrr... Cheap tricks... Lucario was right...
Mewtwo: Let's see if Naught was... [Extends his arm, and a ball of dark energy is sent flying at Celebi.]
Celebi: [Evades with ease, performing and aerial somersault. Just after that energy ball, a multitude of others are shot at Celebi. He jolts around them, almost hit by few from time to time.]
Ginsengaar: [Vanishes, and reappears as doubles from each of Celebi. Both shout simultaneously.] Earth Glaive!! [They stomp their feet in unison, and a tremor begins. Large, jagged spikes of the earth burst upward from the ground like some sort of backwards dominoes. They close in on Celebi.]
[The earth has collapsed over Celebi...]
Ginsengaar: [His clone on one side vanishes.] Hm... Eggman!!
Dr. Eggman: [Having claimed the Master Emerald and observed the events below, he knows what he must do. The laser cannon charges a destructive version of Mewtwo's energy. It fires a purple beam, exploding as it hits the collapsed earth...]
[A large cloud of dust covers the result.]
Celebi: ...(Erg... No... This shouldn't be how it happens... I will not fall behind!!) [Disappears in a flash.]
[Celebi reappears in the moment the two Ginsengaars used the Earth Glaive ability. Instead of staying put, Celebi rushes toward the frozen Mew and Tails at top speed, barely avoiding the combo of earth and energy spheres on the way. The two are right near the shrine's stairs.]
Celebi: Guys... If I can still move, you can... [Closes his eyes, letting some of his aura energy into the two. It circles them, and they are instantly reawaken from the timeless sleep.]
Tails: Wh...What happened?
Mew: [Shaking the feeling off.] Hmm?
Celebi: Guys! Are you alright?
Tails: Chris!!
Mew: You're alright!
Celebi: (Why do they keep calling me that...?) You two have to help! Eggman, Mewtwo, and Ginsengaar are all fighting against us!
Tails: Eggman...
Mew: Mewtwo...
Celebi: We have to fight now! As a team!! [Turns around.] There's no turning back!
Tails: This battle will have to decide the fate of our planet.
Mew: And as Eclipses, we cannot lose...
Celebi: ...(I... I won't stand for this innocence in the heat of a battle... I feel the power rushing through me now... It expects more... More energy to be consumed.) [The energy around him begins to show, circling around him like air.] Now it is time... to Overcome... and Achieve!!
[There is silence between the six... All that can be heard is the Egg Hornet's machinery whirring. Tails is watching Eggman from the ground, Mew is watching Mewtwo, and Celebi is watching Ginsengaar.]
Ginsengaar: ...You avoided that...? ...Impressive, I'll give you that. You even managed to wake the Eclipses... Time to put you all back to sleep... [Is the first to charge. He charges Celebi. At this, Mew and Tails jolt out of the way. Celebi prepares for the worst, holding a defensive position.] Take this!! [Throws both of his fists out at Celebi.]
Celebi: Hrahh!!! [Returns the same attack, ending up in a hand-to-hand deadlock--each of them pushing against eachother with all of their might.]
Ginsengaar: [Pushing against Celebi, trying to cut his defense off.] Grrrrrrrr... Urgh, for such a tiny thing, you have some strength...
Celebi: [Doing the same.] Erf... Looks can be deceiving. Hiya!!
[The two of the push against eachother, leaping into the air. Ginsengaar dashes at Celebi in midair, performing a rapid vortex of spin-hook kicks and roundhouses. With incredible speed, Celebi is able to dodge each, quickly jolting from position to position. Ginsengaar finishes the combo with an front flip eagle kick that actually does hit and sends Celebi plummeting to the ground, at least before he can recover. He skyrockets directly at Ginsengaar, who is shooting downward in the same direction with a kunai in hand.]
Celebi & Ginsengaar:Yaaahhh!!!!!!
[The two make impact--impact so strong that it cause each of the to fly in opposite directions just as they hit. Ginsengaar hits the dark force-field still around the area so hard that it shatters, and Celebi hits the stairs to the shrine so critically that a whole section collapses.]
[Mewtwo and Mew are locked in combat. Each have a barrier of energy around themselves.]
Mewtwo: So it has come this...
Mew: Grr, you knew it would, Mewtwo!! You started this whole mess, and now you'll regret it!
Mewtwo: Sorry to say, I don't regret it at all... Prepare! [Extends his arm, and a barrage of the same energy spheres shoot from the barrier.]
Mew: Rrgh... [Makes a blocking gesture, which strengthens his shield. As the barrage of projectiles end, he clears his shield, absorbing the energy into his paws. It can be seen illuminating from him even still. Mew soars directly at Mewtwo with the energy creating a stream of light behind him.]
Mewtwo: Hmph. [Throws one arm out to the side, and the barrier recedes to energy at his hands, just like Mew's. With this ability, he charges Mew...
[They collide in an explosion of bright energy.]
Mew: [Waving his arms at Mewtwo, commanding beams of energy to flow in the same direction like gusts of wind. He does this at an incredible speed: Left twirl, right twirl, left twirl, spin, left, right, spin, right, forcing Mewtwo back with each hit. The blows become more complex. Left twirl, spin, right hook kick twirl, right hook again, right twirl, tail sweep upwards. This shoots Mewtwo upward. Mew follows up by teleporting just above Mewtwo, and double-kicking downward in an explosion of energy. Just as Mewtwo is falling, he manages to recover by creating a slope of his energy, and using that to slide off of. He reaches a point where he is facing Mew from a small distance, and dashes once again from the position, shooting orbs of Darkness as he goes. The two continue in high speed combat.]
[Tails sprints up the shrine, avoiding blasts from the Egg Hornet as he runs. Eventually, one does hit him, causing him to roll back almost off the collapsed portion of the stairs.]
Dr. Eggman: Hoho! What's the matter Tails? Not used to running on four legs!? Miss that pesky blue rat!? Oh-hohohoo! You're all on your own now!!
Tails: Ugh... No... I'm not on my own!! I have Chris! Chris an Mew both!
Dr. Eggman: But what can they provide you now? They're too busy for you!
Tails: As long as I know they're here, fighting the same enemies, that's enough for me! I don't care if I'm fighting you alone Dr., I won't lose!! [Recovers. He resumes dashing up the flight of stairs while Eggman continues to fire. Hi-ya!! [Leaps into the air with a front flip. A large amount of electric energy is being focused on his tail, and just as it hits the Egg Hornet, a storm of lightning bursts around it. Tails leaps off and lands on another flight of stairs; from the left of the first one.]
Dr. Eggman: [Recovers the ship and turns it toward Tails.] Grrr, you little... [Instead of small lasers, the firepower has increased. It is now the same shadowy orb attack that Mewtwo was using. It's a bit harder for Tails to avoid, but he still manages, swooping from side to side, ascending up the second flight of stairs.]
Tails: Taaaake thiiiiis!!! [Leaps into the air again, this time charging at Eggman with sparks of electricity flying off of him.]
Dr. Eggman: [Inside the aircraft, he chuckles evilly, and presses a threatening seeming button next to the firing controls. It is the same crane that grabbed the Master Emerald. It latches onto Tail before he can strike.]
Tails: Ahhh!!! [The tight, secured crane nearly crushes Tails.] Ahhhhhh, let me down!!!!
Dr. Eggman: [Steers the crane to a position where Eggman can see Tails clearly from the cockpit.] Not so high and mighty now!? All of those embarrassing years of losing to you animals... I'm finished with those days!! I know you possess a certain power Tails! You are an "Eclipse" after all...
Tails: [Gasps.] NO!! Eggman don't!!!!
Dr. Eggman: Time to make use of yours AND the Master Emerald's!! Mua-hahahahahaa!!! [A line of energy dashes through the large clamp's cable, rushing through it like a lit fuse. This energy is green, supposedly straight from the Master Emerald. Once it reaches Tails, some sort of energetic reaction begins. Tails screams in agony.]
Tails: WHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Celebi in Ginsengaar are in restless combat.]
[Mewtwo and Mew have reached a face-off point in midair. Each of the are still, awaiting the next move.]
Mew: [Panting heavily.]
Mewtwo: You put up an impressive fight, Mew...
Mew: You... expected anything less?
Mewtwo: Hmhm, not exactly... But sorry to say, it is over now. [The Time Gear appears right in front of Mewtwo.]
Mew: What!?... What are... you doing!? [Debating whether he should strike, or stay put and to risk damaging the Time Gear.]
Mewtwo: I have had enough of this. It is time to truly put the power of the Time Gear to use... [He re-conjures all of his energy back to him, and, extending both arms, he let's it flow directly through the small circular gap in the Time Gear. It proceeds out much more intensely on the other side, surrounding Mew.]
Mew: Wha--!? [Flies around the large bubble of energy, trying to find a way out, but it's of no avail.] What're you doing!?!?
Mewtwo: It is over Mew... Enjoy your last moment as an Eclipse...
Mew: What!?!? No!! Stop Mewtwo!!!
Mewtwo: ...Come to me... NOW!! [Forces the energy surrounding Mew into a demoniacal state. Energy slices through Mew from every direction, stealing power from him...]
[At the moment now, Celebi and Ginsengaar are grounded, facing off just as Mew and Mewtwo were.]
Celebi: [Hears the screams of torture from Mew and Tails.] Mew!!! Tails!!! [Looks back at Tails, held by the Egg Hornet. Then at Mew, held by Mewtwo's overpowered energy.] Nooo!!!!
[Silence... Tails and Mew drop to the ground in unison... Nothing but the sound of bodies hitting the floor.]
Celebi: Mew... Tails... It... It's not... possible... [Drops to his knees.] ...No...
Ginsengaar: [Stands his ground.] ... Hmph...
Mewtwo: [Finished usurping everything from Mew, he decends next to Ginsengaar with one left to finish off... Celebi.]
Dr. Eggman: [Finished taking Tails' power, he steers the aircraft just over Ginsengaar and Mewtwo with the laser out, ready to fire upon Celebi.]
Ginsengaar: ...
Mewtwo: Ginsengaar, this battle is already over. He has lost... He is not what Naught wants.
Dr. Eggman: Agreed. Just forget about it. He must have been mistaken...
Ginsengaar: Naught is never wrong... You two have never fought this one before... If what Naught says is true to Celebi... than he could already be at his mercy...
Dr. Eggman: How is that possible!?
Mewtwo: It is not... Is it?
Ginsengaar: Trust me... We aren't dealing with the average opponent... We never were from the start.
Celebi: (Why... Why don't they strike? ...I'm down... I'm weakened... Tails... Mew... I'm sorry... I should've done something... I can't anymore... It's too late... I have no energy left... Nothing...)
[At this moment, a figure bursts into existence through a distorted dark corridor, shielding Celebi. He holds one of the cross staves backside... then flares out one arm, summoning another in his left paw and holding it the very same way. He is standing savagely, ready to fight.]
Ginsengaar: [Steps back.] Gah!! What the hell?!
Cree: ...[Still a hooded figure to the four.]
Celebi: Whaa! [He scoots back a little, looking up at the figure's large white tail.]
Dr. Eggman: Could this be...?
Ginsengaar: Wh-who is this interloper?! Who are you, intruding on this battle! Leave, or be stricken down!
Mewtwo: ... No, this figure... I know very well who this figure is. This is...
Dr. Eggman: It's the boy. Cruce...
Ginsengaar: ...So this is Cruce... I was... told about him. He called out Darkness. We don't' take lightly to that, you scoundrel!
Cree: [He bobs his head back, the hood dropping back around his neck. It reveals his face...] Guess again? [Smirks.]
Mewtwo: !! Grr... There is another?! Yet another wanderer of dimensions here to... [Shakes his head.] No matter! We will crush you just as we would Cruce!
Dr. Eggman: Hoho! Prepare yourself, Squirrel boy!
Ginsengaar: I'll show you why it's not a good idea getting in our way... Hraahhh!! [He charges very quickly at Cree, becoming a sort of shadow image that can't be countered with physical attacks.
Cree: [He simply holds both arms out, let Ginsengaar slash away at his body. His moves are extremely fast, though with each slash, nothing seems happen to Cree. The wounds heal at lightning speed as soon as the blade leaves Cree's body. Ginsengaar notices this, and ceases his attack, though forgetting to give himself some space between Cree, who slashes downward with both blades, creating an X-shaped shockwave that flies all the way back to the shrine, vanishing.]
Ginsengaar: [Though he appears to take this hit, he becomes thin air, reappearing behind Cree in midair. He descends quickly, fist contacting the ground directly behind the other. The earth splashes up underneath Cree, launching him into the air.]
Dr. Eggman: [Finds the chance to fire a powerful laser gifted with Mewtwo's powers. It hits Cree, immediately changing his body structure into a Pokémon's... The two weapons both fall into the ground, piercing it, then emitting a large burst of light energy as they explode. Mewtwo struggles to evade this, blasted with one of the bursts, which hurdles him at the shrine wall. This does not reach Ginsengaar or Eggman.]
Cree: [Cree falls, fully in control of his descent. He is no longer a squirrel fur, but a Pachirisu. Instead of a blue stripe, his is black. The patches on his cheeks are gray instead of yellow. He smirks.] Oh no. You've turned me into a Pokémon. However will I survive? Plasma Cyclone~! [No sooner is he mocking their power than he is conjuring blue electricity at his cheeks, each bolt finding its way to a target of Darkness. The attack is relentless and enormously powerful for a mere Pachirisu, as if he had had training with lightning before... Ginsengaar manages to avoid the first few strikes, be he cannot keep up. Eventually, he becomes shocked just as Mewtwo and Eggman do. Eggman's machine nears the point of crash down as Cree ceases the attack.] Idiots. Sure-fire way to get yourselves boned... turning powerless people into powerful Pokémon. [Despite this being said, his body becomes black entirely, and reshapes again. He returns to Cree's state, resummoning the two cross blades in his paws. His move has paralyzed the three, but not finished them. They return to their aggressive state. Cree turns his head slightly, speaking to Celebi.] You! Get the Eclipses and fight with me! This is your battle after all.
Celebi: [Watching nervously, he nods.] ...Right! [Hearing this, he scurries off to the two Eclipses, whoo have landed fairly close to one another.] Mew! Tails! Don't let yourselves be defeated... You're stronger than this!
Mew: Urm... Erf... C-Chris...?
Tails: Chris, are we... l-losing...?
Celebi: [He looks back to Cree, who nods in his direction, holding his position firmly. Celebi returns his attention to the Eclipses.] No, guys. Not yet... Be we can... [He closes his eyes, a new power surging through his body... Dark fog begins to pour from him into the Eclipses.] We're going to overwhelm them...
Tails: Chris, what're you...? What's this... f-feeling...?
Mew: I feel... such Darkness...
Celebi: Exactly... If... we cant win as heroes... then... we must follow another path.
Cree: Excellent... [He grins, watching Celebi unleash this new ability.]
[Weakened, the three Darkness watch him, now aware of his abilities.]
[By now, Celebi and the Eclipses are infested with tremendous Darkness.]
Celebi: You two... are you angry...?
Mew: ... I feel... rage inside of me...
Tails: Such... overwhelming Darkness... it feels... wonderful...
Celebi: I'm glad to hear that... [Regains the ability to stand.] Now... we shift...
Mew: ... Mewtwo... You will... pay with your life... [Conjures energy, but the color has changed. It is now a dark red energy.]
Tails: Eggman... I'll end you here, for good... [Dark purple lightning begins to spark around him.]
Celebi: By my trial... By my tribulation... You... will lose.
Ginsengaar: Mewtwo. Eggman... We cannot battle them. We must know when to stand down!
Mewtwo: Insolence. We are Darkness!
Ginsengaar: Yeah, but look at them! Doesn't that seem like a little bit of a threat?! And look at him! [Points to Cree.] Four against three, and their "quality" sure isn't lacking!
Cree: Now, hold on! All of you!
[They all turn to Cree.]
Tails: Who... who is he...? He's in our battle...
Celebi: Thanks for saving me, now go mind your own business...
Ginsengaar: This perpetrator...
Cree: [He grins again.] Now that I've got you all riled up... Let's see just what you're all capable of.
Celebi: What?!
Dr. Eggman: What is this, now?!
Cree: [He shifts his stance to be more aggressive. Light pours from his weapons as the world trembles. All beyond the force field conjured by Darkness reverts to blackness.] How well can you two forces fight together?! Show me!
[And the world shook once again...]
--E N D I N G--
Battle scene!