You may not understand what's going on in any of this, but hey, at least it sounds cool.


◘ Christian, the Believer... Misunderstood and tormented by the idea of Fantasy being null and void to the realm of Reality. He believed that Naught would someday attack his world once again, thus bringing the Eclipses back to him and restoring the Connection at the cost of his planet. He went mad with the desire to satisfy this supernatural feeling.

Christian is from a small town on the coast called Liberty Rock. He was forced to flee when the forces of Darkness discovered his world and the presence of a locked power, as it was overtaken by beings of shadow. The sky around him fell. In his dash to sanctuary, he discovered that he was one of the many humans with this locked power, only granted unto he and others with the opening of the gateway between Reality and Fantasy.

He was a special case...

He was given the Connection: a power resonating with ancient figures of Fantasy, each from different worlds under one vast sky. He perceived the Connection as an unbreakable friendship between these figures--these Eclipses. Through it, he was given righteous power... In its absence, however...

He was torn without the Connection. Christian was dependent upon his power. Without it, he was mad, often spiraling into uncontrollable rage; another power altogether--the decider in his battles against Darkness. It is the power which made him a hero, ironically...


-Throne Room-

[In this dark sphere upon Castle Tartarus, the Great Figure of Darkness sits upon his throne, minions bowing before him. At the head of the many servants of this dark lord are four Shades.]

Naught: My Shades...

[Each of them lift their head.]

Daniel: [A navy blue Safan kitsune, three tails ridged with crystals of shining ice. His eyes are deep blue, and his hair is white as snow. The tips of his paws are bright blue.]

Idi: [A variation of human known as an antifigurate, he is clad in horned onyx armor. His spiked helm conceals his face. This behemoth is the image of a knight of darkness.]

Ginsengaar: [A being of Mobius--a wolf, he is cloaked in eastern attire, given the appearance of a samurai, although his abilities transcend this. His fur is dark gray, as is his mohawk. ]

Lea: [She is the last to lift her head, as she, too, is a Shade.]

Naught: The time has finally come. Corus is ours. Under our control, this world will be known as Aeighro; an ancient title given to it by those who preceded Darkness. Aeighro shall be our guide to the new worlds. Darkness will locate the lost Phazes before Light. It is the beginning of the end for Aether, that foolish Lord of Light... My Shades! I will send you to Aeighro. Your duty is to use the Empyreal Crystals we have gathered to seek out the legendary vault of Light's power. The crystals will resonate with your magic, which you must use wisely, for there shall be opposition upon Aeighro.

Daniel: No problem. [He nods with a confident glare.]

Ginsengaar: My Lord, is the opposition aware of the downing of Mother Melodis?

Naught: I assure you it is. Aether's Phaze Guardians will attempt to push you back with all of their might. Do not allow them to. We have grown mighty and unbreakable.

Idi: Light is spread thin. They are no match.

Naught: Indeed, with this Riot figure's mischief upon the worlds, Light is suffocating.

Lea: And, My Lord, what of Christian?

Naught: The Advocate will awaken. He will be accompanied by one of our recent initiates at all times to ensure that he does not stray from the path of cruelty... Ethan, Dream Eater. Raise your head.

Ethan: [He does so, revealing his black-furred face. This anthropomorphic skunk {or furry if you will} had traveled with Christian before learning of Darkness' power. In hope to learn more about this world, he has decided to venture at the Overlord of Misery's command. Ethan is a sorcerer, however he is quite unique. He wears a long, black coat concealing the entirety of his body, save his head. Dark gloves cover his paws, while thick boots encase his feet. With a hood over his head, his hair is hidden, though his green eyes shine bright.]

Naught: You have journeyed alongside him. You know of his tendencies with the Eclipses.

Ethan: [He nods, silent.]

Naught: Be vigilant. If he wanders off too far, there will be consequences for both of you. Is this understood?

Ethan: Yes, My Lord.

Naught: ...Now... My Shades, the search begins. Do not fail me... [Upon lifting an arm, four identical spheres of swirling purple mist encase each of the Shades. The spheres close in, the four vanishes as they do.] ... [He eyes over his remaining minions...] The remainder of you will guard Castle Tartarus. Light cannot be allowed to confront us. You will make sure of this. Now go. Dream Eater, stay.

[Each of the many minions disperse, taking it upon themselves to organize guard locations throughout the castle.]

Ethan: [He remains bowing before Naught, awaiting his Lord's command.]

Naught: Ethan, you must return to the Hold and interrupt my Advocate's slumber. He has been asleep for far too long. I cannot have this.

Ethan: Understood. Will do.

Naught: Good. Use the portal leading to the Hold. I trust you know where that is located by now.

Ethan: Yes, My Lord.

Naught: Then you are dismissed.

[Ethan nods once more, standing and returning to a large monolith of crystal. As he approaches, the crystal illuminates, appearing to create a wormhole at its base. Ethan walks into this wormhole...]


-Tartarus Hold-

[In Christian's quarters... He is sound asleep. Christian's attire is very similar to Ethan's, if not exactly the same. This shady apparel is granted to newcomers of Darkness. The clothing tends to vary with gender and species. The Shades are considered high ranking, ergo they do not need a specific uniform considering their appearance is quite ominous already.]

Ethan: [Kicks the door open obnoxiously, leaping into the room, demeanor much different from earlier.] ... [He frowns, kicking the door shut behind him.] C'mon, you dillweed, wake up! Time for school! ... [No response. Ethan approaches the bedside and pinches Christian's nose, smiling mischievously...] ... Oh... Do you breathe? I don't think you need to breathe. Aren't you like a vampire? No, no, that's not it... Werewolf? [No response. Ethan taps his chin...] ... Hm... [He rests his palm on Cruce's forehead, eyes closed.] So I guess I'll just have to see what you're dreaming about...


[All is silent...]

"You killed her..."

"You killed her..."

"You killed them..."

"You killed all of them..."




[Ethan lifts his palm, cancelling the magic.]

Ethan: Alright, that's enough! Yeesh... I can't even see what you're dreaming about, you freak of nature. What's with you? ... I SAID WHAT'S WITH YOU?! ... [No response. Ethan shrugs.] It's like talking to a really dangerous rock. [He sighs, shaking his head.] 'Kay, you made me do this. [He stands completely still, eyes closing once again, requiring no physical contact with Christian.]



Christian: [His eyes shoot open. He lifts himself quickly, blushing a deep red, albeit seemingly horrified.] !! Hrg--!! Wh... Wuh--[Turns to see Ethan.] AH! [Blushes deeper, bobbing his head back.]

Ethan: [Cracking up, starting his laughter with a long wheeze.] Aaaaaooh my lord, that actually worked. Dude, finally.

Christian: What's... going on? Where'm I? [Observes his surroundings.] Is this the rest place? Th-the Hold, I mean...?

Ethan: Sure is, brother. You've been sleeping in for so long, I'm actually kind of jealous. If I could sleep, I'd do that all the time, but since I'm the Dream Eater, stuff sucks. [He shrugs again.] 'Tell you what though, you're pretty cute when you're sleepin'. You should do it some more and let me watch.

Christian: Gh--ALRIGHT, I won't sleep anymore. Jeez... [He rubs his face with both hands, leaning forward a bit.] How long?

Ethan: How long what? Were you out? [Crosses his arms.] I'd say three or four days, maybe.

Christian: ...Wow... [He stares at the blank bed...] I gotta stop doing that... I don't remember much about... anything--what happened? Was I in a battle?

Ethan: Yeah, you remember Jovany and Riolu and Eve {Originally Adam, Al, and Eve}, right?

Christian: Oh... Yeah, yeah, the Paradox. The huge surge of power again... Happened for Quote and Sonic too. I don't... remember a lot, man. I remember almost nothing about their worlds... like I don't even know if I was at their worlds.

Ethan: You remember the Pokémon world?

Christian: ...What, Chronic? [Glances at Ethan.]

Ethan: Not Chronic, but Mirror World? The counterpart of Chronic?

Christian: ...Dreamland? Or... Or Dreamscape, I mean?

Ethan: Yeah, that's the place. We went through the Strayer Void, you and I, and ended up on Dreamscape. Or Mirror World--whatever you guys call it.

Christian: [He is silent for a few moments...] ... Huh, I don't remember a thing about Dreamscape. Like, I know I went there, but I can't remember the details.

Ethan: Maybe it'll come back to you. I'll be here to try and jog your memory. We'll be seeing a lot more of each other from here on out.

Christian: Uh...? [Raises an eyebrow, blushing a bit again.]

Ethan: I joined Darkness! C'mon, get with the times, 'kay? Oh right, sleeping.

Christian: ...Well shoot. What am I supposed to do about being knocked out?

Ethan: Don't wander away from your Lord in the first place?

Christian: When did I do that!? [Spreads his arms out, irritated.]

Ethan: Hello?! ...I actually don't know. You tell me.

Christian: ...Christ, yeah fine. I did. I remember that, at least. That was at Soren.

Ethan: So waitaminute waitaminute, you remember everything but Dreamscape experiences?

Christian: ...Yeah huh, that's a good point...

Ethan: Hm, beats me. Can't be helped anyway, we've got stuff to do. Meet me in the Throne Room. [He walks out of the room, leaving Christian vexed...]

Christian: [Watches the doorway to his quarters.] (...Ethan's... Dreamscape is... Uhhhgh, what's going oooon...? The Eclipses, are they alright? Connection's a little slow. Maybe they're in trouble? Mmg...) [He swings his legs over the side of the bed, palms resting atop them for a moment.] ...Right, right... Duty calls... [He stands.] 'Wonder how the Shades are doing, too. I think I missed a lot...

[Christian exits his room...]

-Throne Room-

[Both Christian and Ethan are now kneeling before Naught.]

Naught: My Advocate, your distance from Darkness has cost us dearly. Consider yourself fortunate that you have managed to secure new allies and somehow stumble upon Dreamscape without my assistance. I did not believe you at first, but it would appear that others share the same story... [He glances to Ethan...]

Christian: Lord, I... Well I'm not so sure what to say. [He lifts his head.] I fought in the Paradox again. The three Pokémon I fought were just... crazy. I couldn't beat them, but...

Naught: I witnessed. The Paradox is within my observable range, you see. That burst of power which many Dreamscape heroes have consistently received is bothersome. However, you, my Advocate, receive a tremendous amount of power from a source unknown as well.

Christian: ...Nijiiro... Someone named Nijiiro...

Naught: Nijiiro... Now where have I heard that name before...?

Christian: You've heard it before? 'Cause, that's the name I hear whenever I get those... uh episodes... in the Paradox. [Rubs the back of his head.] Nijiiro.

Naught: My Shades, yes... The name Nijiiro was spoken from the voices of my closest minions. They had mentioned that this was an inscription upon the altar of Mother Melodis.

Christian: Corus, then. It has to do with Corus.

Naught: It is known as Aeighro now, as Darkness has embraced the world, and you have absorbed the soul of Melodis.

Ethan: So does this mean that Corus slash Aeighro has something to do with the Paradox?

Naught: Indeed. Shade Lea's research is beginning to flower... Christian, my Advocate, it has been too long since I last assigned you a duty. You have turned away from Darkness, and Ethan is here to ensure that you do not repeat your foolish actions.

Ethan: [Smiles and waves at Christian.]

Christian: ... [He sighs...] Yeah, alright, that's fair. I'll keep to my quest.

Naught: A wise decision. Now. I must warn you of the new threat on the horizon...

Ethan: Oh I'm sure he's very familiar with this threat, My Lord.

Christian: Eh?

Naught: Yes... The Strayer Void.

Christian: The Strayer Void! That's how I got to Dreamscape, or Mirror World or something.

Naught: Listen close, my Advocate. This goes for you as well, Dream Eater... Exercise absolute caution when traveling through the Strayer Void, as this will be required of you in your next mission. I will explain why... [With an arm outstretched, a large orb lowers, revealing the swirling red cyclone that is the Strayer Void. This view of the void appears to be upon the world of Chronic.] The Strayer Void is an ancient portal constructed by each of the Great Figures, myself included, in order to ascertain the location of Dreamscape. Many things were discovered upon the success of inter-dimensional travel, one of which included a promise: 4D.

Christian: ...4D? What's...?

Naught: Ambiguous, no? [He commands the orb to rise above his throne, pulling another down in its place. It reveals the Strayer Void upon Safa.] This is Safa... The void has been ripped open throughout many Ecliptic Worlds. Darkness and Light alike do not know the causation. For millions of years, this void has remained silent within the stitches of time, space, Reality, and Fantasy. Now, it has ruptured. [The orb rises...] Christian. You and Ethan will go to Safa and locate the Strayer Void. It will not be difficult. What will be, however, is the act of dimensional travel. I am sure you have noticed the lapse in time after traveling through the void, yes? Time travels much more slowly within the Strayer Subspace.

Ethan: Oh, so that would explain why days and days and days passed after going through the void back at Chronic.

Naught: Precisely. In addition, anything that passes through the void will harbor Ecliptic properties; a magic which a monstrous force feeds off of.

Ethan: So... if you pass through the void, you become...

Naught: You shall become part-Eclipse. My Advocate, this is extremely straining on your Connection. I recommend that you locate Safiri. The Connection will be reliable with a true Eclipse nearby.

Christian: ...Yes, My Lord, but... Didn't you say there's a monstrous power feeding off of Eclipses or something? Wouldn't Safiri be vulnerable to that?

Naught: Certainly. And you doubt your own ability to defend her?

Christian: ...Gah, not at all, you're right. [He nods.] So I guess it's time to investigate the void.

Naught: Your abilities will be tested once more, Christian. Do not hesitate in the face of Light. Do not wander from your path. Do not fail me. This applies for you as well, Ethan.

Christian & Ethan: Yes, My Lord.

Ethan: [Smirks at Christian.] Jinx.

Christian: [Rolls his eyes...]



"They're our friends too, Rush. Topher and I have proven ourselves. We can rescue them..."

"Remember the Cross."

"...I trust you two. I trust the Circle. You've all been blessed with Aether's Light. But... this isn't about Light or Darkness anymore. This is about the Storm."

"The Storm...?"

"...We need to rescue the Eclipses together, and then we retreat. As fast as possible."

"Together, then. This won't take long, we promise."