(Another Crossblade wielder... From what I've seen so far, it almost doesn't surprise me. I did already run in to another Cruce--another "me". Plus, even Safiri has her own Crossblade because of me. But this... wingy-eared guy... He doesn't sound too nice if he's actually attacking this world. I'd like to know how he got here, and if he had any involvement with Darkness. He could be the source of a lot of problems we've had to clean up.

Twilight described the guy having like... green hair and wing-like ears. That sounds familiar. I think the other Cruce transformed into something like that in the Pokémon world. The residents called him Shaymin. 'Was also my form on that world. What am I working with--a "shaymin" with the Crossblade? I can only imagine the messes that would make with me around.

I've got Safiri and Rush with me. Both of them are still worried about the Storm. With this new guy showing up and causing panic, the two look like they're less pissed at me now. So that's cool. I can thank him for something when I see him--the Crossblade wielder, that is.)


[Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie have gathered their friends, and have rendezvoused in Ponyville. Although she was with Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash is the last to arrive. She still appears to be bothered by her absence of two weeks from her friends.]


Twilight Sparkle: [With Spike standing beside her, she scans the group she has summoned.] Looks like we're almost all here.

[Among the group are Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Safiri, Rush, and Cruce.]

Spike: Hey, what about Rainbow? [He looks up to Twilight.]

Twilight Sparkle: Usually she's the first to arrive. I wonder what's keeping her.

Fluttershy: Um. I was with her. She was a little bit upset that she was away for so long. I told her we didn't feel any differently about her.

Cruce: Ugh, that was what was bothering her.

Rainbow Dash: Well not anymore! [She flies with her back against the sun, greeting her friends.] I'm here now, and I'm ready to make up for lost time!

Rush: Heeey, long time no see. [He gives her an overhead wave.]

Rainbow Dash: [Shakes her head quickly, as if seeing a mirage.] Rush...?!

Twilight Sparkle: Rainbow, it's good to have you with us again.

Rainbow Dash: [Shifts her attention to Twilight.] I... just thought I was a bad friend for leaving you all for so long.

Rarity: Oh, darling, don't be ridiculous!

Applejack: It's like Fluttershy said! We'd never think poorly of you.

Pinkie Pie: Yeah! After all, you're what brought us all together, remember? Besides, element of "loyalty"? We never believed for a second you just left us.

Twilight Sparkle: Exactly. It was beyond your control. It was beyond all of ours! But now, we're going to get to the bottom of it. The Princess was attacked by a mysterious figure. I hope she's alright... she and everyone else.

Spike: This figure already attacked Canterlot and got away with the Elements of Harmony. We have to save Princess Celestia before going after him!

Twilight Sparkle: That's right, Spike. Considering our team size, we won't be able to travel all together. Cruce, Safiri, Rush? You wouldn't mind breaking off into your own team, would you?

Rush: Of course not. Where chemistry is concerned, that's probably a good call.

Twilight Sparkle: Precisely! Everyone else, we're together as usual. Now, let's hurry to Canterlot and save the Princess!

Spike: [Before anything of a rousing cheer, he cries out, pointing to the destination hanging upon a distant cliff: Canterlot.] Oh no!! Look!! [A peculiar energy radiates around the entire city, illuminating the sky a shady hue of red. Lightning--oddly colored black--flashes around Canterlot. Large debris cycles around the city.]

Twilight Sparkle: What...?

[The townsfolk nearby begin to panic. All eyes are to the skies as the crimson coloration spreads from a single beacon of light shooting into the air from the royal castle.]

Pinkie Pie: Oh noooo, this is bad. This is really really baaad!

Applejack: You ain't a-kiddin'...

Twilight Sparkle: [Her ears fall back.] Al-...Already? We failed already? N-no! [Shakes her head once, turning back to her friends, who are still watching the red skies spread.] Everyone! We have to hurry! There's no time to waste!

Rush: I'll take off early. [He presses a few buttons on his wristwatch, a series of beeps accompanying this. A humming is heard from his boots as they lift him up, a trail of white energy following closely behind.] Safiri? [Holds out a hand for Safiri.]

Safiri: [Raises her paw to Rush. Although, instead of grabbing it, she summons her own Crossblade--a floral weapon with three petal-like blades, and a hilt reminiscent of a curving vine.]

Rush: Wh...? What's this?

Safiri: Take it. [Rush grips her Crossblade.] I'll be able to teleport directly to you when you get there.

Rush: But how will you know whe--

Safiri: Trust me... I've done this before. [She gives a nod to Cruce.] Cruce?

Cruce: [Rather than summoning his own Crossblade in his mouth, he conjures it under a hoof. Cruce's Blade is a bit simpler than Safiri's--a staff with three crystalline blades of black, onyx lines running down the hilt. At its base is a black gem.] Rush, it's all yours. Just... don't break it. [He smirks at Rush.]

Rush: [As Cruce lifts his leg, he lowers himself to the ground once again to retrieve the Blade.] Thanks for the vote of confidence. Now! [Turns himself, facing the red sky above Canterlot.] Off we go! [He takes flight, soaring quickly to his destination.]

Twilight Sparkle: Good thinking, you two. Let's not fall behind! [Spike hops onto her back. Seconds later, she and her friends are off after Rush.]

Rainbow Dash: [She flies a few yards before turning back to Safiri and Cruce for a moment. She smiles, giving both of them a brief salute.]

Cruce: [Smiles in return, nodding to her.] Good luck.

Rainbow Dash: You too! [She turns around, catching up to her friends.]

Safiri: ...Hm...

Cruce: Hm? [Turns to Safiri.] 'Sup?

Safiri: [Focusing on the spreading red.] This is scary. What's doing this to their world?

Cruce: I'm not sure. Could it be that guy Twilight told us about?

Safiri: Maybe, but this feels big, you know? I don't... [Turns away.] I don't want to see these poor people become victims of Darkness or the Storm. Just look at this, it's... th-they don't need to be involved in this war.

Cruce: ...Yeah... I know what you mean...


[Rush flies through the darkening air, both Crossblades in hand. He gives a glance to the ground. A rather colorful train follows from underneath. This train appears to be bound for the cliff-risen city of Canterlot. From the side of the train, a blue blur flies out...]

Rainbow Dash: [She reaches Rush, having flown from the train's window.] Hey!

Rush: Dash! Good to see you again.

Rainbow Dash: You too! Did you follow Cruce and Safiri here?

Rush: I did. I didn't want Cruce to open the Strayer Void.

Rainbow Dash: But why not?

Rush: Serious consequences. In fact, what you're seeing now might be the result of him tearing through the void. [Looks ahead at the approaching maelstrom around Canterlot. The winds have picked up. The lightning is intense.]

Rainbow Dash: What? But... but how!?

Rush: It's not a sure thing. You heard. There's someone attacking your Princess. Maybe he's behind this. I don't know. All I know is that an ancient evil called the Storm was sealed away in this universe--behind the Strayer Void. When that thing opens, it's game over. At least, that's what we assumed back home.

Rainbow Dash: I didn't know that...

Rush: Well now you do. Neither I nor Safiri could stop Cruce from getting you back home. The guy's devoted to his friends, and that's good. But he needs to understand how things work here. You and he could've been killed in a flash upon going through that void.

Rainbow Dash: But what about you? And Safiri? You followed him!

Rush: I'm blessed by the Light of Aether. If things get sketchy, my lord will bring me back. Safiri, however... I don't know what to tell you. She's one of the Eclipses. Very powerful. About as mysterious. May not look it at first glance, but it's there.

Rainbow Dash: Eclipse...? Aether?

Rush: I know, you probably have a lot of questions. And I hate that. No offense to you, or your curiosity. It's good that you're curious. But I hate that you and your friends and everyone here has to ask questions about our war. You were living a good life in this world before we showed up. Sure, you passed into our world for a little bit. But still, you don't deserve to have this conflict ravaging your world, your ways, your everything. We're going to stop this before it ever begins.

Rainbow Dash: ... [She looks down, eyes on the train.] I was away from my friends for two weeks... Those two weeks could have been spent better, but... Instead it was spent as a couple days flying around a foreign land with no memory.

Rush: [He frowns, watching Dash as he flies.]

Rainbow Dash: But I do remember everything that happened on Safa. I can't let that happen here. Now I'm on my home turf, and I'm going to make my disappearance up to everyone in Ponyville, in Canterlot, in Cloudsdale--in all of Equestria. We're all in this together! Rush, let's make sure this world sees the sun tomorrow!

Rush: [He grins, nodding.] That's the spirit, Dash! [Faces ahead...] Business as usual.

[They are closing in on Canterlot. Rainbow Dash returns to the train, cautious of the vortex around the city. Rush pays it no mind.]


[Back at Ponyville, the residents are retreating into their houses as the crimson shadow is cast over Ponyville, powerful winds picking up.]

Safiri: [Her eyes are closed...] He's not there yet.

Cruce: 'Hope he'll be soon. [Observes his surroundings.] Things are getting worse fast.

Safiri: [She squeaks as a gale knocks her off balance.] !!

Cruce: [He looks back, seeing Safiri sitting down.] Uh, you okay?

Safiri: Uh-huh. [She stands, looking up at the city in crisis.] C'mon Rush, you can make it. Be careful though.

Cruce: [Watching the redness spread like a plague, he is brought back to his first few minutes on planet Earth. The world had been torn asunder, skies of blood red allowing limited light to reach the ground; a world of chaos and destruction. Apocalypse. Humanity continues to breathe, however...] He can do this. I'm sure he's seen worse.

Safiri: Much worse, as bad as this looks.


"Wait, what is this, exactly?"


"We all want to know, Safiri."


"I know, we wondered about it, but... It feels grim."



[Rush touches down on the streets of Canterlot. The hurricane around the city has torn a few buildings apart. Amidst the mayhem, lightning flickers throughout the area, striking haphazardly into the ground. The sky over Canterlot is maroon, the eye of the storm bright as can be as the beacon in the castle continues to shoot into the air.]

Rush: [Lifts his head after he lands, taking note of the fleeing citizens. A small group of unicorns are distraught, frantically searching for an area to flee to. Rush spots a large chunk of debris headed their way. He breaks into a quick sprint, saving on his energy boots. Before the debris can cause any damage, he lurches in front of the group, crossing his friends' Blades together. A dome of arcane energies surrounds he and the citizens. The debris shatters, doing no harm.]

[The citizens, still panicking, back away from Rush, who simply gives them a nod and smile before continuing his mission.]

Rush: [Upon turning down another street, he comes across the gates to the castle. Many of its guards--earth ponies, pegasi, and unicorns alike--are escorting the injured away from the castle, which appears to be in poor shape. Large portions are missing, including balconies and roof ornaments. Rush carries on, until he is stopped by a trio of guards. Its leader is Impulse, shaken by the sudden calamity.]

Guards: Hold it right there!

Impulse: [Dashes forward, confronting Rush.] You!

Rush: [He stands firm, holding both Blades out to his sides.]

Impulse: What in the world are you...?!

Rush: That's not important right now. I'm here to stop whatever's causing this! I have to get through!

Impulse: And I'm not so sure I believe you.

Rush: Twilight and her friends are on their way. They'll be here shortly to help the Princess. I'm with them!

[A knight overhears the mentioning of a particular name. He hurries over to the scene, practically pushing through other guards. His armor is more magnificent than the others', the unicorn's body being a pure white with a deep azure tail and mane. He is much larger than Impulse.]

Shining Armor: Twily's on her way?! Drat! This might already have become too dangerous for even her and her friends to handle!

Rush: That's why I'm here. Where's Celestia? Is she alright?

Shining Armor: We can't get to her. She and Princess Luna are still in there. There's some kind of force field in the audience chamber.

Impulse: What about Princess Cadance?

Shining Armor: She's okay. She's helping with the evacuation. I have to get back to her quickly! Impulse, can you handle things from here?

Impulse: You can count on me, Captain.

Shining Armor: Thanks. [Faces Rush.] I hope you know what you're doing.

Rush: That makes two of us.

[Shining Armor hurries off, leaving Impulse and Rush.]

Impulse: [He faces his fellow guards.] Guys, you help the others out.

Guards: Yes, sir. [They leave Impulse's side.]

Impulse: [Turns back to Rush. Both of the Crossblades appear to be glowing.] ...Huh?

Rush: [Notices the shine from both Blades.] 'The heck...?


"I think he's there! Now, Cruce!"

"Got it."


[In a flash of light, two figures appear by Rush, both of the Blades having vanished from his hold. The young black colt that is Cruce holds his Blade, hat shielding his eyes. Safiri holds her in both paws.]

Impulse: [Jumps back, taking flight.] Ho!! What're--wha--wh-how...? You two?!

Safiri: Impulse? [Notices Rush.] Hey, Rush!

Rush: You made that work, whatever that was. Good job. Good way to travel.

Impulse: I take it you two offered to help as well, huh?

Safiri: Right!

Impulse: Excellent. We need all the help we can get. C'mon, I'll take you to the audience chamber. [He turns, ready to lead them inside.] Well... [Turns his head back a little.] I'll take you as far as I can. [He flies through the large double doors of the castle, leading the way.]


Twilight Sparkle: [Having arrived, as well as being lucky enough that the train could make it through the turmoil surrounding Canterlot, she and her friends head out, struck speechless by the site of the cyclone around and within the city.] This is... terrible.

Spike: D'you think Rush made it okay?

Rainbow Dash: You don't need to worry about him!

Twilight Sparkle: I'm more worried about my brother, the Princess, Cadance... Let's go. [She gallops into the storm, followed by her companions.] We have to get to that light. Whatever it is, it looks like it's causing the spread of that darkness.

Spike: Kind of ironic if you think about it!

Pinkie Pie: [Her tail twitches violently as she runs.] Ooh? Uh-oh...

Fluttershy: [She yelps loudly as she swerves out of the way of falling rubble.] Eeep!!

Applejack: That sense of yours'll come in handy here, Pinkie!

Pinkie Pie: Uh-huh! You okay, Fluttershy?

Fluttershy: [Shivering, she nods.] I-I-I think so.

Rarity: We'll need to be cautious! This whole place is a deathtrap--what a tragedy! I do hope we can stop this, Twilight!

Twilight Sparkle: We have to! It's beginning to look like the fate of Equestria rests with us again!

Rainbow Dash: Hey, this time we're not alone!

Twilight Sparkle: You're absolutely right!

Pinkie Pie: [She hops excitedly, pointing at something.] Hey hey hey!! Look over there! Is that your brother, Twilight?! Oh oh! And his wife too!

Twilight Sparkle: Shining Armor?! Cadance?! Let's move!

[They continue on through the escalating chaos...]


[In the royal castle, Impulse leads the three to the audience chamber. It is the source of the beacon, as well as the alleged battleground of this mysterious figure and Celestia.]

Impulse: [Two enormous doors lead the way into the audience chamber. However, a visible force field serves as a transparent wall. The huge chamber has been torn apart, stained glass windows missing, the force field compensating for every gap in the hall. At the center of the chamber is a dome of radiant plasma. It is blinding to look at. This dome appears to be the cause of the beacon. Celestia is nowhere to be seen. The maelstrom is ravenous. Impulse must yell in order to be heard.] Here we are! We've tried everything at our disposal to lower this force field! Nothing's getting through!

Rush: Let's give it our all. Cruce? Safiri? [He glances to each of them.] We're tearing this thing down! [Fanning out an arm, a saber of red plasma emits from his wristwatch, encasing his hand. He thrusts the saber into the shield. It flashes briefly, but does not relent.]

Safiri: [Holding her Blade with both paws, she hacks away at the force field.]

Cruce: [He strikes, the Blade causing the force field to merely flicker.]

Rush: [He steps back. Pointing his free arm forward, his palm glows white with the fires of Light. A few shots of arcane fire leave his palm, doing little to no damage to the shield whatsoever.]

Cruce: [He, too, attempts a ranged approach, performing a horizontal slash with his Blade at a distance. A luminous shockwave of white and black leaves the Blade, only to be negated by the force field's energy.]

Safiri: [Having backed away much further, she dashes into the shield at her natural hyperspeed, thrusting the Crossblade into it. It absorbs her kinetic energy, causing her to bounce back. She lands on her rump, the Blade falling beside her.] Oomph! Aoww...

Rush: [Currently using his arsenal of fire spells on the shield.] This isn't working. Whoever or whatever this thing is powered by is strong.

Impulse: Shoot... [Looks back and forth, searching for a solution.] Uhh, hang on. I'm gonna play my part! [He trots in place, his hooves picking up a mystic electrical force from the ground. Flapping his wings a few times, he takes flight, the blue electricity sparking around him.] Alright! I'm ready!

Rush: Let's keep this up!

Twilight Sparkle: Hey!! We're here! [She stands at the head of the crowd. Approaching both of her sides are Shining Armor, as well as a tall pink alicorn. This alicorn's mane and tale are both quite long, swirling with colors such as bright yellow, purple, and pink. She is adorn with regal jewelry.]

Cadance: Are these the ones, Twilight?

Twilight Sparkle: Yep, and it's good to see they made it too!

Impulse: Twilight!!

[The group approaches.]

Spike: Oh, this is crazy! Look at the place!

Applejack: Forget the place, look in there! What's goin' on?! [She points ahead, beyond the force field.]

Twilight Sparkle: I feel a powerful magic nearby! A magic like I've never felt before!

Shining Armor: You and I both, Twily. Impulse! Have you figured out a way past this barrier?

Impulse: [Still energized with his ability to harness electricity, he looks back. The other three are working at the force field.] Those three are still at it. They're powerful, but they can't break through alone.

Shining Armor: We can get through it. We all have to work together in order to clear a path to Princess Celestia! Everyone, let's give this our all!!

Impulse: Consider it done, Captain! [He salutes Shining Armor before flying out of one of the gaps in the roof, leaving a trail of electric energy behind as he does so.]

Rainbow Dash: [She watches Impulse fly away.] Huh?! Where's he going?!

Shining Armor: [Grins, doing the same.] He's about to demonstrate how exactly he made officer: his own version of the sonic rainboom.

Cadance: Care to join him, Rainbow Dash?

Rainbow Dash: Do I ever?! We'll see just how great his sonic fakeboom is!! [With haste, she flies up to join Impulse.]

Applejack: C'mon now, Pinkie! Let's hop to it! [Gallops ahead, taking a stance next to Safiri.] Howdy, Safiri!

Safiri: [Smiles at Applejack, currently out of breath.] Hi! Glad you're here!

Pinkie Pie: [Trots up next to Applejack.] Yup, we made it just in time! Now let's ROCK THIS PARTY!! [She pulls an entire cannon completely out of hammerspace.]

Safiri: Waah!! Where did she--...?!

Applejack: Uh, we all learned it's best to not ask. Now! [She turns around, as if ready to buck the force field.] Time 'ta put these legs to the ultimate test!

Safiri: [She blinks, staring blankly as Pinkie hops into her own cannon, now wearing a helmet.] ... (What a strange world.)

Twilight Sparkle: Rarity, remember what we learned?

Rarity: Why, of course! I'm not one to use magic for destructive purposes, but matters are different. Let's perform elegantly, Twilight!

[The two join the cause, horns aglow with an intensifying gleam. Rather than firing this streak of magical energy at the barrier, they aim at a common point in midair. The two beams collide, forming a helix of powerful auras which burrow into the force field.]

Spike: [Hops off of Twilight and stands in front of the barrier. He takes a deep breath, ready to bellow out his signature green fire.]

Fluttershy: Um... [Flies up to the shield, tapping it with one hoof.] Hiyaaa...! ...Oh...

[Cadance and Shining Armor stand together, crossing horns. Their passion manifests in the form of energetic aura, which charges steadily...]

Safiri: Clear the way. I'm gonna give this another try! [She backs away from the barrier quite a ways.] Okay... Relax... Focus. [Squints at her destination, paws beginning to glow a luminous yellow. Her Crossblade is temporarily absorbed within her.]

[High above the castle, Impulse and Rainbow Dash are preparing to dive into the force field. They have taken different positions, however they are watching one another closely.]

Impulse: [He begins the descent, both arms back, letting his wings propel him forward.]

Rainbow Dash: Here goes! [She follows Impulse's moves, her arms forward as she dives.]

Rush: [He looks to the skies, much of the roof missing. Now, the dome of unbreakable energy appears to serve as the only covering for the audience chamber. Rather than focusing his attack on the ground, he activates his jet boots, ascending high above the barrier. With his saber pointed forward, he arcs into a dive bomb.]

(Vesse: Cruce. Strike on my word.)

Cruce: (Vesse... Alright, will do.) [He stands back, Crossblade pulsing with a hue of dark purple.]


[Mere moments later.]

(Vesse: Now. Strike with all of your might!)

[Both Impulse and Rainbow Dash break into an incredible speed, tearing through the air. Sonic booms are achieved on both ends. Rainbow's sonic boom appears as an explosion of varied hues and shades, while Impulse's is a shockwave of blue light, similarly colored electricity flaring out in all directions.]

[Safiri's own sonic boom is achieved on ground level. Yellow wisps spiral around her stream of pure kinetic energy, the impact upon the force field resulting in a massive, blinding burst.]

[Pinkie and Applejack share the assault on the barrier in their own unique ways. Applejack bucks at the wall with her brute force, while Pinkie literally launches herself into it. Spike exhales a blast of green fire. Fluttershy delivers but a whimsical kick. The more the merrier...]

[The unicorns' magic coalesces, forming together an unstoppable beam of the energies of harmony.]

[Rush does not attempt a sonic boom. His splashdown relies on magic focused at one particular spot of the target, resulting in a lethal eruption of crimson aura.]

[Cruce dashes forth and strikes, a dark cyclone ensuing from the blow, air shimmering from the presence of Vesse within his Crossblade.]


[A nova engulfs Canterlot. Its light persists for seconds...]

[The barrier has shattered, burning air serving as its aftermath. The air is electric. Chaos within the sky has expanded. The storm around the city is absolute, carrying buildings in its wake. It is all but ruin.]

Cruce: [Harmed from the eruption of the barrier, he finds himself laying on the floor of the audience chamber. He lifts his head slowly, focusing on the flickering beacon not fifteen feet in front of him. He searches for the Crossblade...] Nrgh... ghh... (V-...Vesse...?)

[The beacon dissipates, reddened sky leaving behind a black gap where it had been firing. The gap closes. The lowered beacon reveals a small figure, as well as two royal alicorns, one bright as the sun, the other dark as the night. The smallest figure in the center of the audience chamber stands on two legs. He has thin, white fur, long wing-esque ears, and green hair. Around one of his wrists is a black band with a small screen. It is unlike Rush's, although much like Edge's. In both paws is a Crossblade, one of which is held forward like a sword, the other held backhand. The Crossblade wielded frontwards is devoid of color, gray all throughout, save the blades themselves, which are black, etched with glowing runes. The other Blade is Cruce's...]

Cruce: Hey... Hey! You! [He attempts to stand. His body is weakened... He can only crawl forward.]

???: [He is, in fact, a shaymin. However, this appears to be his natural form. He does not face Cruce, nor does he speak.] ... [He collapses, falling to his knees before laying prone on the floor. Both Crossblades do the same.]

Cruce: ...[He continues to crawl ahead until he reaches his Blade. He lays his head down for a moment...] (Guh... this... this guy...) [Lifts his head again, watching the two-legged shaymin.] (He's a shaymin, like me and my counterpart were... Is he another me...? I'm sick of that, it doesn't even make any sense... Multiple Cruces? It's stupid. I'm sure the other one feels the same way...) [He sighs.] (He's down, whoever he is... Why'd he... have my Blade?)

???: [Struggles to get up, managing to push himself up with his arms. He turns his head, searching for Cruce's Crossblade.]

Cruce: !! Back off! [He forces his Blade to disappear.]

???: Nn...! [He slams on the ground with a fist.] Why...? Why'd you have to... meddle like this?

Cruce: [Finds the strength to stand. He walks over to the shaymin, planting a hoof on the back of his head and forcing his face into the ground.] Don't start. You'll explain everything you've done--the destruction you've caused, the lives I'm sure you've taken--once I get everyone together. You move, and I swear, I'll slice you in half.

???: [His voice his muffled.] Mmfffg... [He lifts his head slightly, pushing Cruce's leg off.] Get off, I'm not afraid of you! [Promptly, he stands, snatching his own Blade. He glares at Cruce, doubled over and injured, but ready to defend himself.]

Cruce: [He backs away, more curious than angry at the shaymin's resilience and resistance.] ... [He notices the dedication in the other's eyes.] Man, who are you? Why'd you do this?

???: ...I'd... [Lowers his weapon.] I'd say it's none of your business, but... You're a Crossblade wielder too...

Cruce: Good observation... [Squints at the shaymin.] Tell me why you've done all this?

???: I... [Shakes his head once.] Look... [He points to the sky. The storm appears to be dying down. The crimson sky is calming, reverting to its casual state. The lightning no longer flashes.]

Cruce: [He observes the chaos dwindling away...] What's all this?

Reigh: Harmony... Listen, my name is Reigh. I'm not as... bad as you think I am.

Cruce: That's a good way to start.

Reigh: I-I'm a Spirit Cross, like yourself, it looks like. It feels like there's a lot of us here...

Cruce: Right, right. Get to the point. Why are you here?

Reigh: ...[He looks away, focused on the badly beaten Celestia.] I'm here to destroy the Storm... [Cruce remains silent, puzzled by this statement. Reigh turns back to him.] But, right now it... just doesn't look so good, I know. I hate myself for what I've done. I hate myself so much... But it's all for the better of the worlds.

Cruce: The better of the worlds? I don't know if you've checked around yet, but it seems like you just kind of are the Storm.

Reigh: ...I know... I know the evil I've done. But the Storm is unlike any evil I could ever do. To truly defeat them, you need to become them... You also need the Crossblade.

Cruce: ...The Crossblade, hm...?

Reigh: I'm sorry, but it doesn't end here... Maybe we'll meet again. If you try and stop me, I'll be forced to fight you off, but I'm sure you're strong... I'm not looking forward to us being opponents, Cruce.

Cruce: ...You know my name already...

Reigh: I had your Blade... your spirit. I know you a little bit. [He lifts himself into the air without the use or need for wings.] About the Elements of Harmony: they're on Hypera, the center of Dreamscape. It's Storm's birthplace. Don't try and get them back. I fed them to the Storm for a reason... Farewell, Cruce. [He flies off, no one but Cruce aware of his existence.]


Cruce: [Watching Reigh fly off into the blue sky, sun shining upon the face of decimation.] Reigh... [Lowers his head briefly, shielding his eyes with his hat.] Well, what a twist.

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