In case some of you didn't notice, I'm merging a lot of these parts...
Parts... I call them parts... when in the normal Sync and Hymn and Theory... they're episodes...

~~Central City~~
[Cruce and Celebi are speaking about their past issues.]
Cruce: [Sitting against the wall with his arms crossed.] So, Chris... the Ethereal Cross, you called it?
Celebi: [He's sitting against the same wall right next to Cruce with his legs crossed and his head lowered.] Mhmm. It was a jumpy war between Light and Darkness that provoke Reality, I think... I don't know how it happened exactly, but I got caught up in the transfer from Reality to Fantasy and lived... that made me "special" to both Light and Darkness. Of course, Light got to me first. And whaddya know? I'm the Connector!
Cruce: Hmhm, you and I both, dude... See, I actually dealt with an Ethereal Cross too. It was... weird. Naught managed to open the gateway to Reality. He just threw the Eclipses at us and that hugely upset the balance of their worlds and our own. It basically shifted what's called the Ecliptic Pull to Earth, which Naught "crystallized", put into these "Empyreal Gems"... It got complicated.
Celebi: [Looks at Cruce, incapable of a more curious expression.] What's the Ecliptic Pull?
Cruce: [He chuckles, surprised that there actually is no Ecliptic Pull in this dimensions.] The Ecliptic Pull is... tricky. But here's what it basically does: each of the Ecliptic Worlds is dominated by one ruling species, and to maintain that necessary balance, each of these worlds has an energy so powerful that very few can actually withstand it. What that energy does is slowly replace your own soul with the aura of a, for example, a Pokémon or a Mobian, rather than say a human or somethin' else. It'll turn you into that to make sure the world's aren't disrupted. Eventually, you begin to think like one of them too. It's really fascinating.
Celebi: Whoa, cool... So that's why you said you've been a Pokémon before...
Cruce: Yup. And what weirds me out is that it was a Celebi, like you.
Celebi: Really? How?
Cruce: The Ecliptic Pull... Well, that and... um... that dark matter you saw me use on that Nightmare... I'm actually made out of that stuff. As far as I know...
Celebi: [Blinks twice.] Wh-wha? Whoa... Wait... you're serious?
Cruce: Yeah, heh...[He places both hands behind his head, resting on them.] I'd show you know, but I think everyone else would kinda freak out...
Celebi: Dude! [Flies up a little, then falls to his back on Cruce's lap.] You gotta show me that sometime. [Smiles up at Cruce.]
Cruce: [Looking down at Celebi.] Heheh, alright alright. I will sometime... [Rubs Celebi's belly with one hand.]
Celebi: Hehe... h-hey, I'm... I'm not a dog.
Cruce:[/i}] Oh really? Well it looks to me like you're enjoying this.
[The others receive a transmission on the same screen Eggman was on. Sonic picks it up only to be greeted by a strange looking human in a green space suit, and a tribal dove.]
Sonic: Huh? Who are you? [Derrick and Hreine are on the screen.]
Derrick: My name is Derrick.
Hreine: And I'm Hreine.
Cruce: (Derrick? Hreine?) ... (What're they doing here? That makes no sense...)
Stream: [Turns away in disgust at Sonic.]
Derrick: I've heard you well, Sonic the Hedgehog.
Sonic: Oh, uh. Er, yeah. I get that a lot...
Derrick: Yes, yes. I'm sure. Now, you are aware of the crisis, right?
Sonic: You mean that freak who's been terrorizing Central City?
Derrick: Exactly.
Sonic: Yep... His name his Mewtwo. Do you guys know about him?
Derrick: Very little, I'm afraid. We've been planning on stopping him, but we assumed you had control over the situation.
Sonic: Well...
Tails: That's exactly what we don't have...
Derrick: ...Hm...?
Tails: Oh, sorry. My name is Tails. But...
Derrick: Ah, Tails.
Hreine: Wait a minute... I thought you said he was a fox.
Tails: I am... But Mewtwo turned me into this. He's been doing the same thing to a lot of residents here.
Derrick: I'm sorry to hear that. I have contacted you to let you all know that we are heading to Central City to assist with this calamity.
Sonic: Hold up... You sure you're not in kahoots with Mewtwo or Eggman?
Derrick: We are not... Is Dr. Robotnik causing problems again?
Tails: He just contacted us recently and said he's working for [gulp] ...Naught...
Derrick: Naught...? This is a new name to me... It sounds troublesome.
Hreine: Don't worry! We're gonna help sort this out and stop this Mewtwo.
Rouge: Well, that's always wonderful news.
Sonic: No kiddin'. All right! You're welcome to come here at any time!
Derrick: Excellent. We'll see you there.
Cruce: These Sphere people... Who are they?
Rouge: I've done some research and I have found out that Team Sphere is a secretive space exploration group. The word is... they've seen some pretty strange things out there, and there's plenty of conspiracies attached to it. It was interesting to finally get to see them...
Tails: Was that Derrick person their leader?
Rouge: That's right. Team Sphere's leader is known for his legendary IQ, and at such a young age. He's a lot like you, now that I think about it.
Tails: I can't wait to meet him in person!
Sonic: Bet they're not so great. I mean, we've never heard of 'em.
Rouge: Well, they operate in secrecy. That is why.
Cruce: Derrick and Hreine were in my dimension also...
[They turn to Cruce.]
Cruce: There was another with them known as Safiri, who I didn't spot...
Celebi: Safiri?! Saf--...Safiri?!
Cruce: I take it that's an Eclipse here?
Celebi: Y-yeah! She's an Eclipse I know from Safa... So she's not an Eclipse in your dimension?
Cruce: On the contrary, she was. There were, in fact, two Safiris... but this is aside the point. Point is, Derrick and Hreine didn't live on Mobius. They had some huge other role to play instead of this one.
Lucario: There are similarities with your world and ours, though many things are different... I gather that with that variety comes reason.
Tails: You mean like... the changed stuff is the stuff to pay attention to?
Lucario: Hm, you could say that.
Cruce: Yeah, I think Tails has a point. Lucario too. After all... [He looks at Celebi.] We're different... but our roles are almost the same...
[Just as the group begins to disperse into their own conversations...]
Celebi: ...[Still laying on Cruce.] I think I'm gonna get some fresh air. Anyone wanna join me?
Cruce: I'll come out with you.
Lucario: Ah, do you care if I join?
Celebi: Not at all, fine by me. [He nods.]
Cruce: ...Wait... Chris, is something bothering you maybe?
Celebi: [He hovers out of Cruce's lap.] Well... a little... It feels like... another Eclipse is near.
Lucario: Ah. Yes, let's check outside.
[These three head outside, not expecting much... When, suddenly, three bright yellow orbs appear, and then fade, revealing Adam, Al, and Mew.]
Celebi: Mew, Adam, Al!
Cruce: Would you look at that. Your suspicions were right, man. [Smirks at Celebi.]
Al: Chris! Lucario! Cruce!
Mew: You three are okay!!
Adam: What a load off my mind... Glad to see you guys again!
Celebi: You too! How did you three make it?
Mew: I felt re-energized, and Palkia stayed close by. Al and Adam also decided to join me, with their guildmaster's permission.
Al: Wow... I never got a real look at this world... It's so... different.
Lucario: We appreciate the extra assistance you are giving us. Thank you Mew. And thank you, Adam and Al.
Al: No problem!
[Tails spots everyone and immediately remembers the other faces.]
Tails: Oh! [Runs into the crowd.]
Mew: Tails! I knew we'd see each other again soon! Heheh!
Tails: Hahaha, yeah! So you three made it after all! Good to see you again also, um... Adam and Al, was it?
Adam: Yep.
Al: Hey Tails!
Mew: So, Lucario, Chris. What's been going on around here? Is Mewtwo causing trouble? ...Silly question, I know.
Lucario: More trouble here than back home. He seems to be after a power source known as the Chaos Emeralds as we speak.
Celebi: And another villain has apparently joined him...
Lucario: Dr. Eggman, if I recall correctly.
Al: Dr. Eggman? What a strange name...
[Sonic peers out.]
Sonic: Hey, what's goin' on out here?
Tails: Hey Sonic! Check this out!
Sonic: [Runs to Tails.] Are those other guys here? Huh...? Are these Pokémon also?
Mew: [Observes Sonic.] Tails, who's your friend?
Tails: This is Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog! He's the most famous hedgehog on the planet. And he's also the fastest living thing ever!
[Just then, a new figure enters the scene. He is a skunk with a white mohawk that runs nearly all the way down his back before it flattens and reaches his tail. His fur is black{Obviously.}. His eyes are dark blue, and he is wearing goggles on his forehead, which are flattening his ears. He is wearing black biker gloves, not to mention black custom sneakers...]
Young, Rough Voice: You sure 'bout that, kid?! [Standing on top of the lab.]
Celebi: Who's this!?
Sonic: Hey, who are you now!?
Stream: Haha! [Leaps from the building and lands right a couple feet in front of Sonic. His goggles are over his eyes, and Sengoku, now a gray chao with wolf-like features, is holding on to his shoulder. He pushes his goggles up.] The name's Stream. Stream the Skunk! Don't forget it!
[All so rapidly, three others descend upon the street nearby. Everyone turns their attention toward those three.]
Derrick: We have arrived!
Hreine: Finally! We get to meet you all!
Surge: [His appearance is very similar to Khris the rabbit's.] Dang... I didn't expect this team to be so massive... Good to see you made it, Stream. You and Sengoku.
Stream: Haha, we beat your fairy powers, Surge! Who needs flight anyway! ...[Turns his head slowly to Sengoku, who is looking back, irritated.] ...Right, sorry Sen.
Sengoku: Surge has a point though. This is a lot more than I had expected.
Mew: ...So... Chris?
Celebi: Yeah?
Derrick: Chris...? Hreine... Are you thinking what...?
Hreine: What you're thinking? Yeah... Waaaay too ironic... I've heard of him...
Mew: What's going on now?
Celebi: I'm... not sure... Maybe I should've payed attention a little more...
Al: It looks like a lot has happened!
Stream: Whoa man!! Look at all these little guys!
Sonic: [Crosses his arms and raises a brow at Stream.]
Rouge: [Peeps out the door.] What is going on out here?
Cruce: Team Sphere is a lot larger then the trio I knew back home... [Crosses his arms, scoffing.] 'Guess that's what you get when you know nothing about a dimension...
[The massive group is now conversing, trying to figure out a plan...]
Celebi: This is a huge group guys... I didn't think we'd be getting this much help.
Cruce: Definitely a split-up-scenario.
Tails: I agree. I think we should split it up into two groups. It's still safe in those numbers.
Mew: I agree too. There are enough of us here for that suggestion. What do you think, Chris?
Celebi: 'Sounds to me like a pretty good plan. How're we gonna do this... Let's see...
Mew: What about one team being all Pokémon, and the other being the otherworlders?
Cruce: It's risky. Pokémon have all of those special abilities to help combat Nightmares, but what's everyone else left with?
Tails: Cruce is right. Our recent experience with the Nightmares was, well... tricky...
Al: There's so many others here! It's kind of exciting actually.
Adam: Yeah! But... How are we gonna get anywhere with this many of us? I know there's safety in numbers, but...
Al: You've got a good point... Maybe if we split up, not too much so that we're vulnerable, but so that we can have fair game against Mewtwo or Dr. Eggman.
Adam: And the Nightmares. They could be any element... This complicates everything.
Al: Yeah... You're right... Hmm...
[Through all of this, Sonic literally has vanished with know one knowing.]
Rouge: So, Team Sphere. I've done a little research about you. I have heard you excel at space exploration, among other things...
Derrick: You're correct.
Rouge: So, what exactly are you all after? Aside from advancements in space travel?
Surge: We have our sights on a mysterious fox girl who appear only during the night. She holds a big secret about the Chaos Emeralds that not even the Echidnas knew...
Rouge: Fox girl...? Does she have any connection to anyone named "Shadow the Hedgehog"?
Derrick: We have heard her mention that name a few times. How do you know of this?
Rouge: I know Shadow... He doesn't tell me everything, but what you described is similar to what he told me a while ago about a fox of the night.
Hreine: Maybe this Shadow person knows a lot about her...
Rouge: What's her name? Maybe I can recall it to what Shadow said.
Derrick: Her name is Equinox... Equinox the Fox.
Rouge: Yep... He's definitely mentioned the name...
[Sengoku is now hovering.]
Sengoku: What are we doing here anyway, just hanging around like this?
Stream: I dunno... I thought we were gonna get right down to business... Sheesh! What a waste of time, I want to go, now!
Sengoku: ...Hey... Where'd Sonic go...?
Stream: Eh, who cares? He's the "Great Sonic the Hedgehog", he can handle himself...
[Heading south, Sonic is already far away from the large group, with an annoyed expression. These are mixed feelings built up over the coming chaos... Little does Sonic know he is traveling at his Sonic speed.]
Sonic: Ah, who needs them...? I can take Mewtwo on by myself... I just wasn't ready, that's all... That freak's nothing special, he's just different... Huh? Agh!!! [Trips, hitting the ground roughly, and flipping over multiple times before he finally hits a building so hard, that it dents a bit. Sonic is paralyzed in pain...] Urgh... [The mark on his back begins glowing.] Ahhh!!! Help!! Somebody!!.........Erf...[The mark ceases glowing. It is much more painful this time... Sonic passes out, laying on his chest...]
[A door is booted open nearby. Another hedgehog comes rushing out. She is pink, and is wearing a small red dress. Her eyes are light hazel, and her shoes are red with one stripe in the center. Her hair is moderately long, with three small strands in front.]
Amy: [Gasps right when she spots Sonic.] Sonic!! Oh no! [Rushes to Sonic and falls to her knees.] What... What happened?!
Sonic: [Groans... He manages to turn himself over and opens his eyes a bit.] Am...Amy?
Amy: Sonic! What are you doing!? You had me worried sick!!
Sonic: Wait... What happened?
Amy: You don't even know what happened?! [Puts her hands on her hips, agitated.]
Sonic: [Stands up slowly.] Ohh... My back...
Amy: Hm? [Walks around Sonic, looking at his back.] What's this!?
Sonic: Oh yeah! That ring... Darn it, I forgot again... Maybe I should've stayed with everyone...
Amy: How did this ring get here, and what is it?
Sonic: Well... I can't explain very well... It acts up whenever I run.
Amy: ...Yikes... Sonic, try not to be so reckless! You'll get hurt...
Sonic: Thank you for your concern Amy, but I really think I should get back to the group... [Starts backing away...]
Amy: And just where do you think you're going?!
Sonic: ...Away?
Amy: Nuh-uh! Not without me! I don't want you running around with that curse-thingy on your back!
Sonic: Okay, seriously Amy, do you even know what's been happening lately?
Amy: ...Well... I know what's been happening... But it doesn't make sense...
Sonic: 'Good to see you're doing fine as it is.
Amy: [Lightens up.] Oh, thank you! ...But... The others of the city... They're...
Sonic: Pokémon?
Amy: Huh? What did you say?
Sonic: They're Pokémon. That's what those creatures are called.
Amy: So that weirdo with his creepy dark friends is running around turning people into... those creatures...
Sonic: Does he know about you?
Amy: He... He... [Shudders.] I was looking out the window when he was passing by, and he saw me, and smirked eerily... I thought I was gonna get hurt... I was scared, and I still am...
Sonic: Then I guess you should come with us. It's safer with the all of the friends we've made because of Mewtwo... That's his name by the way...
Amy: Ohh, thank you Sonic!! [Runs up to Sonic and hugs him.]
Sonic: Eheheh... Erm... Yeah, sure... We should get going.
Amy: [Let's him go, knowing he can't run anymore.] Yep, we should!
[The two of them head back to the lab...]
Tails: [Now aware that Sonic is missing.] Oh no... Where is he? He couldn't have gone in search for Mewtwo already?
Lucario: Hopefully not. He agreed to help us with this expedition.
Celebi: (Expedition... Why does that suddenly...? Oh... Right... Dad... I can't believe that I've almost forgotten about him... His expeditionary force... I wonder how he is... )
Derrick: Maybe he went to get extra help.
Hreine: Do we really need any more help?
Surge: [Chuckles as he speaks.] She's got a point... Still, the more the merrier.
Derrick: Absolutely true, Surge.
Stream: [Sighs, bored. He's now sitting against a wall, with Sengoku sitting on his head and flattening his mohawk.] This... is... so... stupid...
Sengoku: What a mess...
Al: Wow, I hope he's okay...
Amy: [From a bit of a distance, she waves to the crowd.] Hey!!
Cruce: (Amy...?)
Tails: Oh, it's Amy... with Sonic!! I knew he was just getting help!
Stream: [Quickly stands up, almost throwing Sengoku off.] Hell-o, who is this?
Sengoku: [Recovers in flight.] Oh brother...
Amy: Wow! You were right! There are a lot!
Sonic: Yeah, heheh... heh... Um, sorry about that guys! I'm back now though!
Tails: Sonic! You had me worried!
Amy: He had me worried at also! With him running full speed into buildings...
Sonic: Hey, Amy I--Erm...No I didn--What? Full speed? Noooo...
Tails: [Sorrowful.] Soooonic... You promised...
Sonic: Ok, ok. I'm sorry Tails... It's really tough to not do what I do best...
Amy: Wait... Tails?! Is that you!?
Tails: Yeah. Mewtwo did this...
Amy: ...Sonic, how could you break a promise with such an adorable little face like that?
Sonic: Hey, like I said, it's my strong side. [Looks at Stream.] And what I'm best at!
Stream: Tch... Yeah suuure! You're the best at running... into things.
Sonic: Wha--hey! That was an accident!!
Amy: [Giggles.]
Stream: You had an accident? Need a diaper!? Ohh!!
Sengoku: Haha! Nice one! High-five!
[Cruce covers his face with one hand while Celebi sighs...]
[Sengoku and Stream do a high-five.]
Amy: [Bursts into louder laughter.]
Sonic: Grrr... [Crosses his arms.]
Surge: Stream, shut up. We're supposed be helping these guys, not degrading them, yeesh...
Stream: Alright, alright. Sorry, sorry heheh...
Lucario: [Only to Mew, Celebi, and Cruce.] (I've had enough of this tomfoolery. It is time we took this matter into our hands.) [To everyone.] (Alright everyone! Listen up!)
[Everyone immediately quiets themselves and looks to Lucario.]
Lucario: [Clears his throat.] It is time we organized ourselves!
Celebi: (Whoa, now he's talking out loud? What the heck?)
Lucario: No longer will we delay this! Mewtwo is out there, still tormenting others. We united for one reason: to put a stop to him. And that is what we are going to, one way or another.
Stream: [Whispers to Sengoku] Heh, here we go. Finally gettin' to the point.
Lucario: Now, I am aware that this is a large group, and I have overheard some suggestions, and they are reasonable... If we weren't dealing with Mewtwo's new tricks... So we are one large group through this... You may disagree now, but after you fight his minions, you will thank me for the plan.
Celebi: (No kidding. I already thank you, man.)
Lucario: Now, Mewtwo is after an immense power source... If I recall correctly, they are the Chaos Emeralds.
Surge: Uh-oh... I knew it...
Sengoku: What!? He's after...?
Rouge: Yep... It's all terribly true.
Amy: That means... Oh no, Knuckles!
Lucario: Unfortunately, that is all I know... Tails. Can you tell us where these Chaos Emeralds are located?
Tails: They're guarded by an Echidna named Knuckles on a shrine, on a floating island known as Angel Island... The problem is... How are we all going to get there?
Celebi: Well, Cruce has this awesome power that can just teleport us to the place!
Derrick: Teleportation?! Is that true?
Lucario: Ah, yes. Cruce, could you take us to this Angel Island?
Cruce: Hmm... (Angel Island...) That's a bit far. True, I've been here before, but... I still don't know too much about this world. Not enough to take us long distances like that. I wouldn't want to accidentally warp us randomly in the middle of the sea or somethin'.
Celebi: I guess that makes sense... Oh, Tails! What about the Tornado?
Tails: It's beaten up from Mewtwo...
Celebi: Ok, anyone who can fly, raise your hand! [Raises his hand.]
[Derrick, Hreine, Surge, Sengoku, and Mew raise their hands.]
Tails: Maybe some of us will just have to stay.
Derrick: Don't worry, for I have a solution. The Capricorn-2!
Sonic: Say what?
Derrick: The Capricorn-2 is custom design aircraft built for excess space travel. It will lif us into the sky with pure ease. Also, it's capacity extends to a relieving fifty passengers.
Tails: Beautiful! None of us have to worry about self-flying, or anything! Derrick, you are a life-saver! Thank you, Team Sphere.
Sonic: ...[Rolls his eyes.]
Amy: Wow! You're all really prepared for this kinda thing, huh?
Stream: Heh, yeah well... It's what we do. May I ask, what is your name?
Amy: Oh! I'm Amy Rose!
Stream: Amy... I love that name... Amy... [Chuckles.] I'm Stream. Nice to meet you!
Cruce: (Barf.)
Amy: [Giggles.] Hehe, hello Stream!
Tails: [Trots to Derrick.] So, where's this Capricorn-2?
Derrick: It is back at Sector-SP2. Not to worry though, I have just the thing. [Pulls up his wristwatch-like communicator. He dials a few switches and buttons, and a laser panel screen lights up, revealing some sort of robotic communicator. Tails is watching wide-eyed, amazed at Derrick's technology.] Sector-SP2, Derrick calling Sector-SP2.
Robotic Voice: Greetings Derrick. What do you require?
Derrick: Greetings R.O.M., we are in need of the Capricorn-2. Please send immediately.
R.O.M.: Understood. I will begin preparations for launch. I have coordinated your destination as well.
Derrick: Excellent. We will be awaiting your arrival, R.O.M..
R.O.M.: Yes Derrick. R.O.M. out.
Derrick: Derrick out.
[The screen vanishes back into his communicator.]
Derrick: Ok. It's on its way.
Tails: Woooow... That's... That's so cooool!!!
Derrick: [Smiles.] I'm glad you like it. Are you a fan of robotics?
Tails: Definately, yes!
Hreine: Well, just wait! It gets cooler!
Surge: For now though, we're gonna be waiting. Not very long, trust me. Derrick specifically designs all of this stuff to work at high speed... I don't know how he does it, he just does.
Tails: Neat! So Derrick, with are the type of units you build your robots from?
Derrick: Well, I design unique hydraulics for them, so the units are entirely custom to my liking, much as the coordinated AI, which--[Complicated conversation.]
Celebi: Heheh, looks like Tails is fascinated.
Lucario: This human's knowledge is incredible... It is far too advanced... However, I am grateful that he is such a dramatic assistance.
[Now, the large group is awaiting the arrival of the Capricorn-2... From Westopolis to their location, it shouldn't take any more than 5 minutes with the ships's travel ability... but it already has.]
Hreine: Hey Derrick... It's been a bit longer than what I'd say is the right time...
Derrick: It has... Something must be wrong...
Lucario: Derrick, is there a problem? There is some unrest in your tone.
Derrick: The Capricorn-2 should've already arrived...
Surge: Maybe R.O.M. had to take the long way for something?
Derrick: I... I can't imagine why...
[Everyone is conversing...]
[...Suddenly, Derrick wristwatch beeps...]
Derrick: Ah, a report. [Just like earlier, the laser screen appears on the watch, and the voice is the same robotic tone.] R.O.M., is there a problem?
R.O.M.: Unfortunately, yes. Sector-SP2 has been invaded by foreign mechanics... Dr. Eggman's robots.
Derrick: What!? Dr. Eggman!?
[At this, everyone is muted and turns their attention toward Derrick.]
Derrick: Grr... What's the status on the Capricorn-2.
R.O.M.: The Capricorn-2 is missing. The mechanics have stolen the ship. It's whereabouts are unknown...
Derrick: ...This can't be happening... That Eggman...
Sonic: ...How does he even know about you guys...?
Derrick: ...I...I don't know... We must've been spied on. We haven't had any conflicts with Eggman in the past... Team Sphere focuses it's works outside of the planet... R.O.M... are there any more active robots in there that are a threat?
R.O.M.: Negative. The remaining threats have been neutralized...
Celebi: (When he says "neutralized"... Does he mean destroyed... or the other meaning...? I hope destroyed.)
Cruce: (Neutralized... Ah, memories.)
Derrick: ...Alright... Understood. Derrick out.
R.O.M.: Understood. R.O.M. out.
[The laser panel disappears... It is quiet over the group...]
Surge: Well... that's...
Stream: Well this is just great! Now we came out here for nothing!
Lucario: There must be another way... There just has to... Derrick, do you have any other means of transportation?
Derrick: We have the Comet Tail... but it is disassembled and undergoing repairs.
Tails: Oh, and I really had my hopes up for a moment...
Amy: But there just has to be another way...
Sonic: We gotta find Eggman...
[Everyone turns to Sonic, in question.]
Sengoku: What good will that do? Sure, he's got the ship but we don't know where that is anymore.
Stream: Yeah! And even if we were to find the ship, what'd we do with Eggman?
Sonic: He knows more than we do, as painful as that is to admit...
Tails: ...Sonic's right... Earlier, we received a disturbing transmission... Dr. Eggman had told us. I recall Sonic telling you that he is working for someone known as Naught... I know Naught just as well...
Sonic: What?! Tails, you know...?
Tails: Yes... Sorry I never mentioned it... It was my previous adventure with Chris, who knows more about this crisis than anyone of us really does...
[Everyone turns to Celebi, surprised.]
Rouge: Now that you say it... Eggman DID mention something about Chris... And he couldn't possibly know about him...
Celebi: Anyone working for Naught will know me...
Surge: You... You're a strange one... Derrick, Hreine... You guys have mentioned something about this before...
Derrick: Chris... Yes, I remember it clearly... Our signals picked up a new, abnormal presence on a seemingly normal day... It was you Chris... You were different though... You were a human. [Turns to Cruce...] Much like him, in fact... What is your name?
Cruce: Cruce Ifai. Like "Crucify". Call me Cruce. I look like Chris, but I'm not, so... Disregard that. [Shrugs.]
Derrick: Hmm... [Rubs his chin.] Interesting...
Hreine: [Speaking to Celebi.] We decided to study you're abnormality, but we came to no conclusion... It was an unknown cause...
Derrick: So now, since you're here in the flesh... Tell us... Who are you...?
Celebi: (Why does everyone keep asking me that...? Don't they already understand I'm just a misguided hero...?) I'm Chris Lunhalo... Of Earth... Of the other side...
Cruce: L-...Lunhalo...?
Celebi: Yes...? Chris Lunhalo...
Cruce: ...Hmm... [He smirks, closing his eyes and crossing his arms...]
Derrick: Tell us... You and this Naught appearing simultaneously... It's only obvious you were are here to stop him...
Celebi: ...I... I don't even know what I'm supposed to do anymore... The Eclipses... They know just as well... Tails... Mew?
Tails: I... I'm not sure of anything else...
Mew: All I know is... we have stopped Naught in the past...
Al: Chris...?
Celebi: [Turns to Al.] Yeah Al?
Al: I remember back at Wigglytuff's Guild... You said that you sank into... Darkness... That Naught saved you... Doesn't that mean... You work for Naught too now?
Everyone: WHAT!?!?
Cruce: Damn... [Rubs one ear.] Loud... I assumed that was obvious. It's why Eggman wished you good luck, wasn't it?
Celebi: Exactly. See? Cruce is a lot like me... He worked with Darkness once... Only Darkness understands Darkness truly... And I know what Mewtwo and Eggman both want... A seat of power in the Apocalypse Realm...
Celebi: Two Nightmares of the worlds neighboring... Mewtwo... and Dr. Eggman... They will rid this world of its power... And then the next... And it's all for a seat of that very power... They're being tested by Naught... Just as I am... They sank into Darkness... Just as I did... But them, compared to me... is different... Naught doesn't care about they're abilities as long as he has dominance... Me however... His test for me is of much greater magnitude than the others... I have no control over Darkness... I have no control over Light... He expects me to overcome all of my obstacles... Surrounded By Gray... [Closes his eyes and begins hovering in the air.]
Cruce: [Grins.] Yes, Chris... Grayness... That's your true home... Let that embrace you... [He notices something beginning to shine in Celebi's eyes.] Wh-... What are you doing...?
Celebi: ...By my trial... By my tribulation... I refuse to fall behind... [The flash grows more intense.]
Cruce: Chris!! Don't!! [He quickly grabs hold of Celebi's arms.] Don't... time travel...
Celebi: [His power fades.] Cruce...? What're you doing?! Let goo of me!!
Cruce: No!
[The others are watching, terribly confused and somewhat frightened.]
Derrick: What is this...?
Al: Cruce, what're you doing to him?!
Mew & Tails: Chris!!
Sonic: What's going on...?
Celebi: ...Ergh... C-...Cruce, stop... Why're you... doing this?
Cruce: I can't let you time travel... I just can't. Not again...
Celebi: Again...? You mean... all this happened before?
Cruce: ...Agh... [Shakes his head, still holding Celebi.] Dammit...
[Suddenly, the world around the two turns black... nothingness surrounds them.]
[Chrisand Cruce find themselves in the same oblivion Chris was just before he appeared on the Pokémon World...]
Cruce: ...s**t... what did I do? [He now holds Celebi close to his chest.]
Celebi: [Looking around.] I remember this... Naught...?
Naught: Child... Whom is it that you are with...? Who hath prevented you from fulfilling your duties...? Your powers?
Celebi: Naught, I... What are you saying...?
Naught: This human hath prevented what must happened... He hath altered the course of history...
Cruce: Shut up, Naught! Shut up!! I'm not about to deal with your lies again!
Celebi: Cruce... [Amazed that he would speak to Naught like this.]
Naught: Such anger... Such a flare of violence... I do not know you, human... But your actions prove you to be an enemy of Darkness. If you would stand in the path of my Advocate's trials to seeking his truth...
Celebi: He's not in my way...
Naught: Silence, Child! ...What is more important to you...? Your truth...? Or this fool who should not be...?
Celebi: You don't get it at all... He's not even from this dimension... He's...
Cruce: Bring Darkness to me, Naught. Show me everything you have, and I will laugh in the face of it all before bestowing absolute mayhem upon it.
Naught: ...You dare provoke Darkness...?
Cruce: It's not worth being called a dare.
Naught: Hmhm... Very well... He who prevents my Advocate from moving on... You shall see the true power of Eternal Darkness.
Celebi: Cruce, you... P-prevent...?
Cruce: [Now hugging Celebi.] I... I'm not preventing anything. [Shakes his head.] I'm not...
Naught: Very well... Keep in mind that the closer you move to Reality, the closer you come to the truth... Celebi... Continue... Overcome... And Achieve...
Naught: And you, human... You shall regret the day you were conceived.
...[Celebi is beginning to regain consciousness...]...
Cruce: (Dammit all to hell... That Naught... What'd he... do...?)
[Through Naught's power, Celebi was forced to time travel, returning to a point where Eggman had not yet taken the Capricorn-2. He has, ironically, brought the Light closer to Darkness...]
[Within the sick bay, Celebi and Cruce are laying on a small hospital beds. Tails as Mew seem to be in the room with them. The two are understandably sorrowful.]
Mew: Tails...
Tails: [Looks up at Mew...]
Mew: I know you and Chris are close friends... And I know just what kind of adventure he took you on before... I went through the same thing...
Tails: I know... We're both Eclipses... But... Now that all of this has been brought back to our first friends... and Chris is falling to Darkness... This is a mess...
Mew: I know... Over time, we've neglected to tell our friends that we play an important role in our worlds... We must be there... But from time to time, we must be there for each other as well...
Tails: ...We, as Eclipses... We must unite, and pull Chris away from Naught... That will save our worlds more than ever...
Mew: Yes... I know there are more Eclipses out there... They, too, will go through what we are right now... Chris knows it also... Darkness is rising around Fantasy, more Darkness than Light can handle... Our enemies are both Chris' allies and his enemies... And the same goes for us...
Tails: And if anything can set this crisis straight again...
Tails & Mew: It's Chris' decisions and our actions...
Tails: And... [Lowers his head.]
Mew: Tails? Is something wrong?
Tails: Cruce's interference...
Mew :What...? [He looks over at Cruce.]
Tails: He stopped Chris from time traveling... What could... that mean for him...?
Mew: I'm not sure myself... He's certainly an interesting fellow... but there's something about him that I'm not too comfortable with...
Tails: ...I think I understand it too... His presence is a little menacing... but that may just be because he's so powerful... Even still, Naught has the power to silence him...
Mew: Was it Naught? Or... Was it our Chris?
Celebi: [Struggling... He manages to open his eyes.]
Mew: [Turns to Celebi.] Chris! You're awake!
Celebi: Oh man... [Sits up.] Tails! Mew! ...Where are we...?
Tails: We're aboard the Capricorn-2. Isn't it awesome?
Celebi: But, I thought Dr. Eggman stole it... Derrick got it back?
Mew: No, not Derrick. You did. You managed to recover the entire thing in a second! It was amazing!
Celebi: (Oh... I can barely even remember what... But what Naught said... I guess it makes sense... I really did time travel, didn't I...? To a time before the ship was stolen... So now, Dr. Eggman doesn't have it up to now... But how did I know where the ship was...?) Wow... I did this...?
Tails: Yep. I was just as surprised. If not, even more!
Celebi: (But still... I had that power all along...? Only through this form... I was able to invoke it... It's really true then...) ...
[Amy walks in...]
Amy: How are they doi--oh! He's awake!
Mew: We were worried, but now we're relieved.
Amy: I am too! After what he did for us, it'd be tragic for something bad to happen!
Tails: No kidding!
Amy: Hm? Is Cruce doing okay?
Mew: He's fine. He's resting now, but I'm sure he will awaken soon.
Amy: [Smiles at them.] That's good ...Oh, guys...? Sonic's been acting a little weird... Like, really weird... Really really weird.
Tails: It must have to do with that mark on his back...
Surge: [From the doorway.] 'Ey guys, we're here. Oh, is little green boy awake?
Tails: Yep, he's doing just fine now.
Surge: Sweet, good to hear! Can't have any unnecessary casualties now, heh-heh. How 'bout scary human guy?
Amy: They said he'll be fine too.
Surge: Good, good. So guess what?
Amy: We're on Angel Island?
Surge: Yeppers. Just landed. C'mon, we gotta hurry.
Tails: Roger that!
Mew: Right behind you!
Amy: Ok!
Celebi: [Hovers out of bed.] I'm feeling re-energized and ready now. [Everyone heads out... He follows behind.] (Finally, the power source of this planet... B-but... Wait... [Turns back.] Who is... who is this human...? Why was he with me? ...Oh well... I can't let that bother me now. [With that, he leaves the room...]
Cruce: ...Fuuuck... [Had secretly been awake the entire time. He rubs his face with both hands.] He time traveled... And he forgot me again. ...Ohhh screw you, Naught... If you wanna play that way...
Cruce: [Sighs.] (There's no point in continuing like this if Chris' just gonna keep forgetting me... He wanted to know if I could morph, so I think I'm gonna have some fun... It'd be good to fool with Darkness also. Make them think more inter-dimensional psychopaths are after them... Hmm...) [He holds an arm up, dark matter beginning to form in his hand. It takes the shape of a short staff which is shaped like a cross, each end being a blade.] (...This gives me an idea... Cree, hope ya don't mind if I borrow something of yours for a little while.) [His body becomes black like the matter he summons. It reshapes as he sits up, still holding his arm out with the weapon in it... Hands change to paws while his nose becomes a muzzle. Other notable changes, such as a large fluffy tail, are noted quickly... He becomes Cree Eitor.]
Cree: [Unlike Cree's usual attire, he is wearing the same trench coat, although he is much shorter.] Hm... This is a first. [His voice matches Cree's completely.] ... [Holding the weapon in one paw, he uses the other to bring the hood up over his head, concealing his face.]
~~Angel Island...~~
Stream: Check this out! This is pretty tight, we're on Angel Island!
Sengoku: I've only been here once. It's always cool, no matter how many times you've come here.
Sonic: [Shivers.] Gah! Why can't I stop shivering!?
Stream: You cold? Well how 'bout this!? How about we... You and I... Oh-ho I've been waiting for this...
Sonic: What? Spit it out, c'mon...
Stream: First one to the shrine of the Master Emerald... is the faster one.
Sonic: Oh, NOW we're talking!! You're on!
Stream: That's what I thought! Sengoku, you countdown. You ready, Sonic the Hedgehog? I wanna really see what you're made of!
Sonic: I was born ready! [Shivers.]
[They both stand head and head, ready to start.]
Hreine: [Watching this unfold from the cockpit.] Oh boy... What're we going to do with those three...?
Derrick: Are they going to race?
Hriene: I think so...
Rouge: [Just before she leaves the ship, she gasps, realizing Sonic's curse.] Oh no... Sonic! Wait! [Dashes outside.]
Sengoku: On your marks... Get set...
Rouge: Waiiiit!!!
Sengoku: GO!!!
[The two burst off at a blinding speed, sending off a shockwave of air... Within seconds, they are deep within Angel Island...]
Sengoku: I always get a kick outta that...
Rouge: ...Sonic... Reckless rat... Fine, who cares what happens to him...
Sengoku: Huh? [Turns around to Rouge.] What're you talking about? He's been here before, right?
Rouge: Yes, it's not that... Mewtwo marked a curse on him a while ago... And now every time he runs that fast, he'll trip up, or run into something. Tails sensed the danger in it right away... Sonic could be in trouble as we speak.
Sengoku: Oh... So that's why... Ohhhh... That makes sense now... I was wondering what that ring on his back was... Oops...
Lucario: [Runs outside.] What happened? I felt some sort of earthquake...
Rouge: The two brainiacs sped off...
Lucario: Sonic and Stream... Sonic's in danger... He can't be running at full speed.
Al: [Runs out alongside Adam.] What was that?! I felt a tremor!
Adam: It shook the whole ship!
Sengoku: I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens... Man, now I feel bad...
[Already, very deep within the jungle, the two heroes race side by side... But Sonic is beginning to slow down.]
Stream: [Sprinting.] Ah-ha! What's the matter? Can't keep up!?
Sonic: [Sprinting.] Ergh... Are you kidding? I'm just jogging! Hrahh! [Kicks his speed up to a full sprint. Stream does the same.]
[The two dash through the island at incredible speeds, rushing through obstacles such as loops and gaps, using vines to grind on, water to literally run across, and ramps to leap off into the starry sky... They are now nearing the shrine...]
Sonic: [Gasping for air.] Erf... What's... going on... Why is everything going blurry...?
Stream: Almost there! Look, I'm winning! Ha!
Sonic: I can't... breathe...
[The shrine comes into sight. Stream dashes all the way to it and stops right at the midpoint of the steps while Sonic is jogging sloppily far behind. Stream's actions startle a red echidna nearby so much that he leaps into the air from sitting down.]
Knuckles: What the--!?
Stream: Ha-ha!! I knew it! I was the faster one! Yeah, I'm the best!
Sonic: Grr... Str...Stream... [Falls to his knees, and then doubles over on all fours, coughing. The mark on his back begins glowing...]
Stream: [Hands on hips, laughing.] Ahahahaha! [Looks at Sonic.] Loser!!--Huh...? [Inches forward.] What the heck...?
Sonic: Ergh....Aggghhh...
Knuckles: [Grabs Stream, turns him around, and holds him by the fur of his neck.] Do you wanna tell me what's going on, or do I have to get rough!? I don't know who you are, but you're on my grounds now!
Stream: Ackk!! Hey, chill... I'm not here for trouble! We're here to stop the trouble!!
Knuckles: Liar! I know your type, you're ju--huh? [Looks around Stream, noticing Sonic.] What the--Sonic!?! [Drops Stream, and rushes to Sonic.]
Sonic: [Groaning...]
Knuckles: Sonic! What's going on with you!?! C'mon, snap out of it!!
Sonic: ...[Faces completely down...]
Knuckles: ...Sonic? Don't do that, you're starting to freak me out... Come on, get up!
Sonic: [The glow envelops Sonic completely. It is so bright that Knuckles has to shield his eyes and look away.]
Knuckles: Gahh!
Stream: ...S...Sonic?
[The light clears. Knuckles is still facing away, trying to regain his eyesight.]
Stream: ...S...Son--...
Knuckles: Grr, Sonic, you'd better explain [Turns back around.] what that-- ...was... all... about...?
[Knuckles turns around expecting to see Sonic, but instead he sees a smaller, almost kanine-like creature laying prone on the ground. Two small spikes descend down his head. He has tiny halo-shapes around the tip of his wolf-like ears, a large fluff-spot around his neck, two fluffly tails, and a small symbol on his head protruding into two halos. His fur is blue, to lighter blue on his face, and darker blue on his lower body.]
Knuckles: ...Sonic? ...Is... is that you? [Pokes Uhalo, not realizing any of the background...] ... [He turns to Stream, glaring.] What did you do...?
Stream: 'Ey, don't look at me! I don't even know what's going on right now! I was just racing him here...
Knuckles: Something tells me there's more to it than that... There's more of you here... I can sense it.
[Just in the midst of silence, Derrick can be seen by Stream in the air, holding Tails tightly. {Shinx is small...} He cools the flame on his jet boots, and lowers himself slowly to the ground. Tails hops out of his arms as he lands and runs to Knuckles.]
Stream: Derrick... We uh... have a problem.
Knuckles: [Already turned around.] Who are you people...?
Tails: Knuckles!! You're okay!! [Stops right at Knuckles.]
Knuckles: Huh...? Who are...? Wait a minute, that voice...
Tails: It's me! Tails!
Knuckes: Tails? What happened to you!?
Tails: It's a long story... [Notices Stream walking down from the shrine.] If Stream's here then... Knuckles have you seen Sonic...?
Knuckles: Uh yeah... [Points at Uhalo.] I think Sonic's broken.
Tails: Hm? [Turns his head. Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!! Sonic!!!!!
Derrick: Mewtwo's curse... Stream, why did you force him into that...?
Stream: I didn't know he was cursed!! Jeez, if I would've know that I wouldn't've challenged the guy!
Kunckles: So it was your fault! [Turns to Stream, aggressive, and approaches.]
Tails: Knuckles wait... Stream didn't know... he's telling the truth... Sonic knew, himself, that something like this would happen if he pushed himself too far.
Derrick: It would come sooner or later...
Knuckles: ... Sheesh... What exactly did I miss?
Uhalo: Erm... [Struggling to get up... He pops up and sits back with his legs crossed. His eyes are green, just like Sonic's, surrounded by darker fur. He tilts his head a bit, curious.] ...Hello...?
Tails: S-Sonic...? Are you okay?
Uhalo: [Blinks.] Huh? S-Sonic? Who's... S-Sonic? Is he a friend?
Tails: [Sad.] You're... S-Sonic...
Uhalo: I'm S-Sonic? Oh! No, no! You must have me mistaken! My name is Uhalo!
Tails: ...
Derrick: Tails... It's of no avail...
Uhalo: Huh? What's wrong? ...Wh-why are you all looking at me like that?
[Celebi and Mew both catch up. They land in between the silence...]
Mew: We're here! What happened?
Tails: Mew! Chris! [Runs up to Mew and Celebi.]
Knuckles: [Quietly.] How many new friends have they made...? [He stares at Uhalo again, completely clueless.]
Celebi: Tails, what happened over here!? We saw a flash of light!
Tails: We... We lost Sonic... The curse overtook him...
Celebi & Mew: What!?!? Where is he?!
Tails: Right there. [Turns to Sonic.]
Celebi: S-Sonic...?
Uhalo: Gee, I'm hearing S-Sonic a lot! He must look a lot like me! [Approaches Celebi, Mew, and Tails. Derrick, Knuckles, and Stream are standing by.] Hi there! I'm Uhalo!
Celebi: (Well... We still have Sonic's Pokémon state... I'm surprised his memory got wiped... But he has the memory of... Uhalo?) Hey. I'm Celebi--er-...
[Everyone turns to Celebi.]
Mew: ...Chris...?
Celebi: I--...[Holds his head up.] Chris...? I--who... (Gah! What's this feeling!? I... I can't even remember how to introduce myself? Wait... Chris...? What's... That name, agh!! What's going on!?!? Am I forgetting my own name...?)
[This seems to be a side effect of the time traveling...]
Derrick: Chris, are you alright?
Celebi: Wait, no... Who is... that...? Who is... Chris...?
Tails: Oh no!! Not you too!
Celebi: Tails, it's alright! I just... I can't remember anything about this Chris guy anymore...
Uhalo: Nice to meet you Celebi!
Celebi: Heh-heh. [Smiles at Uhalo.]
Mew: [Now has a sorrowful expression. Quietly, in his own words this time.] Chris... Don't do this... We can't keep you under this new identity... The Eclipses have to know who you are... Chris...
--E N D I N G--
And so the memory moves on~.