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~~Cree Eitor~~

Celebi: You can't be serious!
Ginsengaar: You expect us to join forces and fight you, Interloper?
Cree: Weak... All you can do is question me? [He raises both arms, blades at his sides now. A flash of light... The area now has a bluish glow. In the atmosphere, small spheres of light float about, slowly working their way to the six one at a time. Upon contact with anything, they explode in bursts of light, similar to the two cross blades before, though much smaller. The six move quickly to avoid this, slowly shifting their focus to Cree.]
Celebi: Whoever you are, you're in my way, and that makes you dead!
Cree: Big talk. Shut up and come at me if you're serious.
Celebi: Grr... [He looks over to Ginsengaar, nodding.]
Ginsengaar: [Nods back. Suddenly, he vanishes in a wisp of wind.]
Celebi: [In midair, he jolts at Cree, darkness spiraling around him.]
Cree: [He swings one weapon forward, colliding with the sheer force of Celebi's dark energy. They find themselves in a deadlock with each other... then, from the wind, Ginsengaar strikes at Crees other side. Cree reacts, blocking the attack with his second weapon ending up in a deadlock with Ginsengaar as well. Cree holds out for a while, long enough for a few of the light orbs to encroach upon both Celebi and Ginsengaar. This forces them to jump back, having dealt no damage to Cree.]
Celebi: Dammit, how're we supposed to--[He is interrupted by two lasers fired from the sky. They hit the light orbs in front of Celebi and Ginsengaar, destroying them. Celebi looks up to the side. The Egg Hornet's blaster sparks with recent firepower having been evident.]
Dr. Eggman: I will destroy these pesky spheres! Don't let them slow you down!
Tails: Eggman's being useful to us? Well, I can't let him show me up. [He releases a dark purple static charge upon a few orbs nearby, eradicating them.]
Ginsengaar: Yes! You two focus on the orbs! [He makes a few hand signals, standing straight. Upon finishing, his body emits two shadow clones, one left and one right. He nods at Celebi.]
Celebi: Alright... [He holds out one arm, dark energy spiraling around it until it comes together, forming a blade attached to his arm.]
[While this is happening, Mewtwo stands with the time gear floating behind him. He holds one arm back with the other crossing his chest and focusing a sort of psychic aura ball {Think of KAMEHAMEHA.} Pure energy can be seen transferring from the Time Gear to his hands, in addition to his own. Mew notices this and approaches.]
Mewtwo: [Watches Mew out of the corner of his eye.]
Mew: For now, we share a common foe. [He nods.]
Mewtwo: [Nods as well, shifting his position slightly, only creating the psychic energy with one arm now.]
Mew: [Inches closer, placing his paw near the psychic energy and adding to it with his new power. It continues to grow... They wait for an opening.]
Cree: Heh... [He smirks a little at Celebi, provoking him to attack.]
Celebi: [Rushes at Cree, swiping vigorously with his dark weapon, each attack his blocked by one of Cree's weapons. He swings vertically, only to be blocked horizontally, and vice-versa. Diagonal to diagonal. Thrust to evade. This high speed series of attacks and blocks is joined by Ginsengaar's two clones, who each seem to have a spell known as Enstone attached to their weapons, giving them a little bit of earth magic as a boost. Cree, still focusing on Celebi, uses his other weapon to parry the barrage of attacks brought on by both clones. The scene moves at an incredible speed, Cree now twirling one weapon just to keep up. Unfortunately for him, it takes one slip up to completely ruin his perfect combo. One miscalculation on a clone and he is struck once, then twice, then four times, then ten times. In clear danger of being overwhelmed, Cree bursts out quickly, a dome-shaped wave of light surging from his body and completely wiping out the clones, throwing Celebi all the way back to Mew and Mewtwo as well.]
Cree: [In the split second of the moment afterward, a sense of foreboding alerts Cree as he senses mutuality between the six.]
Mew & Mewtwo: Now!! [They thrust their arms forward, shooting this mesmerizing ball of psychic energy at Cree. A stream of purple light follows it.]
Cree: [His ears flicker. He jumps to action, rushing forward in an instant and thrusting both weapons into this psychic blast. It explodes around him, spiraling into smaller orbs. As soon as this happens, Cree twirls both of his weapons with his entire body, arms spread out all the way. His motion captures the miniature orbs, which orbit around him, imitating his spin. With one final twirl, he throws all of these spheres in a horizontal row at Celebi, Mewtwo, and Mew...]
Mew: No! [Now dripping with dark energy just as Celebi is, he conjures a magnetic bubble around himself, attracting every bit of psychic energy aimed at the three. At this very second, Mew gains control of the Time Gear. It hovers above him... All of the mass amounts of energy he had siphoned flow upward and through the central gap of the gear, amplifying the power enormously. A grim look is revealed on the Pokémon's face.] Approaching... Emission! [Now, the gear spits this energy out at Cree faster than anyone's reflexes could possibly be. It instantly forms a dome around home which slowly approaches closer.]
Cree: Alright... well played, Eclipse. I won't cheat my way outta this. [He lets the shrinking dome reach him. Pain flares throughout his body like mad.] ... [A flash envelops the area... As it begins to clear, chemistry between Tails and Eggman forms.]
Tails: Eggman! [He nods to the Dr., who now hovers near the shrine. Tails quickly climbs up the broken stairway, leaping on to the Egg Hornet.]
Mew: [To his surprise, Cree is still standing, though slightly hunched.] How can he still be standing?!
Dr. Eggman: Oh-ho! That will not last long!
Tails: Haaaaa!!!! [Dark purple lightning shoots from his body.] My turn!! Spiraling... [He jumps into the air, hovering for a few seconds.] Emission!! [In a fraction of a second, Tails blasts downward, becoming a purple bolt of explosive lightning which crashes into Cree with that very same explosive force. It is a bomb of dark purple electricity... Despite this violent impact, Tails is completely fine. He leaps back twice, as the chaos clears. Everyone eagerly awaits the results.]
Ginsengaar: [Isolated from the others, completely on the opposite side of the battlefield.] (This power of theirs is defying the very laws of their existence... How can they emit such force...?)Unless... this really is the true power of an Eclipse.)
Cree: [Now laying on his chest with both weapons gone... they had been lost in the explosion. He quickly pushes himself up to one knee.]
Tails: What?!
Cree: [He looks up, grinning.] Ooh, I'm hurt... I love it.
Celebi: Grrr, I'm ending this now!
Ginsengaar: Look to the sky! [He quickly casts the earth-based spell, Earth Glaive, perhaps catching Cree off guard and throwing him up into the air. Celebi follows this up by flying at Cree.]
Celebi: [Growling, he yells out his next move.] Total Emission!! [A familiar sensation overwhelms Cree.]
Cree: !! No!! [He snatches Celebi by the arm, interfering with his ability, which is time-based... Celebi's time traveling has been shot in the middle of its progress...]
[The two are still in midair in a world of nothing but warped photons spiraling around in infinite dimension.]
Celebi: Grr, you meddling jerk, I'll rip you to shreds!! [He pushes Cree away, charging after him with his dark blade still attached to his arm. He swings relentlessly.]
Cree: [Manages to summon one cross-blade in time to parry the attacks, finding himself in a familiar situation, but now he hovers in an empty space.] Ha!! [Given momentum and the resolve to finish this above Celebi's, he pushes Celebi back, stunning him for but a second.]
Celebi: [Flips backwards in midair.] Ack!! Errrggg... [Was apparently sliced a bit on his chest, darkness pouring from the wound.]
Cree: You won't time travel so easily with me around, Chris... I just can't let you. [As he speaks, he aims the cross at Celebi's chest, an orb of light energy, similar to the encroaching ones Eggman and Tails focused on, forming. Instead of exploding, it fires a narrow beam directly through Cleebi's body, continuing into infinity... The dimension goes too bright to see.]
[They are once again midair, but back at the shrine in the small arena Cree had created. Celebi as been felled, and much like that, he falls.]
Cree: Sorry, Bud... [Catching the others off guard, he allows himself to plummet to the earth, impacting roughly. A splash-shockwave of light follows his impact, throwing everyone into the air. The shockwave travels up the arena wall until it falls as lances of the very same energy throughout the battlefield. There is no escape.]
Ginsengaar: [Thrown up, then shot down, laying flat on his chest. He remains paralyzed by the sheer force of this attack. Everyone shares this fate, all but Celebi, who remained close to Cree as he fell. Mew, Tails, and Mewtwo lay paralyzed as well, while Eggman's ship has crashed to the earth, burning in a scorching fire.]
Cree: [Stands straight up, both magical and physical wounds all over his body. He bleeds blackness...] ...D....Damn... I guess I need to work on Cree's powers a little mo--hm? [He looks down, noticing a spike of darkness impaling clean through his chest.]
Celebi: [Looking up at Cree, still functional. His arm is raised, aimed straight at the other's chest, the blade of darkness attached to that arm. His expression is now showing fear, but confidence as well.]
Cree: ...[He stares down at Celebi.] ...Alright... Y-you have me... [The blade is taken from his chest... this time, he doesn't regenerate. He can't so easily now. This blade is magical, not physical. Cree holds both paws over this spot, falling to his knees.] Yeah... I got what I came for...
Celebi: You... came for death...?
Cree: Death...? ...Not quite. [He closes his eyes.] I came to see how you can fight, Chris... And... you've shown me a hell of a battle. Short, but it was worth it.
Celebi: ...Why does everyone... keep calling me... Chris...?
Cree: [Shakes his head, grinning.] Well, if you wouldn't keep time traveling... maybe you wouldn't keep forgetting crap... Catch you later, Chris. [In an instant, he explodes into a hundred bits of black matter, the force field which bound them to the arena shattering at the same time. The rest of the world reveals itself again as the black matter bits escape into the atmosphere.]
Celebi: Agh... [Rolls onto his back, looking up into the sky.] ...Ugh...Erm... [His vision becomes blurry...] Who...? Cree...? ...(Why'd you... come here...?) [Blackout.]
[A flash of light... Time surrounding the entire area begins proceeding normally again... Derrick, Uhalo, and Stream take a moment to recover. Knuckles' fate is still unknown.]
Derrick: Ugh... What happened...? [Looks up at the ruin.] What the!?!? When did this happen!?
Stream: Dude, this place got totaled! What in the world went on!? Did we like... fall asleep?
Uhalo: No... [Notices the Time Gear near Mew.] Time itself must've... frozen for us... The battle for them is over...
Derrick: They're... they're all unconscious... That must be Mewtwo over there... [Points to the figure that is new to him.]
Stream: You guys think... that they'll...?
Uhalo: Our friends...? Will they be okay?
Stream: Will they...?
Uhalo: [Closes his eyes.] ... Mmmm, yes... [Opens his eyes.] My ability to sense mortality tells me that they will be alright...
Derrick: ...All of this... this battle... This is how chaos will impact us everywhere if the Eclipses weren't around...
Life cannot go on without them...
And with Chris... that remains a mystery.
--E N D I N G--
Epic battle scene. oo;