'Sup guys? Welcome to the Re-Episodes of Sync 2! Now for the corny crap.
"These visions of the past are echoes into the ever flowing rivers of ti--" whatever.
These episodes are kinda like the Shade Episodes in how they break away from the actual storyline to show how the storyline can work. I've done a little bit of reading in Sync 1 and a lot of stuff doesn't work as well as it should. So, I'm willing to rewrite a few episodes in Sync 2-form so that they're even more suitable for matching Sync 2's storyline! Also, you get to see younger versions of people... Yay!
Things are gonna be changed ever so slightly, by the way. This is supposed to be when the creator of Hellspawned's Leader peers into the doors of the past and allows a few of his own creations to seep into it, ultimately making their way into the memories of Chris and all who oppose them.
[Chris has met Lavender, who he has discovered to be Mother Melodis at the same time. The girl's appearance changes according to the shifting moon above... Danithan and Chris, having stumbled upon one of Riot's many left over crimson corridors, have decided to team up for the time being and explore the time-ravaged world of Safa... This will be Chris' first steps upon the magical world of Safa.
P A R T Y:
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(Chris - Danithan - Lavender)
-Safa, Oathville Past/Future.-
[Within the Oath region, giant landforms have fallen upon the present world, combing past and future just as Earth has seen. There is chaos...]
[The crimson corridor is connected to Earth. Another resides just outside of Oathville on Safa. Three familiar faces leap from this corridor... Each of them have been turned into Safans immediately due to the combined strength of the past and future Ecliptic Pulls working at the same time.]
Chris: ...[He is a black fox Safan.] ... [Shakes his head, his ears flopping as he does so.] Oh shoot... Am I a Safan? ...Is this Safa? [Looks ahead.] ...Wow, I think it is.
Danithan: [He is a white cat Safan.] Um, duh... That's only where the portal took us. Haven't you even been here before?
Chris: N-...not really...
Danithan: Some Connector you are.
Chris: Agh, I don't need you saying tha--
Lavender: [She is a light purple squirrel Safan.] Boys, let's not bicker! We came here for a reason!
Danithan: Yeah... she's right... The Ecliptic Pull is really strong for some reason... We'll find the answers down there. [Points with his paw at the confusion in the village.]
Chris: Let's hurry.
[The three begin heading to the village, rushing down from the hill they appeared on.]
Chris: [Now at a walking pace. He notices the fallen landforms.] All of that... it's just like back home, I'm pretty sure it's the same deal here...
Danithan: The past and the future, violently collided... If Naught didn't do this, maybe it was nature...
Chris: I don't think this is nature's doing, Danithan...
Danithan: I wish I knew. It's killing me...
Chris: I wish we had time to figure it all out, but we have to save lives, don't we?
Lavender: We do! [Leans ahead, coming to a stop for a few moments with the two.] ...Who exactly are they all scampering from?
Danithan: It's gotta be the Predators.
Chris: What!? Predators!? Like... Predators!?!?
Danithan: ...I don't know if you're on the same train of thought... The Predators are a group of dangerous Safan thugs who cause all sorts of trouble. They're like gangsters, really.
Lavender: Safan... gangsters?
Danithan: That's them. You two probably don't know them. They're leader, Drilion, is Danny's younger brother.
Chris: ...(Danny... So you had a younger brother and you never told me...) So they're from your time?
Danithan: Yeah, c'mon. We don't have time to chat.
[They rush into the village, all sorts of commotion already triggered.]
Danithan: [While running.] ... [Sniffs the air.] Gah, I'm catching a scent here...
Chris: What?
Danithan: Smells like Riot...
Lavender: Ohhh, not that bully again.
Danithan: Bully? Tch. Try d**ktator...
Chris: Are the Predators in league with Riot?
Danithan: No, but that's something we should start worrying about.
[The three continue deeper into the village. They spot Ray pacing back and forth in front of Safiri's den... He finally shakes his head and walks inside.]
Chris: [His ears flicker.] (Ray.) H-hey guys... follow me! [Runs ahead toward the den.]
Danithan: Wha--Where're you going!? [Follows Chris.]
Lavender: [Stays close behind the two.]
Chris: You'll see.
Danithan: ...Maybe... Maybe not. [Stops.]
[Chris and Lavender stop ahead of Danithan and look back at him.]
Lavender: Is something the matter?
Danithan: [Looks toward a large chunk of fallen land. These are the "future-grounds."] I'm... gonna go check on Roxy's parents. I'm worried that they could be in the middle of all of this. You guys go do... whatever it is you were doing. I'll be fine. [He dashes to the future-grounds.]
[Chris and Lavender watch Danithan off before turning to the den, which seems to be a simple tunnel leading underground just in front of a large tree.]
Lavender: So... Roxy's parents. Are they really Safiri and Ray?
Chris: They must be... Couldn't imagine seeing them older than they are already.
Lavender: Me either!
[Suddenly, Safiri pokes her head out of the den.]
Safiri: Hello? {Keep in mind that Safiri and Ray are not yet genetically altered. They're physical features are regular for a Safan fox or squirrel.}
Chris: Saf! Saf, you're okay!
Safiri: Whoa... [Stares at Chris, then looks at Lavender.] Chris? ...Lavender?
Ray: [From behind.] What!? [Pokes his head up also.] Whoa!! It's Chris!
Chris: Hey you two!
Lavender: Long time no see!
Safiri: No kidding, listen! I'm so glad you guys came, we have a huge calamity going on here. Come on in!
[Lavender and Chris nod to each other, hurrying in the den.]
[Inside the den.]
Ray: How did you make it to Safa?
Chris: [Looks around.] I don't even know... We were just searching around back home then all of a sudden... woosh.
Lavender: We found a portal leading here, to make it short.
Chris: Yep.
Safiri: Gee, sounds like you were busy with all that heroic stuff back home!
Chris: [Turns to Safiri.] H-...heroic?
Safiri: Sure! You and your friends fought to save Reality from Darkness, right? I remember it so clearly!
Chris: ...Erm... [Glances back and forth then looks down sadly.] ...
Lavender: Uh... Chris...? Do you want me to tell them?
Chris: [Shuts his eyes tightly.] P-please...
Lavender: ...Safiri... Ray... Chris had some trouble on Reality, and... He's now working with Darkness.
Ray: What!? Chris!
Safiri: [Stunned...] ...
Ray: D-does that mean you...
Chris: I serve Naught now, it's true... But I couldn't even think of harming you two. [Looks up.] No Eclipse. No one here. I can't do that... That's not what it's about.
Safiri: ...
Ray: ...
Chris: I promise... I wouldn't commit a sin here...
[iSafiri: [Shakes her head.] ...I just can't picture you working for Naught...
Ray: [Shrugs.] 'Guess a lot can happen in a year or two...
[A loud crash is heard outside.]
[Lavender jumps a little.]
Lavender: What was that!?
Chris: Sounds like we've got trouble on our paws.
Safiri: Should we check it out!?
Chris: Alright. Stay behind me guys!
[With that, they dash outside and in the direction of where they believe the noise was made. They come across of group of Safans injured and unconscious.]
Chris: Oh crap. [Runs up to a koala Safan who is wearing a lab coat.] Hey, are you okay? What happened?!
Koala Safan: Ergh... A group of troublesome Safans are causing all sorts of nasty problems for us...
Safiri: Dr. Maiwell!! [Runs to Chris' side. Ray follows her.]

~Dr. Maiwell~User Image

Dr. Maiwell: Young Safiri, Ray... Be careful out here. Those hooligans went right through me... Gah, they must be ravaging the laboratory by now. [Struggles to his feet.] Hm, I'm getting too old for this. Come, we musn't let my inventions fall into their possession. Should that occur, the unspeakable will happen..
[Dr. Maiwell leads them to the trashed lab. Strange looking "natural" machines are strewn about the observatory... In addition to that, Slianna lay on the ground,a few scratches across her lengthy body. {Slianna is a snake still.}]
Safiri: [Runs up to Slianna.] Slianna!! Ohhh, this has already gone too far...
Slianna: [Seems to be conscious, but exhausted. She opens her eyes.] Safiri...?
Ray: Slianna! Are you alright...?
Slianna: Ray...? ...I guess I'm okay. What happened?
Ray: Apparently trouble. This place looks wrecked...
Dr. Maiwell: All that hard work, thrashed as a fragile vase. They seem to have stolen rather dangerous objects from...Oh no, they couldn't've! Where is it!? [Runs to his main desk and begins searching desperately for something.]
Safiri: Where's what, Dr.?
[Slianna recovers.]
Dr. Maiwell: My latest invention...
[Chris leans a little forward to listen.]
Dr. Maiwell: The Fairy Dust.
Chris: Fairy Dust, huh?
Dr. Maiwell: Indeed... Oh, forgive me, but I did not yet receive your name. [Turns to Chris.]
Slianna: Chris!! Well this is a surprise!
Chris: Heheh, hey Slianna. Good to see you're okay.
Safiri: Dr., what do you think those crazy Predators wanna do, like with your invention and such?
Dr. Maiwell: God only knows...but at the best guess, it would certainly be to cause chaos...We have collided with some other world and this is their chance to make the most disaster out of it... Now, with this Fairy Dust, that's all too real.
Ray: What exactly does this Fairy Dust do?
Safiri: And where'd you get it?
Dr. Maiwell: I have gathered samples within the Ancient Growth Forest, left behind from the mystical Forest Fairies. Once it enters the body, it immediately attunes itself with the host and, putting it simply, converts everything about that individual, down to a molecular level, into whatever they desire... It is not science. It is magic; the magic of the Forest Fairies.
Chris: So it's metamorphosis... (Go figure. What the hell doesn't have to do with metamorphosis?)
Ray: Way cool... I guess it's not a good idea to hang around for too long with that in their paws then... I do know a certain somebody who can stop them. [Turns to Chris.]
Chris: It'd be my pleasure to run those bullies outta town.
Safiri: You can rely on Chris, Doc! He's the hero we worked with in Reality!
Dr. Maiwell: Oh my goodness, is that so!? It is an honor, Chris.
Chris: Like I said, my pleasure! I'll get your Fairy Dust back before they can use it.
Ray: Hm... You don't seem so evil to me, Chris.
Slianna: Evil...?
Ray: [His ears flatten.] Oops... Um, Slianna... Come here for a second... [He takes Slianna to another section of the lab.]
Chris: ...[Sighs.] I hope this isn't a huge shocker for her... I'm not here to cause problems like the Predators are.
Safiri: It's okay, Chris! We all think you're a hero still...
Dr. Maiwell: And what help it is to have a hero! I wish I could join you, but I cannot leave. There are many dangerous tools I must watch here. Safiri, if you and your friends want to aid Chris, do be careful.
Slianna: [Still with Ray... She seems saddened.] ...Chris, no offense, but I think I'm gonna stay with the Dr..
Chris: None taken, Slianna. Go ahead. (Hm... I feel pretty terrible. She's probably not too happy about what she heard. I just hope she knows that I'm not gonna do anything to hurt her... ) [Turns to Lavender, who is playing with her tail.] Heh, hey Lav?
Lavender: [Hides behind her tail.] Yeees?
Chris: ...You're cute... [Moves her tail out of the way with his paw.] You think you can stay here with Slianna and the Dr.? Better knowing we have a Phaze Guardian on the defense.
Lavender: Sure. [Nods, smiling.] Hey, you be careful out there, okay?
Chris: [Rolls his eyes, smiling wide.] I will, don't worry.
Lavender: Okie then! Hi Slianna! Hi Dr.! [She wanders to Slianna and Dr. Maiwell.]
[With farewells for now, the trio heads outside to tackle the Predators head on.]
P A R T Y:
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(Chris - Safiri - Ray)
-Oathville Future-grounds.-
Chris: Ha. This is almost exciting. [Scans around the new area.]
Ray: It's super exciting! It's just like old times!
Safiri: Yeah, us traveling together... Stopping some bad guys.
Chris: It's cool being on Safa...and seeing you all again. From so sudden, Fantasy leaps back into Reality with an even bigger radius. (I wonder how Naught and the others are doing.) [Lets his mind wander freely while walking.]...
Safiri: Looks like we're upon the creepy new place...The soil feels so different on my paw pads...
Ray: It does feel a lot different...
Chris: (I wish I could tell, but this is my first time on Safa...) Hm... Looks like there's a little trouble ahead. [Rushes ahead of the two.] Let's go guys.
[They approach a gathering of suspicious looking Safans. Other innocents watch what it happening from a distance. Chris, Safiri, and Ray join the others, observing... It appears to be the Predators picking on a lone gray hybrid Safan. This Safan is part plant, part wolf, and part tiger.]
Drilion: [The leader of the Predators.] Hahaha, check this freak out guys!
[There are mumbles and laughter coming from the group.]

~Drilion~ User Image

Predator Gangster: 'Ey! What're your parents, trees!?
[The group laughs.]
Hybrid Safan: [Doesn't let the group see his eyes.] ...
Chris: Saf, Ray... I wanna word with these dolts...
Safiri: Be careful, Chris... they look rougher than I pictured.
Chris: It's all good... [Calls them out.] Hey! Hey, dipwads!
Drilion: [Turns around to see the three. He glares at them...] HA! Haha, get a load of these twerps!
[The rest of the Predators disperse around the Safan, who simply stays put. They all approach Chris, Drilion in front. He stands taller than Chris, closing in on him and looking him dead in the eyes.]
Drilion: Whaddya want, ya little s**t?
Chris: I want you out. Out of here...
[The crowd of innocent Safans gather closer, murmurs audible.]
Drilion: Oh... Oh-ho! What was that!?
Predator Gangster: You mus' be looking for trouble! You want da boss to pound yoose a new one, little wimpy?
Drilion: Shut up, Jer, I'll handle this myself... [Shifts his eyes back to Chris.] Listen, little punk, I'll give you one chance to get the hell out of here. If you run, I'd better see that tail between your legs. All three of you runts better scram within the next five seconds... If not... Heh... Just leave now.
Chris: [Stands firm.] You don't know who you're dealing with, Drilion...
Drilion: [Raises a brow, raising his head a bit.] ...Good to know I'm famous now...
Predator Gangster: Hey, you heard the boss, unless you wanna have your nose bitten off.
Drilion: Hmph... We're here to start a riot. I'm not about to let some dimshit stop that thinking he's all cool and whatnot. You've never met the Predators, shrimp. After I'm done with you, there'll be nothing left of your confidence. Tch! [Spits in Chris' face.]
Safiri: [Growls at Drilion.]
Drilion: Back off, b***h. You too, squirrel...
Chris: [Eyes closed.] ... [Lightning, not yet black, begins sparking from his face. It burns the spit clean off his face and causes Drilion to back up a bit.]
Drilion: Ah, what the hell!?
Chris: ... [Opens his eyes.] ... I told you... you have no idea who you're dealing with.
Drilion: Hah, maybe that nerd professor's gizmos will help us out... Jer! Let me have that pixie powder crap...
Jer: [Appears to be a black gorilla Safan, towering above everyone else.] Da! [Holding the powder in his large fist.] How much you want, Boss? [Holds it above Drilion.]
Drilion: All of it. I really wanna sink my teeth into this guy. [Glares at Chris.]
Jer: But, d'uh, Boss... Dat's a lot of--
Drilion: Do it!!
Jer: ...D'okay... [He begins undoing the tie of the small brown bag... Before he untie it, however...]
Hybrid Safan: [Still standing quietly, he reveals his face.] ...Chris.
[Everyone turns to this Safan, impressed.]
Drilion: ...[Turns around.] What did he say...?
Chris: Whoa... You know my name!?
Safiri: This is a change of pace.
Hybrid Safan: I know you all too well... I am not from this world. I am not from this time... I am from neither of these times... I come from the truest future there is...
[At this moment, Danithan reappears with Kewen at his side. Kewen is a small gray fox Safan, very similar to Safiri in size. He is Safiri's and Ray's son.]
Danithan: Hello? What's goin' o--
Chris: Shush Danithan...
Danithan: ...Well okay... [Turns to the hybrid Safan.]
Hybrid Safan: Danithan...
Danithan: Oh... Yeah, somethin' is going on...
Hybrid Safan: You fell pest... You have caused us far more turmoil than I can remember... Curse Grayness... ...Hellspawned shall not allow Grayness any further into success...
Chris: What!?
Safiri: Who are you!?
Drilion: This guy's ruining the moment for me...
Hybrid Safan: I am... a servant of BlackMatter... I was sent here by the Creator to ensure that Grayness never comes together! And I shall do just that!! Hrrrgghghhhhh... [Lowers his head, growling as he begins to change shape. His body blackens, growing into a hideous creature with tentacles waving from its body. It is none other than the BlackParasite...]
BlackParasite: [Roars into the night, spraying the black acid everywhere. Citizens flee from the scene. Even the Predators flee, leaving Drilion in front of the beast.]
Drilion: [Looking up at the BlackParasite, ears flat. He backs up, whimpering.] Uh-um-uh... I-um... S-sorry ab-about...
BlackParasite: [Roars in Drilion's face.]
Drilion: [Shuts his eyes tightly.] Ahhhh!!!
Chris: Get back, Drilion!!
Danithan: ..We have to stop this thing, Chris!!
Chris: YOU THINK!?! [Drilion runs behind Safiri and Ray, who seem terrified as well.]
Danithan: Kewen, get out of here! Anywhere's become safer than here! [Kewen takes Danithan's advice and runs back to his parents' house.]
Chris: Get ready!!

--To Be Continued--
So basically, after every other BlackMatter enemy, we get to return to the past and see how past Chris fares with the problem! x3 It'll haunt him in Sync 2 from now on, as well as the Eclipses and some others. It'll be the reason Drilion'll continue to exist.