Back to the future!
[Idi and Chris have rushed to the surface to assess the situation of Darkness and Hellspawned waging war with Light.
P A R T Y:
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(Chris Anema - Idi)
-Federal Bay, Port Esca.-
[A dark corridor appears through the thick fog...]
Chris: [Steps from the corridor. The sound of rapid, heavy caliber gunfire is nearby. Chris cannot hear a thing.]
Idi: [Kneels down to Chris' level, tapping him on the shoulder.]
Chris: [Looks up at Idi.]
Idi: [Gestures to the building near them, which has been left untouched by the evil hands of Hellspawned or Darkness, much like the gun store. Sentry guns are placed in the lower windows of this building. They do not fire at Idi and Chris. Instinctively, the two run into the building, which is actually a small apartment complex. Commands being shouted can be heard from within. It seems that whoever is in control of this outpost is keeping the enemies away with skill.]
[There are troops in the lobby of the building who rush Idi and Chris instantly as they walk in. One troop thrusts the barrel of his rifle into Idi's side. Idi simply metls into black fire for a few seconds before appearing behind the troop. Another fires at Chris. Chris whizzes around the troop literally like lightning, then jumps on his shoulder yelling.]
Chris: Stop!!! We're not the enemy!!
Idi: [Restrains the troop by wrapping one arm around the troop's trigger arm. He leans back and brings a leg in front of the troop so that he cannot turn around.] Cease fire!!!
Antifigurate General: [Standing in front of the troop that Chris is sitting on.] Hold your fire, hold your fire!!! [His voice is extremely gruff and commanding.]... [Even the high-caliber gun on the second floor stops.] ...I knew we'd be done sooner or later anyway. 'Been wasting ammo up there... State your names, you two!
Idi: I am Idi.
Chris: I'm Chris.
Antifigurate General: The notorious Idi? ... And the famed Chris? You expect me to believe that you have suddenly changed your ways, Idi!?
Idi: If you do not believe, you may ask the Eclipse Kylie.
Chris: He's turned over a new leaf! We're here to help your cause against Darkness and Hellspawned!
Antifigurate General: Well then, you can start by proving to me that you're not lying! Get out there and make sure we are clear!! [Points outside.]
???: [Calls out to the general from the wooden stairs leading to the second level.] Sir! No signs of the enemy on the thermal indicators!
Chris: (That voice...) [Looks up at the soldier.]
Antifigurate General: Hah! Lucky break for you two! Good work up there!
Chris: ...Roger...?

~Roger~ User Image

[Roger is wearing a bulletproof Escan uniform. He is armed with a 12-gauge shotgun.]
Roger: ...Oh... s**t... [Notices Idi.]
Antifigurate General: Not to worry! These two mean no harm, according to their words!
Roger: Are you kidding, that's Idi!!
Chris: Roger! [Leaps off of the troop and rushes up to Roger.]
Roger: ...[Looks down at Chris.] ... [Looks back up at Idi.] What's going on...?
Idi: Kylie wished for us to search for you and Kenny. We have come to aid you... Though I cannot fight against Darkness just yet... I will, however, fend off these Hellspawned demons.
Roger: ...Good God, what!? [Looks down at Chris.] You! Who are you!?
Chris: Dude, Roger. It's me, Chris.
Roger: ...Maybe it's all the commotion, but I didn't hear you clearly. Say that again?
Chris: [Motions for Roger to lean down a bit. He does so.] IT'S ME, CHRIS!!!
Roger: [Flails back up.] CHRIS!?
Chris: YES, CHRIS!!
Roger: HOLY s**t! [Drops his shotgun and grabs Chris under the arms, holding him up happily.] You're a little guy!!
Chris: Yeah, that's what Ky said, heheh! I promise, Idi's good now!
Roger: Ohhhh, man... Man, it's really you... I knew that good 'ol Connection... Oh man. Chris, man...
Chris: Yes, man! I missed you, man!
Roger: I missed you too, man! [Sets Chris down, picking up his shotgun in the process of standing back up.] Sir! I... I have to go with these guys! They know more about what's going on.
Antifigurate General: Affirmative! You can leave this post! Are the defenses as they were upstairs!?
Roger: Sir yes sir!!
Chris: Wait... Is Kenny here?
Roger: [Breathes in... then out.] ...Listen, man... We don't know where he is. We saw this giant mech-thing though. That's something... I guess.
Chris: [Turns to Idi.] ...Idi?
Idi: Doctor Darkness. He was last seen chasing Billy Len. If we do not locate Kenny soon, he could be the next victim.
Roger: Are you sayin' this new freak is able to bring Kenny down?!
Chris: The dude's got an army of robots and a giant mech for himself...
Roger: s**t... Robots... We saw some robots fighting off those Hellspawned things though, man.
Chris: Federation Awgo... I'll explain along the way, let's hurry Rog!
Roger: Right behind you, little man.
[Bidding good luck to the troops, Roger leaves the building with Chris and Idi...]
P A R T Y:
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(Chris Anema - Idi - Roger)
-Federal Bay, Port Esca.-
[The fog is beginning to let up.]
Roger: [Looks up to the sky.] Is this fog finally leavin' us alone?
Chris: Looks like... Was it just the weather, or did Darkness do anything?
Idi: I don't recall Darkness tampering with the world's weather.
Roger: So, you're... really a good guy now, man?
Idi: You could say that, I suppose. I have allowed my resolve to ease into Light's.
Roger: 'Guess that's what you get when you go away for a while...
Chris: Where're we headed, Rog?
Roger: Hm... You said Kylie was fine?
Chris: She's a little hurt, but she's doing fine, yeah.
Roger: A little hurt? ...Chris, man, we're talking about Kylie here. The girl Kenny's had a crush on for... long!
Chris: I promise! She says she feels alright!
Roger: Eh, if she says so... Alright, here's the plan. Kenny's got a few hideouts around the Port. Splitting up's a no go, so we're gonna have to haul a** around the city. First off, there's a bunker under the gun store kind of nearby.
Chris: That's been used as a refuge for the citizens. Kylie was there.
Roger: No Ken?
Idi: Kenny was not there.
Roger: Damn. Well, there's two more places to check. On the other side of the docks here, there's a large, run-down warehouse that Kenny kinda made into a firing range. He doesn't use it as much as he used to, but I think it's a possibility, you know?
Chris: [Nods.] Alright. And the last place?
Roger: That's the furthest from here. I guess it's not really a part of the Port. Miles up the coast is a cove called The Mist. Kenny comes here a lot, but the warehouse is closer so I suggest we try that first.
Idi: ...Hm... I lack the knowledge of this warehouse. Could you take us there, Roger?
Roger: Yeah, man, just don't flip out when you see robots.
Chris: We can handle 'em.
[They take off, heading passed the building Roger was in and heading north to the warehouse. Making their way across small docks and ship yards suddenly becomes much more difficult when Hellspawned decides to make a few appearances.]
-Federal Docks.-
[Upon a large wooden dock, the three stop, noticing the large amount of Hellspawned in the area. They seem to be gathering, ready to advance on Port Esca. There are no F.A.R.M. bots or Lightspawn facing them...]
Roger: [Watching safely from a distance.] Idi... What are these Hellspawn thingies to Darkness?
Idi: Savages. I am positive Naught would be incapable of subduing them.
Chris: That positive?
Idi: Yes. I do not know if you saw, but I witnessed the Hellspawned clawing Nightmares out of their path. They are the enemy of all.
Roger: So they're even "naughtier" than Darkness, man? [He hears a few discordant shrieks from the Hellspawned as they notice his shape in the fog. They come charging in a group of about five. Their shapes are currently something like giant insects, similar to the BlackParasite, however not in size. They also have four to eight legs.]
Idi: [He holds his hand back a bit, opening it for his scythe made purely of dark matter that begins to take shape in his hand. The blade forms, converting instantly into black fire.]
Roger: [Clicks his 12-gauge and aims it at the group.]
Chris: Careful! [His body begins sparking.]
Anema: (Chris! Try focusing your lightning into one small area! Check it out!)
Chris: (Hm, one small area...?) [Already in front of the two, he does just what Anema said, forming a small black ball-lightning just in front of his face without the use of his arms. The lightning begins to develop a solid core and grows on that like some sort of spiking formation. Just as the Hellspawned are about ten feet awy, the ball-lightning shoots out a huge spike of dark matter, black lightning sparking around it. The spike penetrates two Hellspawned, and electrocutes the other three intensely, vaporizing them. The other two explode in a heap of black acid.]
Roger: [Lowers his weapon, surprised.] ...Good God, man...
Idi: Impressive! I will have to teach you how to use that to create a soul-weapon...
Chris: Whoa... [Stares at his paws.] (That felt so natural...)
Anema: (I helped build it!)
Chris: (...Wow... That's kind of amazing, Anema...) [He looks back a bit.] Soul-weapon, Idi?
Idi: Indeed, much like this sickle. For now, we must continue.
Chris: [Nods.] Okay. (Thanks Anema, that was awesome.)
Anema: (You're welcome!)
[The three continue ahead...]
[They end up facing more than just five Hellspawned. The black army continues to besiege them with unforgiving numbers that seem to do nothing but grow. Idi swings his scythe through the hordes of these demons, cutting through them like butter and burning them down like dried shrub with a fire that simply consumes their being. Roger never seems to run short of ammunition, blasting each demon that comes his way into oblivion, not necessarily literally like Idi and Chris seem to be doing. The new move that Anema helped Chris create is very powerful, but very slow at the moment, and will have to be improved.]
-Deserted Storage Facility.-
[The trio arrives to an area with empty warehouses and storage tanks strewn about a concrete labyrinth.]
Roger: [Hiding behind a large storage crate with the others, peering out to check for signs of the enemy, which there clearly are...] Hmmm... Yeah, robots...
Idi: Robots? How are they designed...? What is their coloration?
Roger: Well... they're kinda evil looking.
Idi: That is all I need... I apologize, but I must take my leave now. We are now dealing with Darkness, and I cannot see battle with them.
Roger: ...'Thought you were with us now, man.
Idi: Correct, I am.
Chris: It's just what Lea and Danny did. To keep from complicating things and endangering themselves, they're working undercover now.
Idi: That is what I intend to duplicate. Do take care, Chris. Roger. Send my regards to Kenny when you see him.
Chris: Will do. Take care yourself, Idi.
Idi: [With a nod and a small dark corridor, he is off.]
Roger: 'Guess that leaves us.
Chris: Yeah. 'Think we can handle all of the baddies out there?
Roger: Hm... We won't have to if we stay low and out of sight. C'mon, let's go back this way.
[Roger backtracks to the other side of the crate and peers around the corner, catching an even more disheartening glimpse of the enemy. They seem to be everywhere, even patrolling the tops of the crate piles. Roger does, however, spot the warehouse they are looking for. It is the largest here...]
Roger: [Points.] There it is. We need to make it there without being detected, little man.
Chris: Actually... I think I can take us there. I just have to focus in on the location... [Shuts his eyes...] Yeah... yeah I got it. C'mere.
Roger: [Roger kneels down to Chris.] You got it?
Chris: Dark corridor... Okay, let's roll.
[A dark corridor takes them into the warehouse. Although, they have forgotten one minor detail.]
P A R T Y:
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(Chris Anema - Roger)
-Abandoned Warehouse.-
[The huge warehouse expands about the length of three and a half football fields. It is as wide as one field There are two armies of dark gray robots and all sorts of Nightmares situated in large groups, leaving a straight isle empty. At the head of the gathering is a giant black mech with both of it's arms out and mechanical hands open. In one hand, Doctor Darkness stands next to Len, who is on his knees, His hands are bound with a strange, shimmering black material that he cannot break free from. In addition, and possibly the whole reason he can't break free, it is draining his power. In the other hand, a new figure stands, cloaked in black assassin's attire, though with no hood over his strangely shaped head. He is part Antifigurate, part Scorpius.]

~Smoke-Blayde~ User Image

Dr. Darkness: Ohohohohohoho! I, the great Doctor Darkness, have gathered you all on this glorious morning to show you a victorious feat! Feast your eyes and scanners upon this! [Motions to Len with his hand. Some of the Nightmares cheer, already knowing who he is.] Ohohoho, yes!! This, my friends, is one of the legendary Saviors! Now, he bows before the might of Darkness! Hohohoho, and let's not forget the might of the splendid Doctor Darkness now!! Hohohoho!
Len: [Groans.] ...a*****e...
Smoke-Blayde: [His voice is raspy. He speaks aggressively.] Now listen up, Nightmares and Shadow-mechs! We are nowhere near finished here!! If you think that all we've come to do is secure a lowly Savior, then you're either new or just plain idiotic! We have come here to take this city, and by the Overlord, we will see victory. I don't care if the ******** Believer shows up!!
[And the Believer does just that, appearing in the center of the warehouse with Roger at his side. The crowd turns to them as soon as the dark corridor vanishes, leaving them completely exposed.]
Roger: [Stands up and looks around.] ...Um... Chris...?
Chris: [Looking around, shocked.] ... ...Yeah...?
Roger: [Shakes his head.] I don't think Kenny's here.
Dr. Darkness: Whaaaaaaat!?!? An intrusion!?
Len: [Raises his head.] Hm? Who're they?
Doctor Darkness: Hoho, did I say you could speak, dog?
Len: Didn't say I couldn't.
Smoke-Blayde: And just what do you want!? Do you realize who you have interrupted!?
Chris: [Looks up to Smoke-Blayde.] (That must be the abomination Idi was talking about... Smoke-Blayde, I think. And that's Doctor Darkness... with Billy!! I gotta save him, but... this isn't too ideal of a time.)
Nightmare Antifigurate: Hey... Hey hey!! [Points at the two.] I heard him say Chris!!
Nightmare Safan: I did too! The Eclipse said Chris! He called the little Corussian Chris!!
[The Nightmare begin murmuring amongst themselves.]
Smoke-Blayde: SILENCE, NOW!!
[The army returns its attention to him.]
Smoke-Blayde: Now... What in all worlds makes you idiots think that this "Chris" is the very same "Chris" that, years ago, was the Advocate of our Lord?
Len: Chris...? [Stands.] Chris!!
Chris: Billy!! [Waves to him.]
Roger: Probably shouldn't have done that...
Dr. Darkness: Oho? [Looks over to Smoke-Blayde.] It looks like that's the case, Blayde! Hoho!
Smoke-Blayde: ...[Turns to Dr. Darkness as he speaks, then slowly looks back at Chris.] How can that be...? It's... impossible...
Chris: No, I'm right here... It's all too possible.
Smoke-Blayde: I didn't ask you... Dammit... I was not prepared for this...
Len: Really!? Cause it sounds like you were when you said that not even the Believe could stop you!
Smoke-Blayde: I swear, I will come over there and cut your ******** head off.
Len: HA! Try me.
Smoke-Blayde: ...Hmph. [Turns his head, crossing his arms.] Why did we bother with you...? [Looks back at Chris.] You. You are with an Eclipse... Why? What is your purpose here, Believer?
Chris: ... (This isn't Hellspawned, it's Darkness... If I tell them my purpose, Naught will finally know of my return, and seek out to capture me. I could also be putting the Shades in danger. Really, I'd be screwing up... But what else can I do...?) [Looks back up to Smoke-Blayde, then Dr. Darkness...] My enemy here... is Hellspawned.
Len: I knew it!
Chris: Hellspawned's Leader, BlackMatter, is a fragment of my third identity, Cruce. BlackMatter's Creator and whoever else is working by his side created this imitation realm called Hell, where these demons may multiply into an endless army. Vaster than Darkness... Quality won't matter if the quantity is off the charts, and that's what's happening now.
Dr. Darkness: Ohohoho... Well then... why exactly are you a Corussian? What has Hellspawned done to you...?
Chris: They didn't do this, I've had my share of problems too, you know! And some of them aren't related to Hellspawned.
Smoke-Blayde: We leave Hellspawned to the fools of Light... Why do you fight with Light, Believer? You were once a great force of Darkness, yet you are such a fickle human...
Chris: Darkness used to be different... true, Darkness was an enemy of Light, but not an enemy of everything ever! I remember when Darkness allowed me to pay visits to the Eclipses. Darkness allowed me to remain a Connector...
Smoke-Blayde: Darkness has changed. If you cannot deal with that fact and you remain an idiot of Light, than you too are an enemy of Darkness.
Chris: Don't do this... Please don't make me an enemy... You have enough enemies, you'd just be making this harder for everyone...
Dr. Darkness: ...Hoho...? What a unique response... Now see, Believer, we are Darkness. We are Perfection, and nothing could be difficult for us.
Smoke-Blayde: Our decisions are carved in stone the moment they are conceived. We do not take anything back.
Chris: ...[Lowers his head, growling.] ...
Roger: This is really starting to creep me out. Darkness turned into some mighty version of the Scailian military...
Chris: You goddamn Nazis...
[Suddenly, the air darkens within the warehouse. Spots begin blackening around the Nightmares on the ground and in midair. Millions of these spots form, then billions. They join together, solidifying into a new type of demon. By now, everyone knows that it is Hellspawned. The giant, bat-like creatures that are purely black matter appear to be around the same size as the robots that Doctor Darkness manipulates. They begin swooping down at the army of Darkness, bringing disorder to the ranks, who immediately fight back.]
Len: [Looks upon the many battles taking shape, also noticing that a continuous stream of Hellspawned enemies appear out of nothingness.] This is just great! Now I'm tied up here and I can't do digity squat!.
Dr. Darkness: Ho!! Those reckless nincompoops! How dare you thwart the army of Darkness!!
Len: Uh, hello?!
Dr. Darkness: [Turns to Len.] Oh will you be quiet!?
Chris: [A second later, he is on the mech's hand with the Doctor and Len.] You'll be enjoying the silence soon. [Touches Len on the side of his torso.] Have fun with Hellspawned, Darkness... [In a flash of a dark corridor, Chris is back to Roger with Len, then another, larger dark corridor takes them from the warehouse and outside into the docks.]
-Northern Docks.-
[Chris' free-minded teleportation brought the three to a section of the docks they had seen in the distance, or at least, the quarter mile distance that the fog limits their sight to. Despite that, the Northern Docks are not too far from the Federals.]
Len: [Looks up, then around.] We're outside?
Chris: [Scans the area, finding only old, rusted crates nearby and a dilapidated, yet undisturbed, warehouse similar in size to the previous one.] Yeah, we made it out.
Roger: Billy, man... Hey, you alright, man?
Len: [Stands, those his wrists remain bound.] Yea, I'm good. These cuffs are a pain though... 'Can't get 'em off. Think you can lend me a hand... or paw... or whatever you use?
Chris: Let me see.
Len: [Obliging, he kneels down to one knee, looking back slightly as Chris observes the energy cuffs.]
Chris: I think I've seen these before. Maybe Ginsengaar used them at one point, I don't remember... But what I do remember is how to override them. Darkness can consume itself. Watch this. [He places both paws on the cuffs and generates black static, focusing it to the cuffs, but not to Len. They begin to join into his lightning... Chris powers himself down, powering the cuffs down at the same time. Len becomes freed, and stands again.]
Len: [Squeezing his right wrist, looking down at both.] Dude... Whoa... Just whoa. ...Chris, where'd you come from?
Chris: Well, I can't tell you that...
Roger: He's just a mysterious little man.
Chris: I'm barely a man.
Len: You're not a man? Does that make you a woman?
Chris: Same old Billy... I still have a lot to learn about myself. Until then, I don't think I should go around giving important figures assumptions about myself.
Len: Important? Flattering. Hey Chris, you're probably not evil... huh?
Chris: I'm about as evil as Kutzu isn't cute.
Len: ...Wh--are you gay now!?
Chris: Saaaaame old Billy...
Roger: I hate to cut this reunion short, but... [Pointing his shotgun in the direction of the thickest mist.] shouldn't we be looking for Kenny, man?
Chris: [Looks ahead.] Good point. Sorry Billy, we gotta bounce. You're more than welcome to tag along.
Len: Nah, I'd better report back to my sexy ally.
Chris: Who, Sacreda?
Len: You met her? She's so hot.
Chris: Yeah, you're gonna have some competition with Danithan. I Wonder how the big shot is doin'...
Len: Danithan's back!? AND HE'S STEALING MY HOT, SEXY ALLY!? [Dashes off.]
Chris: [Watches Len leave.] ...Same... old Billy... Alright, Rog, sorry about that, let's go.
Roger: We go.
[The two rush into the dense mist... Eventually, the shore becomes rockier and the air becomes much more moist. The sound of waves crashing against a solid shore is heard, and the chaos has subsided for now. The rock formations become more complex in this cove, changing into a maze of jagged, slippery rock.]
-The Mist.-
P A R T Y:
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[Kenny is not wearing a soldier's uniform. Instead, he is wearing an armored dark red vest. He is armed with a knife and a magnum. Kenny's hiding out in a small cave formed in the cliff side of a bluff overlooking the "natural docks" of The Mist. He is sitting next to a thick, ancient book.]
Kenny: ...[Listening to the crashing of the waves, just as Chris was, while Cruce in the colorless Hell, listening to the symbolic waves.] ...You're here, aren't you...?

--E N D I N G--
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