Battle scene from the past!

Round 1:




Round 2:

Hyper Safiri



In the center of the Oathville future-grounds.

R O U N D 1:
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VS. The BlackParasite
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R O U N D 2:
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VS. The BlackParasite
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[Let the battle between the oblivious past and Hellspawned commence.]
Danithan: Damn, this thing is ugly!
Chris: Uh yeah.
Safiri: How're we gonna beat this!?
Danithan: [His Ecliptix glows.] Shouldn't be any different than anything else I've fought.
BlackParasite: [The beast roars, tentacles shooting into the soil. A second later, these tentacles shoot back out of the ground directly under Chris, Safiri, and Danithan. Sensing the danger below the ground, the three do whatever they can to move from the spot as quickly as possible. The razor-sharp tentacles skyrocket upwards.]
Chris: Agh, that'll get annoying... [He steps forward just after landing, a black pulsation of electric energy leaving his body and exploding on contact with the tentacle that threatened him. That tentacle glimmers with a strange, blue shield made up of many hexagonal shapes. Chris jumps back as the tentacle swings at him again.] Cr-crap!
Danithan: Ah, just let me handle him. [His body begins blazing with white fire. He looks directly at the tentacle in front of him, opens his mouth, and blows forth a beam of pure solar energy. It does not, however, harm the BlackParasite. The shield flashes, and the beam bounces off into the sky.] Okay, we share a common problem: THIS STUPID SHIELD!
Chris: Stay cool, I think we can get rid of it if we keep giving it all we got! [Avoiding another sweep, he discharges a fair amount of electricity.]
Danithan: ...[Ducks quickly, a vine swinging overhead.] Oh dang... Du--JEEZ. Did anyone see that!? [Stands and works at blowing continues streams of both fire and solar energy at the creature.]
{Awgo uses force-field technology very similar to this. It glows blue when powerful, green when strong, yellow when average, orange when weakened, and red when critical.}
[The difference here, though, is that this shield remains at a continuous showing of blue.]
Chris: God, what's with this thing!?
Danithan: I'm tired of doing nothing!! ACK!! [Leaps into the air over one of the tentacles.]
[Watching from a distance is Safiri, standing in front of Ray and Drilion.]
Safiri: We have to help them...
Ray: What can we do if those two aren't doing anything to that thing?
Drilion: To think I made fun of that ugly monster...
Safiri: [Looks beside the BlackParasite, spotting Dr. Maiwell's Fairy Dust bag.] The Fairy Dust... if we can snatch that, we'll have more of a chance.
Ray: 'Think we can get it without being sliced in half?
Safiri: Gee, with that in mind... It's a little scary.
Chris: Grr... [Watching the enemy carefully.] (Dammit. I can't break through that freaking shield...Did this thing say it was from the future...? Like... the "truest" future? ...What on Reality... and Fantasy could I have done to have this thing after me?)
Danithan: [Watching a tentacle about to crush him.] Well, it's slow. [Vanishes in the blink of an eye as the tentacle slams down. Danithan reappears on top of it.] Gonna rush it's core. [He sprints on the tentacle. It begins to rise. Danithan jumps in on the BlackParasite, blowing another beam of solar fire, but it is the same result: a blue shield flashes.] Whaaaaat?! [He is swept out of the air by another, smaller vine.]
Chris: It was a good strategy, 'till it failed.
Danithan: [Rams into the ground beside Chris.] Ow!! Dammit!! [Stands, shaking his head.]
Safiri: Chris!
Chris: [Turns his head a bit.] Yeah, Saf!?
Safiri: Keep him distracted! I have an idea!
Chris: You heard the Eclipse, Dan.
Danithan: ...[Looks back at Safiri.] Is that Safiri...?
Chris: Never mind that, she has a plan! C'mon, we have to keep this guy occupied.
[The two return to the assault, focusing their combined moves on one tentacle. Even this power isn't enough to shatter the force-field. Both of them keep on the defense as well, rolling out of harm's way each time the enemy decides to swipe them.]
Safiri: [Waves passed a larger tentacle and reaches the bag directly beside the BlackParasite. She grabs it with her mouth. Just as she turns around, however, she feels a strange breathing behind her; a sort of warm, moist feeling.]
BlackParasite: [Growls ominously...]
Ray: R-run Saf!!
Safiri: [Panicked, she sprints ahead, but becomes blocked by a series of vines that shoot from the ground in front of her.] Ahh!! [Drops the bag.]
Chris: Safiri!! [Growls, rushing to her. He doesn't pay attention to the free tentacles which smack him all the way back to Ray and Drilion.] ...Uggghhh...
Ray: Safiri's in trouble!! [Looks down at Chris.] Are you okay!?
Chris: [Jumps up.] Yeah. Danithan!! Help Safiri, please!!
Danithan: I'll do what I can! [Instead of running at the vines, he uses his solar move continuously on them. Before long, he too is swept away with ease.] Ahhhh!!!
Chris: Saf... Saf, no... [Watches with horror.]
[The vines begin to push her back closer to the BlackParasite.]
Safiri: [Before she is pushed back too far, she grabs the Fairy Dust, but there is no time to ingest it to call for the effect. She whimpers, backing all the way up to the BlackParasite.]
BlackParasite: [Just as Safiri turns around, the parasite leans over her and bites her roughly on the back, flicking her up a bit, then catching her in its mouth. It also takes in the Fairy Dust...]
Chris: SAFIRI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Screams out. A huge electrical current begins running through his body. It surges out. He bursts forward at the BlackParasite, black lightning shooting everywhere, though not harming anyone else yet.]
Ray: [Too stunned to move.]
Drilion: I-I gotta get outta here!! I'll leave this place alone, fine!! [Runs off.]
Chris: [Enraged, he yells as he leaps at the BlackParasite. Electricity shoots out everywhere at the creature and its tentacles; a lightning far more powerful than before. Chris makes contact with the force-field, opens his jaw wide, and bites into the pure energy, his own black aura cleaving through it just as the dark electricity around him flares at the shield. He shuts his eyes tightly, growling ferociously as the shield begins to warp a bit. Suddenly, Chris rips the energy clean open, causing the rest of the shield to distort and potentially explode around the beast, harming its tentacles dramatically. It roars. Chris leaps at its hideous horn-like features on its head and bites through them with ease, throwing them aside. He swoops down, biting the beast's head, sending electricity into it. The BlackParasite screams discordantly, flailing its vine-like limbs in attempt to shake Chris off. He sinks his teeth deeper into the strange creature.]
Danithan: (This is out of control... He's fighting with that rage again...)
[Just as Chris is seemingly about to rip the creature's black skin off, a lone vine grabs him and squeezes him very tightly.]
Chris: [Screaming and squirming, lightning flashing everywhere. He cannot control the lightning anymore. Too much of it has been released in an over-manifestation.]
BlackParasite: [Suddenly, its body begins producing more tentacles and vines. These bury into the ground and rocket back out near Danithan and Ray, snatching them as well. Its body begins growing and distorting, growing separate mouths on its body. Even the tentacles seem to possess a mouth of their own. It grows about three times larger until stopping.]
Danithan: [Struggles to break free from the vine he is constricted in.] Ack!! D-damn! (Crap... even at his strongest, Chris doesn't stand a chance against this thing... I feel like I can't do a thing anymore... What's wrong with the Ecliptix...?)
Chris: I can't do this... I can't do this!!! [The lightning becomes even more unstable, though it doesn't affect the BlackParasite at all. One of its worm-like tentacles reach Chris and open its disgusting mouth, black acid dripping from its shredding teeth.] ...Who are they...!? Why are they here...!?
[The tentacle itself roars in Chris' face.]
[When all hope seems lost, the world flashes before everyone's eyes. The light is blinding, and a shade of light green at first, then pink, then green again.]
[The light fades... The world seems to be a brighter tint. Cherry blossom petals fall from the sky like a flowing flowery rainfall. There is an ethereal presence.]
[The petals fill the air... Even the BlackParasite is stunned, unaware of what is happening. The petals start to swirl, gathering into one spot above the BlackParasite. They gather in a cyclone, coming together to form the shape of a strange looking Safan... After a few moments, this floating Safan comes to life again.]
[It is Safiri, completely reborn as a large, fox Safan. She seems to be a large flower as well, with petals all around her neck. She now has two enormous tails that stretch about five times her body length. Leaves also spring from her back.]

~Hyper Safiri~ User Image

[Everyone watches from the clutches of the BlackParasite.]
Ray: Saf...iri...?
Danithan: ...I've never seen this...
Chris: ...She's alive...
Safiri: [Hovering high above the BlackParasite, she inverts her body so that she is straight, looking down at the creature. Her two large tails meet in front of her. As they touch, pink and green sparks fly from a central source where all the energy is gathering. This energy is converted into a large sphere. Flower petals of all colors begin forming around it. The sphere glows brighter and brighter. The petals begin multiplying and rotating around the sphere. After a few more seconds, the sphere becomes a second sun. The next second, every single one of the petals shoot off like bullet with all sorts of colors trailing behind them. At the same time, the sphere fires down a purely white ray of concentrated nova. It pierces through the BlackParasite. The petals whiz through the creature as well like wisps of rainbow light. They move about the air, constantly piercing through the creature time and time again as the nova blast continues.]
[This lasts six seconds before the nova and wisps have banished the BlackParasite from being, the pure energy of the light consuming it.]
[Chris, Ray, and Danithan drop to the ground, landing on their feet. Safiri floats down to the ground, gently touching down on all fours. Her appearance is striking and perfect. She is also much larger than the three, about two or more times Danithan's size.]
Safiri: [She looks at Danithan, then at Chris and Ray, smiling.]
Chris: Saf...
Ray: Safiri... is that you...?
Safiri: It is, Ray. It's me... [She seems to have two voices. One is her own, and one sounds more angelic.]
Chris: How... How, Safiri...? [He approaches her.] How are you doing this?
Safiri: ...[Looks down at Chris, her tails beginning to flow around him.] ...There's something that you may not know about the Eclipses...
Chris: ...Is there...?
Safiri: Yes. [Nods.] ...The Scripts of Ecliptic Origin... Each World Eclipse has one, and holds it as the greatest secret that none should ever know about, even most of Light.
Chris: ...[Entranced.] These Scripts of Ecliptic Origin... did they do this to you?
Safiri: Mine did... You see, each Script contains all of the world's magical nature, written on clean papyrus by the very first Eclipses themselves. The Ancient Eclipses... The form before your very eyes, Chris... Is the first Safiri.
Chris: [In awe.] Whoaaa...
Safiri: The Eclipses were once a mighty force... Before Light or Darkness, the Eclipses kept order within Fantasy, trillions of years ago... Time passed, and a peculiar disruption felled the might of the Eclipses. I believe this was known as the Big Bang... The Creation of Reality... With it, Light and Darkness were born. Fantasy began expanding. It was chaos... Sheer chaos. Eclipses began to become more vulnerable as time passed. They became so vulnerable that a savior was required to keep them from withering into nothingness... That savior... was you Chris...
Chris: ...[Shakes his head...] ...So if anyone truly knows most about me...
Safiri: It is the Eclipses... the very first Eclipses... They are the souls of their world, and they watch from the skies. Chris... I do not know where your absolute birthplace is... It is not Reality. It is not Fantasy...
Chris: ...
Safiri: But I do know that you were sent by a divine face to protect the Eclipses... and their Scripts... from Darkness... and from Light.
Danithan: ...What about that creature we just fought...? What was that?
Safiri: [Turns to Danithan.] I wish I could say... Not even I know what that hideous monster was... or what it wanted here.
Chris: It sounded like it wanted me... I won't make it with things like that after me... But you saved my life, Safiri... You saved all of us. [Presses his head gently up into Safiri's chin.]
Safiri: [She rests her head softly atop Chris', her tails wrapping around him.] If I could stay in this state, I would...
Chris: Why couldn't you... This is the real you, Safiri... Whatever is keeping you from being who you really are... it's not right.
Safiri: [Licks the top of Chris' head.] ...If all of the World Eclipses were to return to their original state for eternity, we would lose you... And I don't want to lose you...
Chris: ...You won't lose me... I'll be here for Safa... For you.
[Safiri lays her head over Chris' again... Tiny petals begin retreating from her body. They are the very same cherry blossoms seen earlier. They begin to multiply and surround the two in a whirlwind of pink petals. A few seconds later, the wind dies down... Safiri has returned to normal.]
[Ray approaches her.]
Ray: Saf... how do you feel?
Safiri: ...[Opens her eyes and looks at Chris.] I feel like... Hm... I feel like I just helped stop a lot of bad things from happening. [Smiles, giggling.]
Chris: [Smiles back at Safiri.] Hopefully bad things don't happen again...
Danithan: But they will, right? I mean that thing came from the future... It said something about Grayness.
Chris: Dan, I have a feeling that the future that thing came from involves you and I working together.
Danithan: I dunno... It said that I was a problem... I didn't hear it mention much about you.
Chris: As they say, time will tell.
Danithan: It's gonna have to.
Chris: We'd better get back to the lab.
Danithan: Lab...?
Safiri: Oh, right. Follow us, we'll lead the way down!
[They head for Dr. Maiwell's lab...]

--E N D I N G--
Now, how will this alteration in time affect the future we know right now?
Surprisingly... not as much as you think.