No one's been freaking reading my journals. Well, except for Shadow Buys a Haunted Mansion, holy crap. O.O; A+++++++++++++++++++ there...
So... Yeah. I got the first Sync done. Kinda. People read that. Then Sync 2 came out and everyone's like, "Screw."
So guess what?
I'm starting another series.
Notreallythough. I'm not a jerk... xD I just can't stand not finishing something like that... >.> I mean, everyone heard all my talk about it and Abstract, and how I have to start basically all over again. =o Yeah. It's a wonderful life really. =o Starting all over when people have like... 7 months to read simple stuff but refuse. Cause they have "Better things to do." YOU CAN'T BE BUSY FOR 7 MONTHS STRAIGHT! D< There's gotta at least be a time where you're like, "Okay, let's kick back and read something..."
*Is overreacting...*
So I began this RP with a close friend of mine... And it became a series because it is -THAT- awesome... I'm sure you've seen like very few of those "Hidden Parts" in Sacreda_Damandeve's journal. If not, I restate my point above. It's called the Series of Theories, beginning with Conception, then Distortion(Which we're currently on.), and Creation so far. There's also been stuff about a fourth one called Nirvana.
It's this whole thing about Creators and their creations living on the same world in the same time and stuff. And it's good... ._.;
You won't really see that in Maiden Trinity, but like I said, this one is based on metamorphosis and the effects it has. There are very few "main" characters in Maiden Trinity compared to like Sync and Ethereal Cross. Instead of giving some long winded explanation of how this story works, I'm gonna spare everyone (including myself) and drop right into it. =3
(You will see a lot of familiar names! x3 And some unfamiliar... =3 )
~Profile will be updated soon.~