The World of Vrtra.

Cree Eitor (Furry) -- A young, enthusiastic and adventurous white squirrel who was born into a family of aloofness. At birth, he was isolated from everyone else in his home town of Seriina because of his family's strange methods. Cree never understood his family's traditions, or why they were so unique compared to all others'. They were, in fact, magical, and Cree felt a powerful yet indescribable emotion within him, almost like metamorphosis. Despite these odd traditions, Cree managed to sneak out of his house from time to time, communicating with friends of his. He was overall very kindhearted and generous.

Cree is the main character of Maiden Trinity, and experiences nearly everything that the Eclipses do.

Elicia Lunhalo (Furry) -- Referred to as a supermodel. She is a gorgeous white fox who grew up in the small town of Seriina. Elicia seems to feel a strong connection to Cree. Unfortunately, it is a romantic connection, therefore causing issues with another friend of Cree's. That is Amen, who has been Elicia's boyfriend for a year. Elicia has been seeing Cree for a few months now, having kept the secret. Elicia's tiny Corussian friend, Snowy, seems like a baby brother to her and to her boyfriend Amen.

Elicia will undergo a transformation which converts her beauty into adoration... She will become minuscule.

Amen Orison (Furry) -- A mysterious red fox who is but a year older than Elicia and cares greatly for her. Amen made a pact with Elicia: nothing may harm her without him feeling the very same harm. Amen, possessing a cryptic power, actually made this a reality. Amen shared a strange "connection" with beings of other worlds who possess his same power. He had been able to communicate with them through telepathy, though their ways of communication were often disturbed...

They will continue to be disturbed by the one who lives in Darkness. Amen will become an Eclipse Guardian.

Ixis Muugen (Furry) -- The most ominous resident of Seriina, and possibly one of the strangest furries to ever walk upon Vrtra. This raccoon remained so concealed in the Darkness studying the Ancient Ancestors of separate worlds and Vrtra itself. The death of his family made him an extremely neurotic, powerful individual.

Not much is known about Ixis Muugen, although he will be a crucial character in Maiden Trinity, practically stalking Cree wherever he goes... and experiencing life-changing problems.

Snowy Ki (Corussian) -- A young, cyan rabbit Corussian. His adorable and lovable attitude both combine to turn him into what Elicia calls "Sweeter than sugar". Being the second dominant/intelligent species of Vrtra and one of the only Corussian boys in Seriina, he was schooled by Elicia's private tutor, who kept him at Elicia's level of education, which was much higher than regular school's. Snowy loves Elicia, her family, Amen, and anyone else who is a friend of Elicia's, because, after all, Snowy is basically a baby brother to her.

Snowy will be receiving a sister and a brother soon enough...


The World of Soren.

Kutzu Aria (Sorenian) ~ An unassuming, willful blue fox who takes Northern Soren's warfare very seriously, though he does not detest his army's rivals, the Fairies (Feminine.). he simply fights to end the struggle that the Cyborgs (Romuline.) and Illusions (Creminine.) began. It is believed that those two genders instigated the system of warfare, but the Dragons (Masculine.) were blinded by a military dictator's propaganda which made the Fairies seem like enemies. It has faded very slightly, but the hatred still lives on today.

Kutzu is a well-trained officer, and so is his closest friend Rush, however he will be changed... Kutzu will become female...

Rush (Sorenian) ~ A strange yet kind "Dragon". It is unknown what subspecies Rush is. (We, however, know he is part Zorua.) He has migrated to Northern Soren from Eastern Soren and was required to draft in the Dragon army. Very few foreigners even consider coming to Northern Soren, and for one, Rush is an exceptional soldier who flew through the ranks and became an officer. He also grew fond of Kutzu, becoming his dearest friend... Though, Rush has a secret. His secretive power is practically unparalleled in the Dragon army...

Rush, similar to Amen, may connect to other worlds. He, too, is an Eclipse Guardian, and will fight by Kutzu's side no matter what the cost may be.

Marc Kapran (Sorenian) ~ An adult, azure wolf. The commander-in-chief of the Dragon Army. His ferocity is the reason for is triumph. Marc, though somewhat hot-headed, feels sympathy for his neutralized troops that he must face in battle. He constantly asks himself why the war lingers over Northern Soren, and the answer... is for the readers. Marc has never been neutralized into any gender, whereas the three others have not as well. His ultimate goal: to neutralize all three of the commanders...

Though, his goal will have to wait when his most prized officers become neutralized...

Susie Eona (Sorenian) ~ The youngest commander of the four. She is a teenage pink rabbit who holds the title of "Princess" over the Fairy Army. Susie holds the same thoughts as Marc, however she refuses to reveal it to any but her own soldiers; her own friends. Though, it's clear, she, too, hates battling against the Masculine considering some of those troops were once her own. She and her Fairies are not a powerful force whatsoever. They are and always were outnumbered and matched by the Dragons. So much so that Susie began losing her hope in ever holding their relentless attacks back. But one day, it was said that the battling had been called to a temporary stop...

Susie would receive a legendary soldier... and another... soon enough.

Helena Rynn (Sorenian) ~ A purple tiger, older than Susie, and the second most beautiful Fairy in all of Northern Soren. She serves as the Princess' Guardian. She is extremely skilled in the field of neutralization sorcery, which is a craft introduced only to the Fairies and Illusions a few years ago, and has reshaped both of their armies. Though not enough. Helena also serves as a prior spellcrafter for the Fairy Army.

And she is working on something new...


The World of Safa.

Safiri Taira (Safan) ||| A peach squirrel of the Oath tribe. Being a very courageous and upbeat, she takes on a hobby as an explorer. Also possessing a somewhat reckless personality, she tends to get herself into trouble quite a lot, especially with the village elder Amikan. She likes to think of herself as the leader of a trio of squirrels; Ray, Lavender, and herself. The two also enjoy exploring the mysterious fields and depths of Safa's ancient past, however, when it comes to trouble, they like to keep it on a disciplinary scale... Not the life-changing scale.

And that life changing scale will, of course, affect Safiri. She will become a fox.

Lavender Taira (Safan) ||| As her name suggest, she is a lavender squirrel, and the sister of Safiri. Her personality is much more feminine than her sister's, and a bit sassy at that. Despite that, she loves exploring and doesn't mind a little danger from time to time. Though, she would rather do without all the trouble that her sister gets her and Ray into. Lavender possesses a very strange power compared to her tribe's, which make them believe that she is a shaman or a "gate to the spirit world." She was caught speaking in her sleep, through her dreams. Though she was actually connecting with other beings of other worlds...

The trouble her sister brings her will change her too. She will become what her sister will become and even more. An Eclipse Guardian.

Ray Kuress (Safan) ||| A darker brown squirrel who is a good friend to the Taira family, and not much of a troublemaker. Despite him being the only boy of the trio, he is a bit shaky on adventure, though will still take action when necessary. He finds the discoveries fascinating, but, like Lavender, would do better without all the trouble. He secretly has a crush on Lavender, though Lavender secretly has a crush on a being of a distant world. Rush.

Ray will have to accept the changes that befall his friends, and possibly he too.

Elder Maiwell (Safan) ||| The elder of the Oath tribe. He is a dark gray koala, said to be a descendant of the legendary Trimaiwellian tribe, the original Oath tribe. He sees the courage in Safiri, the mysterious power in Lavender, and the bright heart of Ray. In truth, Maiwell sees all. Shamans and and chiefs of the Oath tribe believe that he is right for punishing the Squirrel Trio for exploring unmapped and forbidden territory, which he does. But secretly, he admires them for it, and shows it to them while no one is around. In these privates moments, he encourages them to continue their efforts...

The Elder of Oaths believes that, no matter what may happen, the Squirrel Trio possesses the perfect traits for unlocking the ancient secrets of Safa.

Slianna Kostri (Safan) ||| A kind, young boa constrictor who has a passion for telling fortunes to the Oath tribe, and a gift as well. She, about five years older than the Squirrel Trio, enjoys telling them fortunes and stories. She is aware of the dangers they face, though, much like the Elder, she is very proud of the three for tackling the dangers and the mysteries of the tribal past. Her mind tells her that hardships will be endured to discover answers

And she cannot be more accurate.


The World of Earth

Chris Rotie (Furry) {} Currently, Chris is unknown to the Maiden Trinity Universe.

Lea Seica (Sorenian) {} Currently, Lea is unknown to the Maiden Trinity Universe.

Danny Freese (Safan) {} Currently, Danny is unknown to the Maiden Trinity universe.

Ethan Malheureux (Furry) {} Currently, Ethan is unknown to the Maiden Trinity universe.

May'tyr Tyatoma (Creek) {} Currently, May'tyr is unknown to the Maiden Trinity universe.


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